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On the Move

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This is the chapter I was working on recently, but I've quit writing this story because I don't think anyone actually reads it.

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On the Move

Joseph’s eyes opened slowly. He sat up, yawning. Outside, the air was filled with fog. Joseph slowly turned around. He was the only one awake. He checked his watch; it was 6 o’clock AM, and he was hungry.

Joseph got up and walked into the cereal aisle, grabbing a box of chocolate flakes. He turned towards the front of the store and froze, letting the cereal box slip out of his grasp. The sound it made when it hit the floor was loud compared to the silence of the store, and it woke Kate up, who grabbed her pistol and pointed it at Joseph.

“What’s the matter with you?” she whispered angrily, standing up. “You need to be careful with making noises around here!”

Joseph didn’t respond. He was unable to do anything except gape at what he was seeing in front of him.

“Hello?!” Kate whispered, annoyed.

When Joseph still didn’t respond, Kate followed his gaze to the window.

“Shit!” she yelled, causing several of the others to jump up. “Everyone wake up!” Kate screamed while grabbing a crossbow. Everyone got up frantically.

“What’s wrong?!” yelled Elijah.

Kate pointed to the front window. Vampires were emerging from the fog outside. The vampire who was obviously in charge smiled, revealing a blood-stained set of razor sharp teeth. Kate flipped him off and his smile disappeared. Then he screamed and pointed at Kate.

Suddenly, all the vampires began sprinting to the windows. One of them crashed through the front window, tackling Scott. The force of its tackle sent him sprawling to the ground. His legs bent behind him, and he screamed. The vampire turned its black eyes toward him and jumped on him. It leaned down and began to drink his blood in a frenzy. Blood sprayed everywhere. Kate stepped behind the vampire and fired her crossbow into the back of its head. The vampire collapsed on top of Scott’s lifeless body.

Kate turned around, fast enough to see a vampire leaping at her. She raised the gun, but not fast enough. The vampire crashed into her knocking her to the ground. It leaned back and then dove for her throat, but a shotgun blast sent it rolling to the side. Kate looked up to see Joseph smiling at her, reaching his hand out for her to grab. She smiled back and took it. He pulled her to her feet, and they both turned toward the window. The rest of the survivors fired at the window, sending shards of glass everywhere.

Vampires jumped through the bullets landing on top of the survivors. Joseph turned and fired at the vampires. Now that the window had been destroyed by the bullets, vampires were flooding into the store. Kate and Joseph stood back to back, firing at the surrounding vampires. After the fight died down, vampires began rising to their feet. Several vampires leaned forwards clutching themselves. Then wings began to burst from their backs. The vampires flew up and began diving around the store, flying and crawling on the ceilings.

“We need to get out of here!” Kate yelled.

Everyone ran for the back of the store. Vampires crawled on the ceiling above, reaching down and picking several of the survivors off, one by one. When they made it to the back, Kate pulled out a grenade. Joseph opened the back door, letting everyone out. Kate pulled out the pin and threw the grenade inside, slamming the door behind her.

The remaining survivors ran outside and were engulfed by the fog. From inside it, they could not see what surrounded them, but compared to the hostility of the vampires, the fog seemed welcoming.


I've given up on this story, because I don't think anyone actually reads it and I don't have enough ideas to continue.

So this is what I was working on for the past couple days.

I'd like to thank Amy_Revenge for proofreading and editing this half-chapter for me.

Also, I began writing a new story called We're In This Together. You can find it under the My Chemical Romance section.
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