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To treat his sister's illness, Jounouchi has to go to a loan shark to pay for her medicine.

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Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance, Mystery...
Type: Alternative Universe
Warnings: blatant yaoi [please don't read any further if you're feeling queasy with these sorts of stuff], [possible] lots of cliché, Out Of Character, Outside Characters, different style [perhaps?], slight bashing [not the characters, just the themes].
Pairings: KaibaJounouchi
Rated: R
Disclaimer: I'm neither a man nor a mangaka like Takahashi Kazuki. Which means that Yuugioh doesn't belong to me.
Additional notes: blatant yaoi, implied lemon [only this part. If you don't want to read this part just skip this chapter if you don't believe it's not so explicit or important]
Author's notes: :glares at plot bunny: I had this idea several months ago [sort of around April and June; 3 years ago] and wrote it down, of course. But it's so cliché as soon as I'd befriended myself with the Yuugioh fandom again. :sighs: I didn't mean to step into the cliché-ness too, but I can't help but feel that this story really should be posted. I've re-read this piece a few times that I can't help but be happy with the dark feel of the story. So please forgive me if you think that I'd stolen -your- ideas. So far I can remember, I've not read any of this sort of story yet [only summaries, after I was done with writing the third chapter of this story].
He needed it desperately... he took it.

XX Prologue XX


So it was time.
The documents had been settled between them. Everything was done. All , which was not, was only the action.

He gazed bitterly out of the window into the darkness of the Night.

What would it be like if one just could open the window, climb out, spread his arms and then become -one- with the -wind-? -And only to end one's life afterwards.

Seriously, he felt tempted to do it; he wanted to be free. He never wanted this to happen, this immoral activity. But it was inevitable. No matter how "gruesome" and how "disgusting", it's probably the only way he could take to get the money.

He let out a sigh and gazed longingly at the moon.

This was probably going to be the first (and the last) breath-taking scenery he'd set his eyes upon that made him feel -human- enough, for a moment. time ticked by.

The door behind him slowly creaked open.

He stiffened immediately.

"I apologize for being late. The host had been holding me back from going home much earlier than I've planned" the other man said... grunted out was probably a better term to emphasize the irritated tone in which the man had spoken.
The other man stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

He dared not comment on the other's late arrival and thus sat, tensed up nearby the window.

Strong arms suddenly embraced him from behind and he was pressed into the other's chest. The man behind him was taller than him...
He managed not to lash out or punch the other in the face, as he felt the taller man breathe into his hair.

"Say something, Jounouchi. This is your last chance to speak up and back away" the other man mumbled as he slowly lowered his face, his cheek pressed against the shorter Jounouchi's hair.

The strong arms squeezed him closer as one of the hands began to play with Jounouchi's tie.

"Let's get his over with" Jounouchi only responded through gritted teeth, suppressing the fear in his stomach. He tilted his head to one side, allowing the other man some access to the arch of his neck, shamelessly.

The taller man chuckled and descended his lips on the other's exposed skin.
Somehow it felt electrifying as soon as the touch of lips was on his neck; he tried not to panic. He'd chosen for this anyways, so he must live with this... sin.

"You smell so good, Jounouchi" the other commented in his neck. He pulled away, grabbed hold of Jounouchi's hand and walked straight towards the divan, pulling the other along. It didn't take long before the taller man sat down on the soft material and pulled Jounouchi down to sit on his lap.

"Why do-," he attacked the other's neck immediately and started unbuttoning Jounouchi's vest absently.

"-you have to-,"

Jounouchi arched his back instinctively, throwing his arms round the other's neck and closed his eyes in shame. He felt his world crumbling and he did not care.

"-smell so delicious?" The other tugged on to his under shirt's buttons, almost impatiently.
Jounouchi did not respond. His vest was slid off, then his last shirt...

The hot kisses were suddenly everywhere. And he still did not care. The other lowered him on to the divan and started tugging his trousers.

How had he ended here?

Jounouchi instinctively grabbed for the other's fine, soft hair as the taller man went lower. Even though his body just reacted on its own account, even though his skin felt on fire, his insides were dying.

How did he end up here?

Jounouchi closed his blank brown eyes as he lie naked under the other man.
~Jounouchi Katsuya stared at his crying mother, feeling lost and helpless. He was wearing the traditional mourning robes that day. Mother had wanted him to.

It was the day on his father's funeral, did Katsuya realize how much he'd lost not having spent some time with his father in his company.

Mother had wailed uncontrollably. Even his sister, Shizuka, joined their mother's sad mourning. He, however, did not shed any tears on his father's funeral.

He was a man, a grown man.

Grown men don't shed tears; it was improper. But watching how the women in his family grieved for father, he hated himself already. He hated to be proper that moment.

All he wanted was to grieve along with his mother and sister so that they would know he was sharing their pain too.

He could not comfort them; he was useless on that field of soothing his remaining family. So he averted his gaze and headed for his room, upstairs.

He slid off the stuffy black vest, loosened his tie and sat behind his desk looking at noting. But the tears had not come.~

A big, warm hand cupped the side of his face.

His eyes fluttered open and stared into a pair of ice-blue eyes.

"Don't fall asleep just yet," the man looming above him said breathlessly as he breather into Jounouchi's face.

Jounouchi stared back at him. In his mind's eye, he knew the other man was kneeling between his drawn legs and leaning on his elbows on either sides of his head, at the moment.

A finger nudged Jounouchi's mouth gently open and slid inside.

"Please don't make this harder than it already is, Jounouchi. Don't play dead on me," the blue-eyed man ordered softly as he gave Jounouchi one of his sharp looks.

He complied wordlessly. He let his body react instinctively. Jounouchi closed his mouth round the finger and started sucking gently on it, never breaking eye contact with the man above him.

Why did the other have cold eyes? Even when he's about to take him?

Another finger slid into his mouth... someone moaned out in ecstasy.
~ After dad's death, mother couldn't keep the family up; she wasn't qualified to do father's work -whatever work he did-.
So they had to sell several expensive furniture to get enough for an every day meal.

It seemed, not only did father's soul go, but the fortune had been taken along as well. so they'd become 'poor' in a sense of speaking.

"What are we going to do, big brother?" Shizuka had wondered aloud and laid her head against the crook of his neck. She'd noticed their situation too...

Katsuya embraced his sister automatically and breathed into her hair.

"I don't know, Shizuka. I don't know,"

Mother had been too proud to work like a commoner. She was, after all, bred from nobles - she would not even dare bending her proud status and thus did not seek any help from loan sharks, who knew father.

Katsuya felt his chest constricting; the pressure was getting on to him. But he did not shed a tear.~

The wet fingers were pulled out of his mouth carefully and those blue eyes leered unreadable at him. Hot lips enclosed his own. Jounouchi closed his eyes when the wet tongue invaded his warm mouth.

He felt his body submitting again.

His arms were thrown round the other's neck, pulling the blue-eyed man closer and letting the other's hands wander...

His chest constricted again. Not only because of the shame he was feeling, but the lack of air as well. His bed partner seemed to be sucking all the air out of his lungs.

For some strange reason Jounouchi wondered why he was still a bit clearheaded... until his lips were released. He breathed in the cold night air hungrily, feeling his lips swelling and finding himself clinging on to his bed partner.

He did not want to think anymore. He wanted to get lost--so he freed his mind, ignoring the rooted shame in his stomach again. Jounouchi's hands began to explore the other's broad back and soft hair.

"So now you're awake," A chuckle.

Jounouchi did not respond to the comment, at least not in words though. He was busy unbuttoning the other's shirt and tilting his neck further for the other to nip on his skin gently. Sliding off the shirt ever so slowly, Jounouchi felt the muscled body; so full, so unlike his measly feminine-like built...

He suddenly noticed how something was burning in the pit of his stomach. Something was going to explode.
~Mother had been ill all the time. She'd tried to show a strong affront before Katsuya and his sister. But her eyes betrayed her illness. She looked so old and shattered.

Shizuka had cried out when mother drew her last breath that day. But he... how cruel... he did not. Of course, he grieved inside, but his tears just did not want to well in his eyes.

Shizuka wailed alone.

"How are we going to pull this off?" She sobbed out at last.

"There's no money. No furniture or any expensive good to be sold. And mother doesn't want us to emerge ourselves with the commoners," she continued, sniffling in her handkerchief and turned her liquid-filled, brown eyes at him.

That's when he suddenly remembered someone in the faint past having looked him in the eyes, pulling his face shamefully close. But he did not know whom it was again...~

His body rocked against the other -a hand was cupping his erection-, instinctively. All the blood rushed downward, he gripped the sheets as an attempt to anchor himself and let himself be released.

Something like pleasure rushed out instantly and he moaned.


He tucked Jounouchi under the duvets and gave the other some breathing room by sitting down on the windowsill instead of staying in bed. He gazed outside -much in the same way Jounouchi had done a few hours ago.

Everything had gone so fast that night. He did not even know why he'd taken such an absurd chance; that's why he'd suppressed his aggressive side from really taking the sleeping Jounouchi right then, when the the body came to him willingly.

He smiled humorlessly at their strange situation.
~Kaiba Seto watched the funeral impassively. It's the death of one of his father's most favorable partners. Everyone was in boring, mourning robes -wailing about the death of the great Jounouchi head.

He did not know the man personally, but he assumed the guy had been some great man, noting from the women's emotional outbursts as the Priest read out a prayer.

Like he mentioned, he did not know the guy personally so he stared at the cold body in the coffin, showing respect with his silence.


"Thank you for coming," Mrs. Jounouchi had sobbed out when he gave her his condolences at the after party. He was about to leave the wailing widow with her daughter, when he caught sight of the only son of the late Mr. Jounouchi, standing in the same room looking lost.

The son was the same guy, whom he'd met at some business party...

He took quick strides towards the son and waited for the other to acknowledge him. Jounouchi's son, however, did not.

So he'd roughly pulled the other's face closer to his. Those genetic brown eyes snapped out of their trance and stared back at him in confusion.

And he felt his body reacting: his chest constricted, his stomach burned and he suddenly got the feeling to touch the son everywhere.

His lust had been awakened.

His preferences to men had intensified and he just wanted to crush the innocence right there, right then.~

Kaiba snorted sarcastically to himself and wrapped his arm round one drawn leg loosely. He had not been aware of how passionate he could get until this first night.

The fire inside of him had surprised him immensely that he'd congratulate himself for not throwing himself completely into the 'dance'. He felt like a monster suddenly.

At least, a part of him felt satisfied.

He slid off the windowsill and headed for the bed. Carefully pushing the naked Jounouchi a bit further, he slid under the duvets and let his bed partner snuggle into his body.

This may be a very cruel punishment for Jounouchi, but it was probably for the best since he's doing for a food deed.

He wrapped his arms round the other loosely and closed his eyes.
~ Seto watched as his brother, Mokuba, play outside --while he, himself, had to take over his father's business. The playground had been one of the earliest years he couldn't remember having been so carefree, like Mokuba, before.

Seto stared at his desk heaped with paperwork. He picked out one of the papers and read it over carefully. The Jounouchi's name had slipped into the papers several times; their accounting and how their meager fortune decreased, making them 'poor'.
It was a shame--but Mrs. Jounouchi was just too proud to loan some money from his father, at least, Seto believed his father would probably 'loan' the widow.

Oh yes, he had met the son before. It had been at some business party night. His father had left him to do the arrangements with France's best business men on his own.

The party hadn't been his kind of place: everyone who was invited, had to wear stuffy materials, looking elegant, have numerous glasses of champagne or smoke thick cigars and most of all, those business men were -old-.

Seto had stood out when he'd entered the room. Not only was he tall and dressed impeccably, he had the air of a dominating image of 'the perfect son'.

The party had bored. His father's partners were talking about the same thing over and over again. Politics. Knowing that these old geezers did not accept his idealism just because he was the youngest among them, he kept his mouth shut.

It was probably pure coincidental (or maybe fate had lent a hand) when he'd met Mr. Jounouchi's only son --or so Seto had thought.
Mr. Jounouchi's son had come to the party much later than him. He had been bugging a few of the guests with his noticeable intelligence about certain topics near politics, which no one dared to defy like Liberalism in the Far East, Historical Facts in the colonial periods and Traitorousness among the governments.

Seto had watched the cheerful Jounouchi Junior, amused, as the other threw himself into endless discussions, twirling his wrists around elegantly to show how abstract the topic he's tackling.

He'd finally found someone around his age at the party so he listened to the excited man. He noticed silently that his eyes kept straying to the other's body, which was covered by the usual dark gray, stuff suit, and dismissed the warning bells as soon as he took interest in Mr. Jounouchi's son, more intimately.

The son had looked so lively that night...

"Are you done with those works?"

Seto looked up from his papers and met his father's eyes. His father, a middle-aged man, was tall and mentally-strong, which made him one of the merciless loan sharks there ever lived --apart from Seto, himself, of course.

"Almost, sir," he answered curtly.

"You've to pick up speed," his father had commented disapprovingly and lowered his gaze to look at the few unfinished paperwork on the desk.

"Jounouchi's widow could've sent her son to do Jounouchi's work. The boy has the potential to become one of the best business partners with his knowledge," his father had muttered, looking disapproving again (and a bit gentle) -but this time at the papers about the Jounouchi's current Status.


His father's eyes snapped up and the usual harsh face was back in place. His father did not elaborate in his comments, always preferring to keep most of the important stuff secret.

Seto frowned at his father's back when the other had left. Mr. Kaiba had become more colder towards him than usual. Lately, his father was acting strange, he had cut himself from any social activity with his family and the business world which led more responsibilities to topple on top of Seto's shoulders. He felt like drowning...

--there was no fresh air to breathe in--~

Early in the morning Seto had woken up, disoriented, but did not step out of bed as soon as he felt Jounouchi's warm body half on top of him. A sense of déjà vu washed over him; the position was interesting.

Seto looked down at the sleeping face, studying every curve and absently started running careful and gentle fingers through the dirty-blonde hair. So soft. So full. So Jounouchi--

Jounouchi stirred, frowning uncomfortably and blindly reached around for something. Seto waited patiently as Jounouchi's frown deepened as if he couldn't find that something. The other's eyes flutter open, looking just as disoriented as Seto had been, a few minutes ago.

Jounouchi raised his sleep-filled brown eyes, recognizing him instantly; fear and something akin of shame skittered away in those panic-stricken eyes, And before Jounouchi could pull back, Seto caressed the side of his cheek and reversed their position, holding him down. He immediately took advantage, as soon as Jounouchi let out a surprised yelp, pressing his lips against the other's.

The kiss had been short and somehow not so meaningless--at least to Seto.

"Good morning," he whispered and waited for Jounouchi to react.

The brown eyes looked fearful up at him as if asking what's going to happen next to both of them.
Seto didn't know, so he didn't answer.

"Good morning," Jounouchi responded at last and turned his eyes away, seemingly not caring about his situation anymore. Seto wondered if this was the right thing to do--loaning the money in turn of bedding him.

It was dirty--why had he suggested this--this 'solution'?
~Seto turned his attention from his work when Jounouchi's oldest son's, Katsuya, arrival was announced.

"Good morning, Mr. Kaiba,"

"Good morning,"

"I believe my father had done great business with yours in the past. I'm Jounouchi Katsuya, Sir Jounouchi's son,"

Seto had raised an eyebrow, clasped his hands together and sat back comfortably. "What brings you here, Mr. Jounouchi?"

Jounouchi took a deep breath and closed his eyes temporarily. Seto got curious as soon as he'd noticed this; the Jounouchi's son at the party hadn't looked nervous at all when he's talking.

"My sister's unwell. I need to get her some medical treatment. And I don't have enough to even support her life, sir. I would like to lend some money. You'll get the money back after a month."

Oh. So that's the reason. A shame. Was it just him or did the once-confident Jounouchi's son he'd met at the party just trembled? Seto sent the other a cynical smile, amused and excited at the same time.

"Don't you know that you're standing in front of a very horrible person?"

He'd stood up from his seat and walked, almost exaggeratingly long, towards his new prey. It was more a warning to anyone who could rationally realize his situation. Jounouchi seemed to freeze at that statement, his face startled, but then calmed again.


Seto stopped walking, looked down atthe shorter Jounouchi and kept his cynical half smile on his poker face.

"And you still ask?"
"Yes, my sister is more important to me than anyone else,"

Jounouchi stared back at him, unflinching.

"You aware that there are always cruel conditions bound to these sorts of situations don't you?"
"So you'll do anything?"
"Even walking the path towards death?"

Seto imagined Jounouchi holding his chin up defiantly.

"Even walking the path towards death"

He stepped forward, close enough to tilt Jounouchi's chin to one side-the other tensed predictably- and he
leaned down.

"I'll loan you the money on one condition... your body...," he whispered before he could think it over, and breathed into the other's neck.

Jounouchi thrembled under his touch and swallowed.

"There's no other way to pay me back, right Jounouchi? So pay with your body then. Think about it,"

He smirked secretly, he'd thought this condition would probably back the other away from really loaning the money from a Kaiba like him. Jounouchi'd stopped trembling at last, almost hyperventilating in front of Seto, and took a deep breath again.
Seto watched as Jounouchi schooled on his calm blank face so unlike the Jounouchi he'd observed at the party, who seemed pretty predictable when it came to emotions drawn on his face. Impressive and not dissatisfying for some reason; he felt intrugued by emotional creatures like Jounouchi. So he waited patiently for an answer, still staring into the other's somehow beautiful, expressive eyes...

"I've decided-,"

Jounouchi'd spoken up, hardening his eyes again.

"- I'll do it,"

XX End prologue XX


^///^ Did you see what I mean? In actuality, I got this idea after reading a translated manga in notepad form [or some sort] called "Gorgeous Carat" & "Gorgeous Carat Galaxy". Both manga are written, drawn by Higuri You. All I can say about this manga is... it's superb. I love the old French feel in the story and the Mystery... which somehow reminds me of "Count Cain" [written and drawn by the wonderful, I-adore-thee, Kaori Yuki]. Ehehehe, enough about that. I'm very surprised you've made it here.

Thank you for reading! :shuffles away to, at least, finish her other stories feverishly:

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