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Dreaming With A Broken Heart

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Gerard thought that his break up with Eliza was the worst thing that could happen. Just as he and Mikey are overcoming this, they are pulled into a whole new world of problems and secrets come out.

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Sometimes, you just know when something isn't right. Gerard Way was one of those people. The only problem was that when he was in love, he was blind to almost everything that could possibly go wrong. Gerard was as happy as he could be. He was engaged to the woman who he thought was the love of his life; Eliza Cuts. They had been dating for a year, and Gerard figured that he was ready for marriage. Gerard's younger brother, Mikey, had just gotten married, and he figured out that his older brother's fiancee was doing something wrong. The only problem was that Mikey had no idea how he could possibly tell his brother that the woman that he was supposed to marry was cheating on him, and really only liked his money and fame. Mikey knew for a fact that Eliza was cheating on Gerard because he had walked in on her once. He had been sworn to silence, but now, he felt like he had to do what was right. After all, doing what is right is sometimes more important that keeping a promise.
Mikey lay in his bunk, while Gerard sat out in the main area of the bus. Mikey was on the phone with Eliza, threatening to tell Gerard about what she was doing.

"Eliza, what you're doing is wrong. You can't possibly think that I'm going to keep lying for you."

"I do, because if you were to tell Gerard, not only would you be upsetting your beloved brother, you would also be upsetting Alicia." Eliza said.

Mikey hung up the phone in frustration. He got out of his bunk and walked into the main area of the bus. He put his phone on the table, and sat down on the ground next to the fridge. Mikey leaned his head back against the fridge and closed his eyes.

"Dude, don't hang up on Eliza, you know she hates that." Gerard's voice rang in Mikey's ears. Mikey's eyes shot open, and he snatched his phone. However, Gerard had managed to read the second part of the text message. "Tell me what, Mikey?" Gerard asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Eliza told you not to tell me something. Tell me what, Mikey?"

"Nothing, Gerard." Mikey replied. Gerard was starting to get frustrated.

"Mikey, it's obvious that you're hiding something from me. You better tell me right now, or I'll find a different way to get it out of you!" Gerard exclaimed, his voice rising.

"Gerard-" Mikey started.

"God damnit! Tell me what's going on!" Gerard screamed.

Mikey's head started to pound, and tears welled up in his eyes as Gerard continued to yell at him.

"Gee, please...stop." Mikey whimpered. He put his head on his forearms, and rested them on his knees as he drew them up to his chest. His tears started to fall. Gerard was silenced. He knelt down to Mikey's level.


"I'm sorry!" Mikey's muffled voice cried.

"Look at me, kiddo." Gerard said softly. Mikey raised his head, and looked at his brother. Gerard searched Mikey's eyes and found guilt. Mikey's tears continued to roll down his face. Gerard wiped them away. "What's going on? Something's hurting you...You can tell me what's going on."

"Gee, Eliza's cheating on you." Mikey said quietly. The caring expression on his face was replaced by anger.

"That's low, Mikey." Gerard said.


"Eliza's not cheating. You just don't want me to get married."

"What are you talking about?!"

"I can't believe you, Mikey. Until you can prove it, don't talk to me."

Mikey's heart shattered. He ran to the bunks, and jumped into his bed. He started to cry. This was the first time that Gerard didn't believe him.

What could he possibly do to make Gerard believe him?
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