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The Master's Mistress

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Basically, a deeper look on the Master, and his potential love life.

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I met the Master first when I was ten. He was a skeleton. Literally, just BONES. I was walking in the woods, which are a rare anomaly in New York. The state, not the city. Anyways, as I followed a barely-visible path probably forged by animals, I caught sight of the most peculiar footprint I’d ever seen. It didn’t look human, or anything else, for that matter. It looked like there was a point at what I assumed was a heel, and had bones splaying out from it. I followed the footprints through a thicket of thorns, and on the ground was a pile of bones.
At first, I was petrified. Its not very often you see a pile of human bones in the forest. Then it moved, the skull turned to stare at me with absent eyes. Instead of fear, my heart swelled with compassion. It looked so helpless. HE looked so helpless.
“Are you alright?” I said, inching closer. “Who did this to you?”
“Doctor,” he croaked. “The Doctor.”
I spent the next ten years looking for the Doctor, when he finally found me. I harbored the Master in my bedroom for all that time, having passionate discussions about the universe, time, and history. He told me the stories of the Time Lords of Gallifrey. He told me of the war. He told me of the horrors, the beauty, the pain, the joy. Most of all, though, he told me of the cruelest being in all the cosmos. The Doctor.
On my twentieth birthday, a blue box appeared outside my house, and I expected what was coming. The Master had told me all about it, the blue time box, the beautiful companions, the ancient eyes. The Master said not to be fooled by his smile, his charisma, because he always manipulated and destroyed the people he tried to help. He was the perfect villain, evil, with the façade of kindness.
When the Doctor stepped out of the bluest blue box, the first thought in my mind was that he was a beautiful man. I found it hard to believe that a man of such notorious evil could be so gorgeous. But, the Master had warned me, so I was cautious. He was alone, which was a short lived surprise. The Master told me that once he ruined the life of a companion, he often left them to suffer alone, and traveled on his own until another innocent girl came along.
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