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Step Three-Forget About Lying

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Step Three- Forget About Lying

I was beyond worried about Gerard knowing if he did not get better, he would leave this asylum. It was breaking my heart seeing him like this I wish he could just see how beautiful he really is. I deiced to go out onto the sundeck to get away from my room; I headed out of my room. As I was walking towards the sundeck, I saw a lot of nurses and Gerard’s doctor running towards down the hallway.

My heart stop I froze Gerard’s room was down that way, I ran towards his room. When I got there I saw the doctors in his room, I push my way in. I saw Gerard laying on his bed not moving or breathing, I froze.

“Frank you need to leave, “His doctor said.

“Is he dead, “I ask in fear.

“His not breathing, we’re sending him to the hospital, “The doctor said.

I look at Gerard there was a mask on him trying to help him breathe; I could feel the tears going down my face. I knew something was going to happen I could tell by the way he acted yesterday that something was not right. Just then the paramedics came rushing in, the doctor drag me outside of his room.

“Please let me go with him, “I said while crying.

“Normally I would have said no, but this time I will let you go, “The doctor said.

The paramedics put him on a stretcher and started pushing him out of his room. I followed with him I was not planning on leaving his sit. The paramedics let me ride with him so we all go in the ambulance and headed towards to the hospital. He look so pale looking he look as if he was dead, I grab his hand not caring if anyone saw.

“Please do not leave me, you cannot leave me, “I sob out.

I kept thinking he would wake up any minute he would open his hazel eyes that I love so much but his eyes never open. He could not leave me here all alone I would never get a chance to tell him I love him. I never thought I would fall in love but I did and now I may never get that chance to tell him how I really feel.

“You cannot leave me, do not leave me, “I cried while holding his hand. He never moved I kept on crying I did not won’t him to die I could not go on getting better if he did. I kept holding his hand hoping he would make it. The paramedics kept trying to make him breathe again but noting was working, I heard a flat line I look up to the heart monitor to see his heart was no longer beating.

“We’re losing him, “One of the paramedics called out.

“His crashing, “The paramedic said.

“Do not leave me please; I love you, “I cried out. I look at the heart monitor to see his heart was still not beating.

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