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Fate Across Time

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What if Shirou can travel to Saber's time and bring her to his world? Will there be a happy ending for the two of them or another heart breaking story?

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The man was holding an angelic girl in his arms, he looked at her serene face and noticed a slight smile on her lips. That little girl was now resting. After few seconds he heard footsteps that was walking towards him, even if he didn't look at that person, he knew that it was her. The girl started talking, still he did not look at her but he listened intently to what she was saying.

"I will destroy the Holy Grail."

He looked down to the ground as if he was thinking, he knew that she would leave him any minute from now on. The girl continued to walk but stopped upon seeing the tainted Holy Grail.

"Master, give the order. Without your command I cannot destroy it," the woman paused for a while, then she continued, "You'll have to use your last command seal."

Shirou held Ilya tighter as he gritted his teeth.

I don't want to let her go.

Tears almost fell down to his cheeks as he thought of living a life without the girl he loved the most. Saber turned to him and smiled like an angel who was making her master comfortable.

"Shirou I want to hear you say it on your own words," she said with a smile on her lips.

After he heard her, Shirou closed his eyes and thought of how they met. Back then they were on the stock room, he could never forget that moment when he first saw her. He was lying on the ground and she was looking at him directly to his eyes. When he saw her, he forgot everything about Lancer because he was mesmerized by her beauty.

I ..

I have loved you Saber...

Then he remembered Saber eating foods that Sakura cooked and asking for more rice. She was still beautiful no matter what she does. He also remembered their date, when she accidentally destroyed one of the clothes that they were looking at and when they drank tea together on one restaurant.

I wanna make you the happiest you can be...

I wanna be with you forever...


If I really love you and I truth is, I can't do that...

He remembered how she fought with Berserker and how she was badly wounded. But despite of her wounds she still managed to fight the strongest servant with all her might.

The Saber I fell inlove with is someone who goes on fight regardless of how wounded she may be...

And so her pride is the one thing...

That I must never harm...


He opened his eyes and looked at Saber who was standing infront of him.

"Fulfill your duty,"Shirou said while still staring at the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Saber's Excalibur glowed and shone like the sun in the middle of the night. She closed her eyes and concentrated, then after few minutes, she gathered her strength and used her noble phantasm to destroy the Holy Grail. The explosion made Saber's blue ribbon flew away and her shoulder length hair swayed with the breeze.

All of a sudden the view changed into a beautiful field. Saber was facing the sunset and Shirou was looking at her.

This is the moment that I'm scared of...

The moment when Ihave to let her go...

Shirou felt that his last command seal was vanishing. He closed his eyes and hoped for a miracle to happen, he wished that she could stay with him forever but he knew that no miracle could help him.

"It's all over now, isn't it?" Saber asked while her beautiful blond hair was being blown by the wind.

"Yeah, this is the end," Shirou calmly answered while he was still looking at her.

"As your sword, Ihave slain your enemies and protected you at every term, I am glad I was able to carry out that oath."

"And as my sword, you were amazing."

The two of them were silent for a while, and then Saber started saying the thing she longed to tell him.

"There's something I must tell you before I go..."

Saber turned to Shirou while her eyes were still closed. The wind was blowing her hair which made her even more beautiful, slowly she started talking, "Shirou, I love you."

Before Saber was able to finish what she was saying, she opened her eyes and looked at the person who taught her how it feels to love to and be loved. She smiled at him for the last time as if she was saying goodbye.

The sunset shone to Saber so brightly that Shirou closed his eyes and when he opened it, she was no longer there. He looked at the sunset with a smile on his lips as he softly said, "Of course, that's just like you."

He stared at the sunset like it was the most beautiful sunset he has ever seen. Moments of silent passed, he did not move or even made a sound, he simply closed his eyes and imagined the face of the girl who made him feel alive, the girl whose smile could take his breath away, and the only girl that he loved.


The next morning was a simple day, Sakura woke him up because he over slept again while wearing his working clothes and when he came out Fujimura was riding a motor cycle with Ilya. They turned the bike at Shirou and hit him, but he was not badly wounded because he was able to catch the bike. The four of them ate breakfast together, Fujimura and Ilya were fighting in the dining table. When Sakura brought out the foods, the first thing that Shirou saw was the tofu.

"She said she really liked it last time," Sakura said while she was putting the tofu to the table.

Shirou smiled and looked at the tofu as if he was remembering how Saber said it was delicious.


Shirou was walking his way to the school when he saw Rin at the other side of the rode, she was smiling at him. Together they walked their way to the school, they discussed things about the last Holy Grail War, then all of a sudden, Rin stopped walking and looked at him.

"Why?" he asked.

"Nothing, I just thought you'd be a lot more depress," Rin answered with a smile on her lips.

"And if I were depress would you let me cry on your shoulder?" Shirou laughed a little as he asked Rin.

Rin smirked, "Yeah right, I would just kick in your butt and tell you to snap out of it."

Shirou did not restrain himself from laughing that time.

"Hey what's so funny?" Rin asked while she raised her left eye brow.

"Hey, how was it? I don't have any regrets," Shirou said while staring at Tohsaka directly to her eyes.

"So then I guess you made your peace with it."

"Yeah, I'm sure her memory may start to fade one day and I might start to forget things like her voice, her mannerisms. But I will never forget that I was once inloved with agirl named Saber."

Rin was looking at Shirou, then all of a sudden, he turned around and started running.

"Hey, S-Shirou?"

Shirou did not look back, he just continued running.

"Go on without me,"he said to her while waving his right hand.


Shirou went to the bridge where he and Saber had their argument. He stared at the sky and saw birds flying around. A strong wind blew.

She feels so close but when I reach out my hand...

She's not there...

But still..

Even if I can't reach her, a part of her will always be in my heart...

For a brief moment, we breathed on the same air and looked up at the same sky...

If we can remember that, then we will always be with each other no matter how far apart we are...

For now, I will keep on running, if I set my goals way out there, then someday I will be able to reach out and touch what I've been chasing after...

A strong breeze made Shirou feel the cold. He closed his eyes for a moment and when he turned at his back, he saw the girl whom he thought that he had lost forever.

Tears started falling down to his cheeks, he never thought that it could happen. That he could be with her again, he thought that he lost her when he let her go.

The girl smiled at him, and then she slowly walked towards him. Shirou couldn't believe it, it was a dream come true!

Without hesitation he grabbed her hand and hugged her, tears continued to fall as he said, "Saber!I'm glad to see you again. I can't believe this, are you really here? Is that really you Saber? Or this is just a dream?"

The girl pushed him away and answered, "Shirou, I am not Saber."


"And if you don't take your hands off me I will punch you!"

But Shirou didn't let Saber go, he hugged her even tighter.

The next thing he knew, this girl punched him so hard that he flew away.


A dream? But if it is really a dream why do I feel real pain?

He opened his eyes and slowly scratched his head. He looked at his surroundings and he found out that he was in his room. But even if it was just a dream, why can he still feel the pain in his right cheek where Saber punched him?

He looked up and saw the ferocious tiger who was looking at him with flames in her eyes.

"Shirou! I told you that I will punch you if you don't take your hands off me!" Fujimura said with her forefinger pointing at him.


He looked at the tiger who wanted to kill him for hugging her.

One year had passed after the 5th Holy Grail war ended. Everything went back to normal. There was no more shedding of blood, no more dying and no more betrayal. The war left nothing, not a trace of destruction, nor a trace of blood. It seems to me like it was just a dream. A dream where I have to fight for what I believe in. In that dream, everytime I fall there was someone who was willing to help me stand up again.

The servants went back to where they belong. The masters? Well, we went back to our old life. We went back to school and study as we usually do.

Well actually, the war left something to me. It left a scar in my heart. However, it aches no more. That scar reminds me of the most important person to me. Yes, I guess I'm still not over her. I can never forget the way she looked at me, the way she smiled, and the way she loved me. How can I forget the last words she said to me?

" Shirou, I love you"

That scar, it still longs to be with her. It still longs to see the very first girl that Ihave ever loved. And that girl is Saber.

/ /

/To be continued.../

/ /

/Author's note/:This story is made because of my frustration in Fate Stay Night's ending, being a girl, I am indeed a hopelessly romantic person. If you give me achance, and you continue reading this, I promise to take you to another world, where you can read your desired ending of Fate Stay Night.

There are some facts about this story that I want you to know before you precede reading:

The story is based on Fate Stay Night anime series and not on the visual game.

This story is AU, I might not be able to stick with the world created by type-moon because I haven't play any of the FSN games but I'm reading Wikipedia for FSN so I can say that this world may not be that different from type-moon's creation.

Some characters might be a little OOC because there are times that I portray characters the way I see them.

If you continue reading this story after knowing these facts, then I am very thankful, I do hope that you will enjoy this new adventure of Shirou as he travels back to Saber's Time(before she died) and bring her back to his world so that there will be a happy ending for the two lovers.

Reviews are very much appreciated. J

P.S. I would like to thank hignum, xsecretx and "obliviusoctavius":, they are the three people who was reading the story from the beginning. Thank you all so much for making reviews. J

Disclaimer: Ido not own Fate Stay Night and all of its character. But I do own his story and the new characters.

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