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Anna becomes frantic knowing Gerard needs her.

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“What?” Gerard couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He’d been watching the entrance to the backstage area hoping to see Anna and now here was Claire telling him she was gone.

Claire hated that she had to deliver this news. “She wanted me to tell you how sorry she was she did not have time to tell you goodbye.”

“She’s already left?” He asked incredulously.

“Yes. Mr. Baxter was waiting and they had to leave immediately for the airport or risk missing their flight.”

Bob moved closer to hear what was being said. “Mr. Baxter?” He asked suddenly feeling slightly confused but not understanding why.

Claire turned to face him while forcing herself not to let her true emotions show on her face. “Yes. The man who was waiting for Anna and myself by the RV.” She knew he would have no memory of what had happened earlier other than what Anna had willed him to remember.

“Well when will she be back?” Gerard asked urgently. The thought of Anna being gone had sent his spirits into a tailspin.

“Hopefully soon.” Claire answered honestly. She was so afraid for Anna and she prayed she would be allowed to return soon. She felt lost without her.

Gerard sighed, “I’m sorry her uncle is sick. Did he have some sort of attack?”

Claire repeated the story Anna had given her. “They believe it was a heart attack.” She lied. “Anna is going directly to the hospital.”

“In Vermont?” Gerard asked still trying to understand.

Claire nodded.

Suddenly Gerard had a thought, “They can’t have made it to the airport yet.” He pulled out his cell.

Claire wanted to cry. The stress of what was happening was weighing heavily on her. “She forgot her cell phone.” She said softly. “I did not realize until I saw it on the table in the RV but they had already driven away.”

“Shit.” Gerard said. He wanted to hear her voice and to offer his support.

“Hey Gee.” Frank called out across the crowded room. “We need to get ready.”

Gerard nodded without thinking. Right now all he could think about was the fact that Anna was gone. He rubbed his head feeling a headache coming on. He turned; shoulders slumped, and walked away.

“Claire, are you okay?’ Bob asked reaching out to touch her arm. He could see by the look on her face she was upset.

“Yes, just worried about Jacob.” Claire answered unable to look him in the eye. She hated lying to him more than anything.

Bob didn’t believe her but he didn’t press the issue. “So are you going to continue on the tour without Anna?” He held his breath waiting for the answer.

“It is her wish that I continue to the next venue.” Claire answered. “I believe she is hoping she will be able to fly to Atlanta and meet me there.”

“But if her uncle’s condition is serious can she do that?” Bob asked.

The stress was taking its toll on Claire, “I have no idea.” She answered then blurted out, “I really hope she returns quickly.”

Bob put his arm around her not really understanding why she was so upset but simply wanting to comfort her, “Hey until she gets back I’ll take care of you.”

While his words should have eased some of her fears they had the opposite effect, “Because I can not care for myself?”

He was surprised by her anger, “I didn’t mean that.”

Immediately she knew she’d hurt his feelings, “I am sorry. I know that is not what you meant. I just feel very upset.” She tried to explain, “Change frightens me. I told you I am weak.”

He hated that he had to leave to get ready for the concert. He could tell she needed him. “You’re not weak. Like you said you’re just upset and worried about Jacob and I’m sure Anna too.”

Claire wished he could understand just how true his words about Anna were. She nodded and looked down.

Bob pulled her into his embrace, “It’ll be okay.” He looked down into her eyes, “So do I get to drive?” He teased hoping to see her smile. “Please?”

Claire gave him a weak smile, “I would like that.”

He dropped a quick kiss on her lips, “I have to go now. Sure you’re okay?”

Claire nodded.

Once he was gone she took a seat and tried to get her emotions under control. A minute later Alicia appeared having been sent over by Bob. He didn’t want Claire to feel alone.

“Hey.” Alicia said sitting down next to her. She was slightly confused as to why Bob seemed so worried about Claire but she made sure to keep her company until the start of the concert.

Anna looked out the window of the plane knowing there was only darkness but it was better than looking at the man sitting beside her. She did not want to speak with him. He however chose to speak to her.

“I was shocked by your obvious lax control and will of course report the incident to Jacob.”

Anna closed her eyes a moment then turned to him. Jacob had taught her never to show weakness to a messenger. “The way I conducted myself is of no concern to you. Claire is mine. I deal with her as I see fit.”

He snorted, “Be that as it may, her insubordination was appalling. What right does she have to question you?”

Anna sat up straighter in her seat, “She has the rights I have given her. However I do not understand why it is you believe you have the right to question me. Your actions most definitely will be a topic of discussion between myself and Jacob.”

His eyes narrowed again but he held his tongue. Annabelle was young yet her bond with Jacob was well known.

“Ladies and Gentleman this is the captain speaking.” The voice over the loud speaker halted any further discussion.

“I’m sorry to inform you that we are experiencing some engine trouble. Nothing to be alarmed about but we will be landing in Detroit in a few minutes. Please return to your seats and prepare to land.”

There was a mummer of concern through out the plane.

Anna was not concerned about the landing she was concerned this unplanned stop would delay her arrival. She wanted to reach Jacob to plead her case. She needed to get back to Gerard as soon as possible.

Anna’s unplanned landing in Detroit was proving to be a nightmare. For the last hour they had been seated in the terminal waiting for another flight. She glanced over at Baxter who was sitting reading a paper then leaned down to grab her carry on bag. Lifting it she threw the strap over her shoulder and headed towards the restroom. The feeling was beginning to take hold and she needed to deal with it while she had the opportunity.

Going into the first stall she quickly pulled out the black bag and pulled out the vial Claire had prepared. Her hands shook slightly as she inserted the needle. Suddenly she was blinded by a vision and it fell from her hand shattering on the floor of the stall. Anna cried out unable to stop herself as she looked down at the clear liquid. All of it was ruined among the shards of glass. She closed her eyes tightly to control the anger that washed over her. This was so unfair, why now? But more importantly what was happening to Gerard? The vision while not clear was most definitely linked to him.

He looked up to see her slide back into her seat. Setting his paper aside he rose and took a seat next to her.

“Annabelle they informed us another flight will not be available for several hours.”

Anna nodded without turned to him.

He tried to keep his tone neutral so that she did not hear the in his voice how much pleasure her obvious distress was bringing him. He did not approve of what he considered her total disrespect for the old ways. Her kind was considered the new breed. He considered her a fool. “You must, of course, see to your needs.”

Anna’s temper flared and her eyes flashed making the smirk on his face vanish. “I do not need you to tell me what I should do.” She spat. “You would do well to remember your place.”

Baxter looked down knowing she’d been pushed too far.

“I will return shortly.” Anna said standing. A wave of dizziness hit and she almost swayed but did not. She would show no weakness. Walking out of the waiting area she walked far enough until she knew he could no longer see her then stopped. Tears threatened her eyes as she leaned against the wall. Everything was suddenly spiraling out of control and she felt helpless, a feeling she could ill afford.

She knew what she must do. As much as she hated the fact Baxter had been right. She could not lose control now. In her mind she reminded herself that what she was about to do was necessary. And she knew in her heart she would continue to do whatever was necessary not for herself but for Gerard. Her love for him gave her purpose. And knowing that right now he was in pain and longing for her gave her strength. She could not fail him.

“This is stupid.” Gerard said looking up at Mikey. “Fuck, I fell that’s all.”

Mikey shook his head, “Bro, you passed out. Shit, you scared me.”

Gerard had come off stage thinking only of Anna and wondering how long he would have to wait to see her again. Then suddenly the world had gone black. He’d awoke to find himself surrounded by EMT’s. Now it had been decided that he would be transported to the hospital and he was angry.

“I’m fine.” He said running his hand over his face trying to hide the pain. “I don’t need to go to the fuckin’ hospital.”

“Gee, you heard what they said.” Mikey’s voice shook with fear, “Man you were passed out for 10 minutes. You scared the shit out of me.”

` Gerard looked at his brother than the others who were still hovering around him. “Hey can everyone give me a little space?” He asked angrily.

“Sure, Man.” Frank smiled sadly.

Gerard sighed, “Sorry Frankie. I’m not pissed at you. I just don’t wanna go to the fuckin’ hospital.”

Frank nodded that he understood.

Suddenly Gerard saw Bob and Claire standing a short distance away. Bob’s arm was around her and he could tell she’d been crying.

“Claire?” He called out.

Slowly she walked towards him.

‘Hey, is there anyway you can get a hold of Anna? Like call her uncle’s house?” As bad as he felt he was still thinking only of Anna.

“I have already called and left a message with Jacob’s housekeeper.” Claire said softly.

“Man, don’t worry her okay?” Gerard tried to smile through the pain in his head, “I’m okay. I just want her to know that I’m thinking about her and hope to talk to her soon.”

“I know she is thinking of you also.” Claire smiled sadly. “I am sure she will call as soon as she can but I was told her flight got diverted and she has not even arrived yet.”


Claire did not want him to worry so she quickly added, “Engine trouble caused the plane to land. Now they are simply waiting for another flight.”

He nodded but the action only caused a fresh wave of pain.

Anna exited the restroom looking like a different woman. Her long hair was now down, she’d removed her jacket and undone several buttons on her blouse. As she began to walk through the terminal she saw the looks she receive from several men. God, how she hated this. She walked several minutes until she saw him. He was a young man dressed in jeans and a hoodie. She saw the desire in his eyes, she not only saw it she smelled it.

“Hey.” She smiled slipping into the chair next to him.

He smiled not believing his luck. “Hey.” He answered. “Waiting for a plane to land like me?”

“Yeah.” Anna lied. “I’m fuckin’ sick of waiting.”

He laughed, “Me too. My brothers plane was supposed to land an hour ago.”

Anna gave him a coy look, “I’d kill for a smoke.”

He sized her up again enjoying what he was seeing, “My rides out in the lot. We could go out there and smoke.” He paused, “I even got something to drink.” He was thinking this could work out great. So what if his brother’s plane landed? He could just wait a bit while he entertained this hot chick in his van.

Anna smiled, “Sounds promising.” She licked her lips, “I could definitely use a drink.”

As they left the terminal and headed out across the lot Anna let him put his arm around her shoulder mindful of the security cameras. She hated the feel of his arm on her body but she controlled the feeling. Soon another feeling would take over that she couldn’t control so it was necessary to reach his vehicle quickly.

“So what’s your name?” He asked caressing her arm.

“Lela.” She lied effortlessly. “And you?”

“Kyle.” He answered with a smile. “You know I’m glad you came along. I was tried of sitting in that fuckin’ airport.”

They reached his van and he pulled out his keys. “Uh, it’s more comfortable in back,” He said sliding the door open with a gleam in his eye.

Anna’s own eyes flashed, “Sounds good to me.” She climbed in and took a seat on the floor.

Kyle climbed in after her and slid the door shut.

Anna was on him in an instant. She had no desire to hurt him so for a few minutes she played her part. She kissed him deeply and willed herself not to cringe when he roughly grabbed her breast.

Kyle couldn’t believe this was happening. The woman was the hottest thing he’d ever seen and she was all over him. When she pulled back slightly and smiled he blinked in confusion but only for a moment.

Mikey was sitting with Gerard in the small emergency room cubical. The attending physician had just left.

“I wanna get out of here.” He said wanting a cigarette badly.

“You heard what he said. They wanna run some more tests.” Mikey said nervously. He could tell by the way the doctor had spoken they were concerned about something.

“I hit my head when I fell.” Gerard said knowing what he brother was thinking. He too felt a bit of fear but didn’t want to show it in front of his brother. “I’m not gonna have anymore tests done.”

“Gee, you need to.” Mikey began nervously but was cut off.

“I need to get the fuck out of here.” Gerard said standing. “Look, we got tomorrow nights concert then a few days off. If I need to I’ll fly back home and see my doctor.”

Mikey gave him a worried look, “Do you think that’s best?”

“Yeah, I do.” Gerard answered, “I’ll be fine.”

Anna smiled to the same airport worker she’d passed leaving the secure area twenty minutes ago. He did not question her. She saw Baxter look up and a fresh wave of hatred for the man swept through her.

He looked over at her once she’d sat down. “You look lovely.” He could see the pink tinge to her cheeks, the gleam in her eyes.

Anna refused to let him see his words angered her. “Has there been any word about our flight?”

“None.” He answered aware she was keeping her anger in check. He added lowering his voice, “Do you require anything else?”

Anna’s resolve to remain emotionless snapped. “What I require is for you to leave me the fuck alone.”

Baxter blinked in shock. From everything he had ever heard about Annabelle this language was totally out of character. “I have only your well being in mind.” He lied, “Jacob made it clear I was to see to your needs.”

Anna clinched her fists, “I have told you what I need from you and I will not say it again. Have I made myself clear?”

He realized he had overstepped his bounds. She was more powerful than he’d first thought, “Completely.”

An hour later they were allowed to board another plane.
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