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And the pretending doesn't make it any easier. Kate's PoV.

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Summary: And the pretending doesn't make it any easier. Kate's PoV.

Disclaimer: If I owned Lizzie McGuire, this would be how Kate really thinks...but Disney owns the show.
I used to be really good friends with Lizzie and Gordo, and everything was great. Until I was sucked into the world of middle school, where if you wanted to be anyone, you had to be cool. And I wanted in. And I really was happy with my new friends, because I had nothing better to do at home. With Claire, I could actually go shopping and her mother is really cool and helpful, so not like my mother. But being cool came with a price. I had to not like the ones below the cool kids, like Lizzie and Gordo, my really great friends in elementary school.

So I pretend not to like them, and tried to help in the little things to them. And the pretneding not to like them doesn't make it any essier. I want to go back to the days of sharing cookies, and laughing at Gordo's not so funny jokes, and to be popular. But I still want true friends.

Life isn't easy for me but I'll pretend like it is.
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