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The Rick To His Pete

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What happens when a girl comes between the magic we call Peterick? Oneshot

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The music flowed out of the speakers as Pete leaned against the wall watching every guy in the room talking to her.

“Why are all those guys talking to Patrick’s girlfriend?” Ashlee said as she handed her husband a drink.

“Well she and Patrick just broke up. Look at her she’s already on the prowl.”

“Well how’s Patrick taking it?”

“Are you kidding? Patrick is Patrick. You can’t keep Patrick down.” Pete looked down at his feet and sighed. “Get up Patrick.” He said to his best friend who was lying on the ground sadder than a lost puppy.

“She dumped me. She dumped me good and I didn’t even see it coming.” He said as he shook his head.

“Look what she did to my boy.” Pete said as he kneeled and rubbed Patrick’s shoulder.

“Patrick, if it’s any consolation I think you could do a lot better than her.” Ashlee said as she kneeled on the other side of him.

“Think so?” Patrick said glumly.

“Uhh wait a minute Ash have you looked at her?” Pete said as he motioned his hand towards Patrick’s ex.

As much as Ashlee didn’t want to admit Jade was gorgeous. Long blonde hair perfect skin chocolate brown eyes silky smooth skin and a prefect body.

“Okay so what? She’s blonde. She’s pretty. She’s tall…aw fuck it I’d go out with her.”

“Alright listen man I didn’t want to tell you this while you were going out with her but if you ask me Jade Bassett is one stuck up conceded girl.”

“You think so?”

“Oh yeah! Her nose is way up in the air and frankly Patrick I’m not so sure if it’s her real nose.” Shit. Pete thought to himself. Who am I to talk? Pete said as he quickly glanced at Ashlee.

Patrick gasped. “You mean?” Patrick said as he looked over at Jade.

“Plastic! Just like her personality so you’re really not missing out on anything so get up and be Patrick!” He said as he patted his best friend on the back and helped him up.

“Yeah. You’re right.” Patrick said as his confidence boosted back up.

Suddenly Patrick found himself walking over to Jade and Pete’s heart jumped up to his chest.

Patrick tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around surprised seeing him.

“You know what I think Jade? I think you’re conceded.” Hurt and sadness came to Jade’s face. “Yeah that’s right conceded and stuck up and something about your nose!” Patrick yelled as he waved his finger in her face.

“What about my nose?!” She said as she covered her nose.


“Who said something about my nose?!”

“Ummm” Patrick said nervously as he turned around to his best friend for back up. Jade who isn’t is stupid as she looks caught on and crossed her arms waiting for answer.
Pete’s mouth went dry as he kept opening and closing his mouth trying to think of something to tell Jade.


Patrick swore underneath his breath and turned back to Jade.

“So it was your best friend Peter who made you say these bad bad things. Hm?” She said in a seductive tone.

“Psh. Like I’d ever tell you.” Patrick said as he rolled his eyes.

And with that Jade grabbed Patrick’s face and kissed him passionately.

“Pete. Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the 3rd. Son of Dale and Peter, grandson of Peter senior and Nana.” Patrick said quickly.

“How could you sell out my nana!?!”

“Y’know Patty I’ve been thinking. Maybe there still could be something between us.” She said as she played with the buttons on Patrick’s shirt and pushed him against the wall and kissed him hotly shoving her tongue in his mouth.

“I’d be willing to give it another try.”

“Good.” She said as she patted him on the head.

“Long as you’re not mad at Pete.”

“Of course not Patrick. He’s your best friend. How could I come between you and your bestfriend?” She said as she and Patrick walked out of the club hand and hand.

As Patrick and Jade walked by Pete and Ashlee Jade gave Pete the most horrifying look a man could ever receive.

“D-d-did you see that?” Pete asked turning to his wife.

“Yeah I saw that.”

“Well what do you think it means?”

“Nothing good for you.” Ashlee said frankly.

The next day Pete went over to Patrick’s house to see how he was.

“Hey Trick.” Pete said as he walked in and made himself comfortable.

“Hey Pete.” Patrick said as he handed Pete a can of coke and sat next to him at his kitchen table.

“Patrick can I ask you something?”

“Sure Pete go for it.”

“What does it mean when a girl gives you the same look Freddy gives people before he chops them up into millions of pieces?”

“Pete come on she was just being playful.”

“Playful like spider when it catches a fly and sucks out its head meat?” He said sarcastically.

“She was upset. Y’know? I mean after all those terrible things you said about her.”

“Patrick I said them to you! To make my best friend feel better about getting dumped.”

“I don’t think that’s wise.”

“Well maybe I’m not wise but anything that Jade or should say Buffy the Wentz slayer is a stuck up manipulative cold blooded-“

“Shut the fuck up.” Patrick mimed.

“Oh she’s right behind me anticipating my head meat isn’t she?”

“Hello Pete.”

“Hello there Jade.”

Jade rolled her eyes at Pete and walked over to Patrick and took him in the living room

“You and I have been working so hard to make this relationship work but there are some people who only want to tear us apart so I don’t think we should allow such negative influences in our lives. Do you?”

“Well now Jade I’m not so sure I see it that way.”

She raised her eyebrow at Patrick and smiled seductively at him right before she devoured his lips and nibbled on his ear lobe making Patrick moan giving Jade the satisfaction.

“Wow, suddenly everything is so clear.”

“So you see my point?”

“Yes you’re a really good debater.

“So Patty if you wanna be my boyfriend I think you should tell Pete you can’t see him anymore.”

“But we’ve best friends our whole lives were in a band together! I mean how could I say Pete your outta my life?”

Jade stared at Patrick with lust in her eyes.

“Yay more kisses.” Patrick said as their lips touched again.

“Do I need to convince you more?” She whispered in his ear.

He shook his head. “Pete can you come here for a sec?!” Patrick shouted from his living room.

“Oh, maybe this is good news.” Pete said to himself as he walked in the living room to find Patrick and Jade all over eachother.

The next day

“Pete get out of bed.” Ashlee said as she opened the blinds and picked up her husband’s laundry throughout the bedroom.

“He dumped me. He dumped me good and I thought oh maybe this is good news.”

“Don’t worry honey Patrick will come over he just said that to get Jade out of his hair.”

Pete pouted. He really couldn’t imagine life without Patrick. He was the star to his burst the milk to his dud the Rick to his Pete. There’s no way he could go on.

“Honey don’t be so sad.” Ashlee said as she sat on the bed with Pete and ran her fingers through his hair. “I have good news.”

Pete’s face lit up. Patrick finally dumped her and he’s coming over.

“Joe and Andy are coming over.”

Pete went back to pouting and crawled back into bed.

“Pete don’t be like that!”

“I love Joe and Andy I really do but I-jus-it’s. I can’t explain what Patrick and I have it’s not the same with them.”

“Well I’m hurt.” Joe said as he set his keys down.

“Since this is an emergency we let ourselves in.” Andy said to Ashlee.

Suddenly Pete’s phone began to rang it was private so he gave it to Joe.

“Talk to me.”

“No. No Dete here.”

“I’m sorry buddy you have the wrong number.”

“Gimme that!!” Pete yelled as he yanked the phone from Joe.


“Call me Datrick!!” He whispered. “I’m with her we have to talk in code.”

“This is ridiculous! You can’t let some girl come between us!”

Patrick’s line was silent.

“Tricky you there??”
“Yeah yeah I’m here. Just listening to the sound of your voice.” Patrick said quietly.

“I gotta see you.”

“No. No we both know that’s impossible.”

“Because of her. You’re gonna let her stand between what we have?! Patrick if you’re not coming to see me I’m coming over there to see you!”

“NO! No don’t come here!”

“I will not be ignored.” Pete said sternly.

“Okay I’ll see you but just this once.”

“That’s all I’m asking for.”

“The library tomorrow 8 o’clock.”
“Why there?”

“She’ll never think of the library.”

“You’re so smart. The library it is.”

Just as Pete was about to hang up the phone he put it back to his ear but the other line was silent.

Pete felt better but the fact that he and Patrick had to make secret meetings upset him. The fact that Patrick let her do this upset him but Patrick was happy without Pete and Patrick is his best friend and he wanted him to be happy.

Pete stared at his phone as he sighed. He looked up at his wife and bandmates who all looked slightly disturbed.

“Pete is there anything I should be worried about?” Ashlee said as she took his hand.

“Yeah like you leaving her for Patrick?” Joe asked.

Pete shook his head and went on with his day.

The next morning Pete had a little pep in his step. It had been a whole week without seeing Patrick and today he’s finally going to see him.

Patrick was excited as well he thought of all the things he and his best friend could talk about or not talk about long as Pete was there Patrick was happy so Patrick sat in the library as he waited patiently for his best friend with his favorite snack: a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a red ‘P’ on it.


“Jade! Uh um hi how ya doing??” Patrick said nervously.

“I’ve been looking for you. What are you doing here?”

“Oh me I’m just catching up on some reading.” He said as he felt himself starting to sweat.

“See?! Now that you don’t waste all your time with Pete your putting your free time to better use.” She said as she sat down with Patrick.

Patrick nodded and smiled nervously at his girlfriend.

“Who’s the cupcake for?”

“W-what? Oh this one right here?” He said as he looked down at the cupcake.

“Yeah the one with the P on it.”

“Right right uh yeah the P it stands for pretty which is my new nickname for you so it’s for you!” He said as he handed the cupcake to Jade.

“Aww Patty you’re so sweet!” She said as she pecked him on the cheek and took a bite of Pete’s cupcake.

Just then Ashlee walked up to Patrick’s table and coughed to get his attention.

“Oh! Hey Ashlee you’ve met Jade before.”

“Hi.” She and Jade said at once and gave each other fake smiles.

“Listen Patrick I was over at the classics section and there’s something you’re really interested in. Classics as in old favorites. So you should check it out.”

“Oh okay well thanks Ashlee.” Patrick said as he walked near the classics section.

“Patrick!” Pete whispered as he hid behind the bookshelves.

“Pete?” Patrick whispered back.

“No it’s the audiobooks section you dumb ass of course it’s me!” Pete said as he moved some books out of his way.

“Hey.” Patrick said as he smiled.

“Hey, I was hoping you’d come alone.”

“I tried but you know who tracked me down. I think she suspects.” Patrick whispered.

“Listen I understand she’s important to you.”

“We both knew this would happen eventually.”

“Getting older.”

“Meeting girls.”

“Having relationships with those girls.”

“Which means there’s less time for best fr-

“Friends to spend time together.” Pete said as he finished Patrick’s sentence.

“It’s only natural.”

“Of course…so that cupcake was for me right?” Pete said as a smile crept up on his face.

“Pete.” Patrick said as he felt his cheeks go warm.

“I knew it.” Pete said as he chuckled. “We gotta meet.” Pete said as he felt as he lifted a 300 pound weight off his shoulders.


Pete pondered on the thought. “Paris!” Pete yelled in a hushed tone.

“That’s the 1st place she’d look.”

“If not Paris then where?”

“Somewhere no woman would go.”

“Joe’s pants!” Pete shouted as Patrick started to laugh.

“No no no like a sports bar or a strip joint something stupid like that.”

“You dog you.”

“Pete come on I’m being serious.”

“Alright fine we just have to find spare time to sneak off and talk about sports and stuff.”

“That’s no life.”

“I know but it’s all we have left.” Pete said as he put his hand to Patrick.

Just as Patrick was about to shake it Jade crept up behind him.

“Patrick? You’ve been over here a long time. He’s here isn’t he?” Jade said as she looked around the room.

“He? Who is this he you speak of?” Patrick said as Pete hid behind and ran out of the library.

Jade looked around the library and no sign of Pete.

“See I told ya.” Patrick said as he sighed.

“Fine. Come one Patty let’s go home and watch The Office.” She said as she and Patrick left together.

“But I watch The Office with him.” Pete said as he sat alone in the library.

The next day Pete was fed up and so was Patrick so they decided Jade or no Jade they’re going to meet so Pete promised his best friend a nice dinner.

“Pete take rest you’ve been at it all day!” Ashlee said as she put Bronx in his play pen.

“It’s 7:02! He said 6:30 sharp! Where is he??”

“Don’t worry Petey he’ll show up.” Ashlee said as she rubbed his shoulders.

Just then the phone began to rang.

“See?” Ashlee said as she handed Pete his phone.

Pete looked at his Blackberry in disgust.

“Aren’t you gonna answer?”

“Let him worry for a change!” Pete said as he slammed the phone down on the table. Pete stared at the phone and stared and stared. “Oh who am I kidding??” Pete said as he picked up his phone.

“Hello.” Pete said calmly.

“I can’t make it.” Patrick said quietly.

“I see.”

“Is that okay?”

"Well if you’re asking me if I’m hurt“ I’m not hurt“.”

“It’s just Jade invited me to a country club to play tennis.”

“You hate tennis and you just couldn’t tell her you’re having dinner with me?”

“Pete. She found all the Betty Crocker recipets.”

“I told you to burn those!!”

“I couldn’t and now she won’t let me out of her sight.”

“Patty our court’s open!” Pete heard in the back ground.

“I gotta go. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too but I’m not hurt .” Pete said emphasizing on the word‘hurt’.

Pete hung up the phone and guess what? He was hurt. Patrick held the phone to his ear hoping his best friend was still there but he was not Patrick also felt hurt.

“Pete honey you’re a wreck!” Ashlee said as she hugged him.

“Don’t cha understand Ashlee? Patrick doesn’t need me anymore. He has Jade.”

“Pete when you and I first started going out I never kept you from seeing Patrick because I understand that something about a best friend no one can replace.”

“You understand?”
“Of course. Why would I help you cook a meal that I’m not going to eat?”

“Because you’re a sweet girl.”

“And Patrick deserves a sweet girl too. A girl that understands is apart of who you are and if she doesn’t except your best friend she’s really not excepting you.”

“Yeah you’re right. So what do I do?”

Suddenly a plan hatched in Ashlee’s mind.

“I think you should forget about dinner here clean up the kitchen call the nanny and go to the diner in an hour.”

Meanwhile at the country club Patrick got a call from the last person he would expect to call him. Ashlee.


“Patrick I need you to go to the diner in an hour.”

“Okay but why?”

The line went dead.


Patrick didn’t need to be told twice he hurried his pale ass over the diner.
He walked into the diner to find Ashlee sitting on the table.

“You wanted to see me?” He said as he sat down.

“No but he does.” Ashlee said as she turned around and Pete shyly walked over to the table.
Pete and Patrick stared at each other what felt like hours to them but was only a few minutes in reality.

“Well I know you two don’t see each other very often anymore so I’m heading out.” Ashlee said as she kissed Pete on the cheek and left.

“Awesome wife.” Patrick said to Pete.

“I’ve always thought so.”

“So…” Patrick’s eyes wandered to the back of the restaurant and he spotted the pool table. “Wanna shoot some pool?”

“I’ll rack.” Pete said as he smiled.

“I’ll break.” Patrick said as he walked over the pool table with Pete.

“Y’know Trick we used to play a game of pool without the wicked witch of the east breathing down our backs. Not that I’m saying your girlfriend is a wicked witch or anything.” Pete said as he racked up the balls.

“No, no of course not.” Patrick said quietly. As he rubbed chalk on the pool stick.
“Look Trick if you’re going with this girl there’s got be something real nice about her and I just want you to be happy.”

“Thanks.” Patrick said as he nodded. “It’s just really hard to take you seriously with chalk on your nose.” Patrick said as he chuckeld as Pete tried to take off the chalk.

“Did I get it?” Pete said as he kept rubbing his nose.

“No let me.” Patrick said as he lightly rubbed the chalk off of Pete’s nose.

Suddenly Patrick heard a gasp and Pete screamed. He turned around quickly to find Jade.

“AHH!” Patrick screamed. He was caught red handed. In this case blue handed.

“Patrick how could you do this to me?!”

“This isn’t Pete! Uh um this is I can explain!” Jade crossed her arms and glared at the two boys. “How did you know I was here?!”

“I got an anonymous text on my cell.”

“But from who? I mean the only person who knew we were here was….ASHLEE!” Pete said as he and Patrick gasped.

Ashlee walked to the into the restaurant and stood next to Jade.

“Yes. It was I who sent the text.”

“But why??” Pete asked as he shook his hands at her.

“It’s time she knew.” Ashlee turned to Jade. “Jade Pete and Patrick have kept their relationship alive despite your evil attempt to keep them apart!”

Jade turned to Patrick. “So even though you swore you wouldn’t you’ve been sneaking behind my back to see him!”

“Yeah I have.” Patrick said quietly.

“I don’t have time for this Patrick. I’m giving you an ultimatum. Either it’s him or it’s” She stopped as she grabbed Patrick and kissed him sweetly. “Me.”

Patrick sat there his lips feeling amazing. He turned towards Pete. “Okay what do you got?”

“I can’t top that.” Pete said with sadness in his voice. Just as Pete reached his hand out for the door Patrick grabbed his arm.

“Wait.” Patrick said as he faced Jade once again. “Listen here Pete’s my friend. He’s my BEST friend and if you can’t be friends with him then I want nothing to do with you!” Patrick paused. “But we could still ya know.” Patrick said as he smiled.

“Consider yourself dumped Patrick Stump.”

Patrick shrugged.

“Did you hear me? I said your dumped!”

“It doesn’t bother me this time. I’ve finally realized that I’m getting more than I’m losing. Bitch.” Patrick said as he put his arms around Pete and Ashlee.

“HA! FUCK YOU BITCH HE’S MINE! Pete said as he gave Jade the finger.

Patrick started to laugh.

“You see guys?! Things are finally back to normal no more sneaking around , no more lies, no more secrets.”

“Yeah. Now we can do whatever the fuck we wanna do whenever we wanna do it.” Patrick said as he hugged his best friend.

“So…” Pete said as he chuckled. “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. What do you wanna do?”

Pete shrugged. “See you around I guess.” Pete said as he smiled.

“Yeah. I’ll see ya.” Patrick said as he smiled back.

The two boys went their separate ways as Ashlee sat there confused.

“All of that for nothing!” Ashlee said as she walked out and laughed to herself.

Okaayy! That's all folks! Hoped you all liked this leave reviews and such. Oh and give it up for Boy Meets World that's where I got the idea for this. XD
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