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One-Shot. To be perfectly honest, I felt good. Not to brag or anything, but I looked good too. A/N: I'm really not Gerard, just the theme of this one-shot.

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One-Shot: Honesty

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really know how it all could happen so quickly. It was like one moment, we were waiting. We waited five hours until the chaos hit. My wife started screaming, she was crying and her fingers were trapped vice-like around my hand. It was all a blur. There were shouts from doctors and people scurrying closer. I watched my wife cry as they propped her legs up a little higher, I moved closer to her side and held onto her as the doctors told her to push. And she did. She pushed with all her might and then, there she was. I watched, my mouth hanging slightly open as a baby girl was pulled away into one of the doctor’s arms. Tears built up in my eyes and the fingers around my hand squeezed tighter for a second before going loose. I watched awestruck as the doctors cleaned off her crying, wriggling body before they wrapped her in a towel and handed her to my wife. Lindsey started crying. I sat down on the edge of her bed next to her as we both stared down into the little bundle of love we had created, before another doctor whisked my beautiful baby girl away.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t ever remember being more happy in my entire life. Lindsey was tugging our daughter, Bandit, into a small hot dog costume. Bandit wiggled and laughed, as if they were playing a game. The smile on my daughters face made me feel so blissful inside, I could almost cry tears of joy. Finally, Lindsey got her into the costume. She walked over to me, holding our baby girl, and handed me a bird mask. I smiled at it and kissed her softly on the lips before leaning down and kissing Bandits forehead. Bandit wiggled her clenched fist in my face and made a small, happy sound. I took her hand and kissed it too, before leading my wife and daughter out to the car and then to Bandit’s first Halloween party.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t explain how successful I feel. I had built up a life around me and let it take me in. I was consumed by how my life had panned out and was shocked to see that at 16 years old, I never would have thought that everything would turn out this way. I had the job of my dreams, an amazing wife and daughter, and supportive peers that were around to let me know that everything would be okay. I was known, loved, appreciated, and I was happy. Happiness was a feeling I was now growing accustomed too. Before my wife, before my job, I was so unhappy I had begun to forget exactly how it felt. Now, I was successful and loving it.

To be perfectly honest, I won’t even try to describe how loyal my fans are. I threw my arms in the air as the band played the last and final chords of the song we had written with our hearts in mind. Everyone screamed, everyone in the whole stadium was on their feet giving us all the energy the could muster up, just like we did for them. I smiled. I smiled so wide I thought maybe my face would crack. I lifted the microphone to my lips and said the words that I only said to fans every once in a while. I screamed my love to them, they screamed back. My heart pumped erratically in my chest, and I let my hands drop slowly to my sides. Finally the streamer guns erupted and sent shiny, paper thin, silver pieces of plastic into the air. They screamed louder, my face started to hurt I was smiling so much. I watched as the little pieces flew through the air, shimmying around and catching the light in such a perfect way it was beautiful. I lifted the microphone to my lips again and whispered, “I love you,” to the crowd once again before, as planned, the lights went out.

To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t speak. My mouth was dry as the music played loudly on the CD that had been the first one ever in the making. It was our new album. I felt powerful. I felt like nothing in the entire world could ever beat us now. It only took us, five guys, to create such a mind blowing sound that I almost couldn’t believe it. I looked around and read the expressions of my band mates. They all had the same expression of awe and I could relate to them completely. We were completely different now; it made me feel invincible. I caught my brother’s eyes and he smiled widely at me. I smiled back, he nodded to me in a silent agreement that yes, this new album was amazing. He turned away and gently I closed my eyes. I listened to the melody, I let it flow through my body and bring me to such a high that no drug could match. I was untouchable.

To be perfectly honest, I felt good. Not to brag or anything, but I looked good too. Everything in my life was good. I was getting used to feeling good all the time and I took on a new aspect of life. There was always going to be issues and arguments, but now that I was a father, that I was happy, successful, and loved. I handled things in an easier, and softer way. I wasn’t worried about anything anymore. If there were a problem, I’d look for the solution. I know now that there is always going to be a solution and that I could handle the issue no matter what. I was a new man. I was compelled to be a better person, and now I’m not ashamed of saying that I am Gerard Way.

A/N: I’m really not Gerard Way for all of you who are like wtf? R&R please.
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