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You, Me, and Arizona.

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Four teens out on their own for their first time on a trip to Arizona, not knowing just how much this trip would change all of them.

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A/N: Another story written for the fun of it. I thought I write something to take my mind off writer's block for my other stories.

“I seriously can’t believe we’re going by ourselves to Arizona.” I sighed as I restlessly put my belongings in a suitcase as Valerie just shook her head at me while she slipped on her sandals.

“You say it as if it’s a bad thing.” she smiled. “This is what we’ve been waiting for since freshman year. Take a trip out to somewhere by ourselves. Our very own vacation!” she cheered as I smugly agreed as I zippered up my suitcase while I just shrugged.

“Yeah I know I should be excited, I guess it’s just nerves.” I sighed once more as I finished up. We were taking a trip to Arizona for two weeks, and any person without parental intrusion, would be so lucky to take a trip out on their own. It’s not like I was afraid of being away from my parents, it’s just the security I have being in my own home, now I’ll be in another state. The perfect start to summer…yeah right.

“Well I think we have everything covered. We should probably get going if we want to get there by at least 11o’clock. We just need gas and need to pick up my brother and Sam.” Valerie said contently as I eyed her.

“Where is your brother anyways?” I asked curiously. I’ve been here since last night, and barely realized Nick was not here bugging us like he normally does. I must be aging quicker than I thought. But then again, my attention span was never good to begin with.

“Where do you think? At Sam’s of course. Probably looking at Playboy again.” she said shaking her head as I let out a soft laugh, recalling the many uncanny flashbacks of those two boys getting into so much mischief, no wonder they were best friends. Both liked to be a pain in the ass, and lived for thrills.

We grabbed our stuff and anxiously packed it into Valerie’s SUV as she happily slammed the trunk shut while I shook my head and watched her climb into the front seat while I joined her. As much as I despised her constant cheerfulness, there was no else in the world that could compare to a friend like her. Or perhaps she was the only one who could deal with a person like me. They say I’m bitter, I say I’m a realist.

We pulled out of her driveway and got onto to Pearblossom Highway that took us to Sam’s house. Every time I cross these streets, it reminds of how small and distant our town really is. It was nothing but straight up California desert, but in a weird way I had made this place my home. I enjoyed the desert scene, it was all I had growing up.

The familiar suburban houses came into view as Valerie turned on Sam’s street. We pulled into his driveway and she immediately began honking her horn excessively as Sam appeared outside his front door and flipped her the bird.

“Damn get your thong out its twist, we’re coming.” he teased as she stuck her tongue out before him and Nick were walking out suitcases in hand as they piled them up with ours.

“This is going to best trip ever!” he screamed as we all winced while he grinned.

“You’re looking ravishingly trashy today.” he teased once more as Valerie smacked him in the arm as he winced while Nick laughed as I let out a soft giggle.

“Just kidding Val, relax.” he said smirking as Nick and him shared a ‘fist pound’ while I couldn’t help but smirk at them.

“You made sure you got everything? Your toothbrush, clean undies, and your Playboy?” I mocked as they glared at me while I could only bubble in satisfaction.

“Har har you‘re a comic genius, who invited you anyways Sabrina?” Nick smirked as I scowled at him. His 6ft stature leaning against the car as his blue eyes bored into mine.

“I don’t need to be invited, my presence is a necessity on it’s own.” I retorted as he scoffed while I smiled at him as he just shook his head while Valerie put her hand in between us.

“Alright, come on, let’s continue your annual war battle later. As you can see we have a long drive ahead of us, and we need to get to the dock by at least midnight or we’ll have to wait till tomorrow morning for registration and if you think I’m waiting that long, you bet your ass you got another thing coming.” she clarified as we all surrendered, not wanting to get on Valerie’s bad side. Even though 90% of the time she was rather an ‘angel’, that 10% of her could get nasty if it need to. Sam pushed Nick inside the car as he groaned while I laughed inside as Nick smacked the back of Sam’s head as Sam could only chuckle. He patted his brown hair down and got in the back seat as Nick of course had to speak.

“Hey why does squid get to ride shotgun?” he whined as I rolled my eyes at the mention of the name Squid, I don’t even know that came up as a nickname. I turned half around in my seat as I glared at him before pointing at the car’s visor.

“Because Nicholas, as you can see the law states that no children under 12 can ride in front. Sorry.” I mocked him as he flipped me the bird. We never did have a good relationship, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You two are a pair you know that?” Valerie smiled as she pulled out the driveway and back to the main road as we both just shrugged. We had no real explanation for why we were the way were towards each other.

“She starts it.” Nick piped in as I stuck my tongue out at him.

“But you proceed with it. You’re just as guilty.” she chastised as I smirked to myself as Nick mumbled to himself.

I seriously hoped I didn’t end up murdering him before we even got to our destination..

That chance of hope…was very slim.

I twiddled with my fingers as I looked around dry and lonely desert as we were accompanied by a very lonely road. I hoped to God something didn’t go wrong with the car, and we would stuck here waiting for someone to come help us, and that one person would be some psycho freak. I sighed at all the small restaurants and many run down hotels.

“Valerie Marie Kemp, if you don’t pull over into the gas station, I will proudly piss in your car!” Sam shouted as I cringed with disgust as Valerie huffed and finally pulled into a Chevron station after many complaints from Sam who quickly hopped out of the car as he ran inside the place while I shook my head.

“Bladder issues.” I sang as she rolled her eyes and nodded. We had been on the road for the past four hours. Never in my life have I counted so many cactuses.

“I can’t believe we still have four more hours to go.” she sighed as I patted her shoulder.

“It’ll go by quick, you won’t even know it.” I tried to sound reassuring but failed miserably. I fanned myself as the sun’s heat began to creep inside the car to my dismay.

“I doubt that but thanks. While we’re waiting for jackass, I’m going to get a few snacks, want to come with?” she asked as I shrugged and nodded. I walked to the backseat and smacked Nick on the arm as he pulled the ear buds to his iPod out as he sneered at me.

“What?” he mumbled.

“Do you want anything? A soda? A life?” I retorted as he stuck his tongue out at me.
“Get me a coke zero and Ruffles bish.” he teased as I smacked him upside the head as he laughed while I followed Valerie inside and grabbed some candy for her and I and got Nick his damn soda and chips. We paid for our stuff and Sam finally replenished his bladder while we got back in the car while I tossed Nick his chips and coke zero as he groaned when the soda hit his stomach as I laughed.

“Are we all clear Sam?” Valerie said annoyed as Sam gave a grin of relief and nodded.

“Yeah, all good.” he mumbled as she shook her head and started the car back up as I involuntarily reached for the radio and turned it on as she watched me carefully.

“Sorry. It just happened.” I said innocently remembering her ‘rules’ for me and everyone who was in her car. Absolutely no touching…

“I repeat there is NO stopping until we get to the dock are we understood?” she pointed out as we all groaned.

“Yes, Valerie.”


I’m not quite sure when I had fallen asleep, but my eyes fluttered open as I looked around and the once sunny sky was now black in front of us, but blue behind us. I raised my eyebrow in surprise as we passed by the official ‘welcome to Arizona’ sign, it was official, we were out of California.

“How long have we’ve been driving?” I yawned as I looked behind me and twiddle dee and twiddle dumb were sound asleep.

“We’ve been driving for a loooong time. The dock is past Phoenix, so I perhaps another 30 minutes and we should be at the dock.” she yawned.

“Do you want me to drive the rest of the way?” I asked thoughtfully as she looked rather tired, but she shook her head and smiled.

“I’m good. You know I don’t sleep half the time anyways, a couple more minutes won’t hurt me.” she said firmly as I nodded and laid back in my seat and waited for the moment we wouldn’t have to drive anymore. I could already feel myself getting restless. I resorted back to what I was doing earlier, which was counting cactuses as the sky only grew darker.

By the time we passed Phoenix, a head of us, thin bright strikes of lightening began to dance across the sky before disappearing as if it never existed. I had a nervous feeling in my stomach as I watched it, I had forgotten we were going to a place where it was prone to summer thunderstorms. I had a slight problem with thunderstorms since I could remember. It just made me so nervous, I had no idea why. Now you’re probably wondering how I could be afraid of storms when I live in the damn desert for crying out loud. I don’t have answer for that…the world is an imperfect place.

I tried to keep calm as we continued to drive into the path of the storm and the strikes began to get thicker as they shocked the sky while illuminating the crashing of clouds as they passed through each other. I at least tried to look at the bright side at the fact that civilization had come in as we finally managed to get off the freeway and take the main road to the docks to the house boat Valerie and Nick’s grandparent’s let us use for the time we were here. I’m not one to party poop, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about temporarily living in a boat.

We drove for at least 15 minutes until we saw the gates of the docks, as me and Val and let out a soft cry of relief as she drove towards the entrance, while I looked around at the surroundings, of course it was dark as hell, so I couldn’t see much, but I assumed it was nothing but mountains. Valerie reached behind us and tapped the boys on the shoulder as they both whined and groaned.

“What now?” Sam yawned as he opened his eyes.

“We’re finally here you tards.”

“Really?” he piped up instantly as she nodded while we got out of the car and I followed Valerie into the registration office before an slightly old lady with serious crow’s feet looked at gloomily, probably not too happy she had to deal with one more customer at this time of night. I looked to my left at the clock and it read 11:45, we barely made it here on time, which is shocking considering we’re ‘fashionably late’ as Valerie likes to put it. Go us this time for being early.

“Can I help you?” she said in a creepy monotone voice as Valerie smiled politely but stared at her weirdly before handing her a piece of paper that clarified we had permission to use her grandparent’s boat, and to show we weren’t imposters or some shit like that. After a couple minutes of slow typing and tapping my foot impatiently, she gave us our receipt and we were finally on our way as we grabbed our bags and waited for a caddy to take us to the dock as we set our stuff down on the little haul thing attached to it. Nick and Sam were surprisingly quiet until I had to speak so soon and they began getting childish again as the caddy rode over the boardwalk that went all way across the lake and into the main dock area where other boats and people were staying.

“What is that?!” Nick shrieked as we heard a faint ‘hoot’ noise while I rolled my eyes slightly and Valerie just laughed like she always does.

We finally approached the docks where many large boats stood proudly as they rocked slightly with the waves of the water. I was perfectly content that the thunderstorm had stopped so I could walk without the chance of me getting struck by lightening. The faint sound of television and the smell of food burned into my nostrils as my stomach growled. I couldn’t even remember the last time I ate. We grabbed our stuff off the haul as the security driver waved us off and drove back to the office as we walked down the dock to last boat on the left. I admired its size, it was quite huge (that’s what she said.) From the point where I was standing at, I could see it had a rooftop with a built in table and benches as stairs cascaded down bringing you to the small patio in the front and back of the boat. We walked in eagerly to the front of the boat and Valerie shuffled through her purse to get the keys.

“Guys! I can’t find the keys!” she said worriedly as I sighed at her.

“Are you kidding me?” I groaned.

“Just kidding, they’re right here.” she smirked as I pushed her shoulder as she laughed and unlocked the sliding glass door to the ‘house’ as she switched on the light and we all pretty much gasped at the sight in front of us. It really was like a house. It had a couch with a table, even a television as it was placed neatly against the wall. We walked in closer where the counter was with three barstools and plenty of cupboards and a fridge. I nodded in approval as we set our stuff down and checked out the two small bedrooms in the boat. They were pretty average, but I could live with the small space I guess. The bathroom was the only thing I could tell was going to be an issue. It had a shower and a toilet and sink, but it was small as hell. I guarantee it was made for only one person.

“This is better than I remembered it, they made a lot of changes in here.” Nick grinned as he looked through the cupboards that were surprisingly filled with canned foods and snacks. This is why I loved Valerie’s grandparents like they were my own.

“They practically re did everything!” Valerie replied as she placed her bag in one room where I looked out the patio and smiled at the small slide hanging from the top of the boat that curled slightly for a straight shot into the water.

“Damn this amazing.” Sam sighed happily as Nick and him shared yet again another fist pound.

“Okay so who’s taking which room? Or who wants the couch? It’s a bed as well.” Val said holding her hands out as we all shrugged.

“I’ll take the couch, there’s no way I’m sleeping with Nick in that tiny of a room. Two morning glory’s that close too each other will simply not do.” Sam clarified as I cringed.

“You guys are so…unnatural.” I sighed as they nodded agreeing.

“Okay then so it’s settled. Me and Sabby will take the room on the left, and Nick can the one right here… Sam gets the couch. Perfect.” she said shrugging as she grabbed the rest of her things while I grabbed mine as well. I sighed as I closed the door to the room and changed out of my jeans and into pajamas, checking the door to make sure Sam or Nick weren’t trying to perv like they normally do. When the coast was clear, I finished up and stacked my bags against the wall as Valerie brushed through her long brown hair and sighed.

“This is way better than I pictured it to be.” she smiled at me as I nodded back at her.

“Yeah who knew you really could live in a boat.” I teased as she laughed.

“I know.” she grinned. We walked back out into the kitchen where the guys were already watching TV as they changed into their basketball shorts. I sat on the kitchen as I looked around once more and for once I thought this trip wasn’t going to be so bad. I felt my purse vibrate and I grabbed my cell phone as I rolled my eyes and answered it.

“Yes mom?” I sighed as she let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh good you answered. Did you make it there okay? Did anything happen?” she asked concerned as I nodded.

“Yes mom, everything is fine. We just got here and settling in quite nicely, you can sleep now.” I retorted as she sighed.

“I’m just worried about you! You’re 8 hours away! What am I supposed to do if something happens?” she asked as I rolled my eyes.

“You’re not going to do anything, because nothing is going to happen!” I replied.

“How do you know? I just want you be to safe okay? I know you’re going to be…around guys, and I just want you to remember to be safe or if you really feel the need to please remember to use a cond-”

“Mom!” I chided. “That is the last thing I plan to do on this trip. I am perfectly fine, you absolutely nothing to worry about.” I reassured her.

“Okay, I know. I just worry, it’s my job!” she exclaimed as I rolled my eyes.

“I know mommy. Now please just go rest, and I’ll call your first thing in the morning, I’m way too tired to explain the trip.”

“Okay honey, I love you.”

“Love you too. Bye.” I sighed as I hung up the phone.

“God.” I muttered as I put my phone back in my purse and decided to forget about everything for one moment. That’s the point of a vacation wasn’t it?

I relaxed in my chair and decided this was going to be a good trip. Right? I was in Arizona, with my closest friends, by myself with no one to tell us what to do or how to act. I smiled at the thought. Hell, this trip was almost worth having to put up with Nick and Sam.

“Awe, Sabby Squid still calls her mom, mommy.” Nick cooed as I glared at him.

Almost worth it…
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