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Just a quick little story.

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Mr. Larten Crepsley sat across the table, eating the Chinese food he had ordered, from his new young assistent, Nymphadora or Nyx as she liked to be called. She was a young girl about 15 years old, he'd met her when the Cirque had travled to Auckland Romania. She was an orphan with nowhere to go, it was below freezing that night and he had found her searching for scraps.... He had taken her back to the states with him with out a second thought. She was skinny with long black hair, green eyes and pail skin. She was a nice girl, smart, pretty and with a nasty and very twisted sense of humor. 

He watched her use the chopsticks instead of simply useing a fork, like he was, she hadn't quite gotten the hang of it yet but she was learning.

Larten smiled, strange of how much she reminded him of himself.  Stubborn, determined, unshakeable and a bit socialy uncordinated....  Like him she wasnt exactly a people person.... She impressed him though, she had taken to being a vampire like a duck to water. But there was a problem... She had a bit of a wild streek, she was clever, yes, but she was also impulsive, undisiplened, even reckless at times. She lived for the thrill. Like any proud vampire did, but even they would shrink at some of the things little Nyx did. And that could prove deadly. She had to learn to control that part of herself.

 They were here because of a rumor that a vampenese was in the area. Larten would have come alone, but Nyx would have been beside herself to find out she was being left behind. And Larten had a point to prove....

"Come," Larten said as soon as they finished eating, "We're going hunting." Nyx's eyes gleamed at the thought of the chase. That's what she loved, not so much what she acompolished but the journy itself. 

"Soooooo....... What are we hunting?" Nyx practicly cooed, she held a slight accent. "Vampeneze." Larten spoke quietly and inwardly grinned as his assistents eyes widened.

Together they combed the city and were about to end their search. "We will find him," Larten told his assistent encourageingly. Nyx was very dissapointed that they hadn't found anything. "Come now dawn is close." Nyx sighed and followed her mentor. 

A small crash of cans and a low swear caught Nyxs attention. Her head snapped up and she darted in to the alley way to check out the noise. 

Larten frowned as he heard his assistent sigh. He hated to see her so upset. Then he smiled. He knew what would cheer her up! "How about we watch that horror film you have been begging me to let you see, hmm? I shall even watch it with you. Would you like that little one?" Larten waited for an answer... There wasn't one. "Nyx?" larten turned around to find Nyx was no longer behind him. "Nyx!" Larten shouted. 

Nyx darted down the alley way as saw what Larten and her had been looking for! The vampenze! Nyx attacked the vampenze on instinct. And soon realized just how big of a mistake she had made. The vampeze threw her off of him as if she was a bothersome fly and she crashed in to a wall of metal garbage cans and a brick wall. Nyx jumped back up a fought on kicking and clawing ad best she could, but the vampaneze was stronger and soon had her cornered and his nails ready to slash her throat.

Larten heard a very heavy crash and the sound of fighting comeing from an alley they had passed. "Nyx!" Larten shouted. And flitted down the alley way and saw his assistent cornered by the vampeneze who was perapairing the final blow.   

The purple man howled in pain as Larten slashed him with his nails to draw him away from his assistent. Nyx seemed to freeze for a moment, before she pounced on the purple monsters back and clawed out his eyes. Distracking the man long enough to let Larten finish him off.  They threw the body in to the sewer system to hid the body.  

Larten and Nyx returned to their hotel room covered in blood, and a little worse for the wear but they had done it. Nyx had done well for herself, but Larten was worried, Nyx was far too quiet...she claimed she was fine but, Larten had his doubts.

Nyx bid her mentor a good day. She was still shaking from the earlier events. She had been close to death befor but never had she looked it in the eye. She went straight to bed hopeing some sleep would do her good. But everytime she closed her eyes, she saw the dreaded scene. It frightened her more then she cared to admit. Tears were pouring down her face. Why was she scared? She asked herself. She was a half vampire, she was scarier then anything in this hotel. The old building groaned  and a tree branch hit the window. With a small yelp Nyx bolted from the bed. Grabbing a blanket she went to her mentors coffin and crawled inside.

Larten jerked awake as he felt someone climb in to his coffin and snuggle down beside him. He looked over and saw Nyx wrapped up in a blanket and cuddleing up beside him. 

Larten turned on to his side to give her some room. Her cheeks felt wet and her heart beat was rapid, she was also trembeling, something had her spooked.

This worried him, the only thing that scared her that he knew of, was Madam Octa... "Nyx, what is wrong?" A sniffle answered him. "You are scared..." it was more of a statement then a question. Nyx shifted uncormfortably against him. "The Vampeneze, that is what has you spooked...." Nyx was still for a moment before she nodded against his side. "Come here." Larten scooped Nyx up and laid her on his chest covering the both of then with the blanket, and wrapping his arms around her.   Nyx shifted a little and wrapped her arms around his torso and soon fell asleep. Larten smiled. It felt good to be needed. His little nyx always acted so tough. She did not look very tough now, cuddleing with her mentor like a small child, afraid of the monsters under the bed. He chuckled softly to himself, his unshakeable Nyx wasn't so unshakeable now was she?  
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