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At Night

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Group for the story Trapped~ A story about Arienne Mercier, who lost her parents and is living in a old house with her little sister. The house was left to her by her auntie, and Ari thinks it's a ...

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I awoke to a disturbance, a rippling in the air... At it again...? I slid out of bed and padded to the doorway of my master bedroom, watching the threshold. Sure enough, it was him, testing the boundries of the room, waiting for the chance to get in... Too bad he wouldn't while I was here.
I am trapped, from the time the sun sets, to when it rises. I can't leave this space, for fear he would grab me at a second's chance. I don't dare leave, and he knows it. I wandered to the window, watching the sky for a moment, then turning to peer at the calender nailed next to it.
Three months... three months of never grabbing a midnight snack, or even getting up to use the bathroom... Doesn't seem like much to whine about, right? Try going without those small things for a while and get back to me.
I decided to speak up, just to see if I'd get a response.
"Y'know... one of these days, I'd really like to watch some crappy nighttime infomercials. Do you know the ones, with Billy Mayes and all that?"
No response, but I could have sworn I caught the barest hint of a smirk.
"Hey, I'm talking to you. Why do you want into my room so bad? And why are you dead-set on attacking me if I try to leave?" That should have gotten something.
It did.
"Listen, child... it has been three months on that human calender of yours. You miss these 'infomercials' and 'midnight snacks'? You... you insolent humans have intruded on my property. I intend to get it back, by any means neccesary. Simply because you have a bit of knowledge on the nature of my kind, you dare bar my access to my dwelling place?!"
Hm... when he put it like that, I guess I could understand why he'd be mad. But...
"Hey, this is my house now. I inherited it from my auntie, and now that ownership's passed to me, you don't have power anymore, at least in this room. If you think-"
I stopped dead at the sound of noisy footsteps, and my sister calling from the hallway.
"Hey, Ari... who're you talking to?" Honor appeared, standing barely a foot away from something that no one else could see...
"No one... go back to bed. Now, kid, I'm not joking." I was way too nervous seeing them so close. She yawned again and shrugged, mumbling a quick "whatever" and tramping back downstairs to her room. I sighed and stared at him again, watching carefully.
"You're worried that I might attack your little sister? Honestly, that little whelp means nothing to me. It's you I have the problem with." He lifted a hand to the open doorway, and stopped just before crossing the threshold. With a small push, he once again tried testing the strength of the invisible barrier that separated us. Another... disturbance. I really can't find another way to explain it. This one was barely perceptible. As if he wasn't seriously trying.
I sighed again and started back to my bed, flopping down and closing my eyes. I could barely hear breathing and something moving... I put it out of my mind and drifted off to sleep...
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