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Chapter 14

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After talking with Ray and Frank, the doctor tells them how Gerard is doing. Mikey goes to visit him.

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Ray and Frank stared at Mikey. They couldn't believe what they had just heard. They tried to keep it together when Mikey took another breath. He had something else to say.

"The part that scares me is that I don't regret it. If I said that I was sorry, then I would be telling a lie. When he was here...I'd never felt emptier inside, and now that we're all safe from him, I feel satisfied." Mikey said. Just by looking at him, Ray and Frank could tell that what he said was the truth, but they could also tell that he was scared. "Guys...Please, don't look at me like I'm a monster..." Mikey whimpered. He started to cry again.

"Never, Mikey. We're going to be here for you, no matter what." Ray said as he sat beside Mikey. He pulled Mikey into a hug. Frank sat on the other side of Mikey and rubbed his back.

"Gee's going to be okay, too." Frank said.

Mikey sobbed harder at the mention of his brother.

"Hey, Gerard needs you to be strong right now. Then, when he's all better, me, him, and Ray will all help you. Alicia will be there, too." Frank said, attempting to calm Mikey down. Mikey nodded and took deep breaths.

After a few moments of silence, other than Mikey sniffling, a doctor approached the three.

"Are you all here for Gerard?" The doctor asked. They all nodded. "Gerard was stabbed deeply...We managed to clean out the wound and wrap it up, but he'll have to be here for a little while. Also, he's been slipping in and out of consciousness, but soon enough, he'll be able to stay conscious. His body is just very stressed right now. He needs to take it east right now, though I'll allow immediate family to see him at this time."

Mikey got up and followed to doctor to Gerard's room. When he arrived, the first couple steps into the room were the hardest. As he got closer to the bed, he saw Gerard looking back at him. Mikey sat on the chair beside Gerard's bed.

"How are you feeling?" Mikey asked, observing his brother. Gerard looked exhausted and still a bit more pale than usual.

"I could be better," Gerard said with a slight chuckle, then wincing in pain after. "Though all things considered, I suppose I'm good."

"Are you sure?" Mikey asked. Gerard nodded, but when he tried to move, his actions contradicted that. He groaned in pain and shut his eyes. Mikey moved and carefully helped Gerard into a more comfortable position. "How's that?"

"Better, thanks." Gerard smiled. Suddenly, his smile turned into a frown.

"What's wrong, Gee?"

"It's just...Where's out grandfather? He gets to get away with this."

"That's not true..." Mikey said, fear pulsing through his body again. It had just dawned on him that he would have to tell Gerard about what he had done to their grandfather.

"Why, Mikey? What happened to him?" Gerard asked, sensing the change in Mikey's demeanour.

"Gee, you need to promise me that you won't hate me, or think that I'm a monster after what I'm about to tell you."

"I promise."

"I've done something really, really bad..." Mikey started. He could feel himself getting choked up again.

"Mikey, I'll love you no matter what. What did you do?"

"I put our grandfather in the morgue. He won't hurt you anymore..." Mikey responded.

"You're telling me that you killed him? Why the hell would you do that?!"
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