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He Has Returned

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Then I felt a cold barrel touch my temple. “I don’t like to kill,” the Doctor said. “But I’ll make an exception for scum.”

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The Tardis was beautiful on the inside. The walls were intricate and the control panel was amazing. As I carried the Master up the orange stairs, I had trouble focusing on not dropping him. Bones are heavy, you know.
The Doctor was already fiddling with buttons and things. He gestured towards what looked almost like a couch, and said, “Place him there, gently.”
I ignored him, and sat on the couch, holding the Master close to me, like a child. Or a lover.
“Doctor, can you make him human again”
“I don’t think he was ever human to begin with.” I knew this, obviously, I just couldn’t reveal that. Everyone knows that the Doctor would kill the Master any chance he got.
“But, this will save him? Make him like you?”
The Doctor looked at me, with sad, ancient eyes. Pitying eyes. My insides boiled. How dare he pity me.
“This might work, Maria, but it might not,” he sighed.
I wanted to scream, Of course I know it will work, just fix him, you bastard!!! But, no. I just looked down at my Master, channeling the emotion into compassion, into worry. I wanted- no, needed him to be okay.
The Doctor walked over and placed a hand on my shoulder. “So kind, and so innocent,” he mumbled. “You’ve just met him. Instead of fear, you feel worry. That’s fantastic.”
“Doctor,” I whispered. “Please, fix him. I can’t bear to see him die.”
“Of course,” the Doctor whispered back, holding my gaze a moment longer, then turning around. “I’ll just program the Tardis to think he’s ME, and it will regenerate him.”
He fiddled with some switches and buttons. I started to think that was all he did. Ever. Besides break hearts.
“Okay, that should do it, all I need to do is touch this wire to one of his hearts,” the Doctor held up a wire, and turned to face us. I smirked.
“That’s it?” I said.
“Good.” I gently placed the Master on the seat and stood up. My heels clicking on the glass floor of the Tardis, I walked slowly over to the Doctor and put my gun up to his stomach. “Then I can take it from here.”
“What?” he said, seeming almost angry with himself. I smiled even wider.
“Oh, Doctor,” I taunted, pulling the wire from his fingers. “All this time, you travel around the Universe, saying ‘I’m the last of my kind, no more Time Lords, all my friends and family, boo fucking WHO.’”
I jammed the gun into his abdomen. “That’s where you’re wrong, Planet Killer. There’s one more Time Lord roaming the cosmos.”
“No,” he whispered, eyes growing wide. I laughed aloud, throwing my head back.
“Oh, yes,” he whispered in his face. “The Master has returned.”
I turned on my heel and threw the wire into the outstretched hand of my Master, who caught it with an explosion of light. Both me and the Doctor fell to the ground from the sheer force of it. My gun was thrown from my hand, and I scrambled through the blast to find it. My left hand met broken glass, and I cried out in pain.
Then I felt a cold barrel touch my temple. “I don’t like to kill,” the Doctor said. “But I’ll make an exception for scum.”
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