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Front-Page News

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Someone's in the living room but who?

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"ROXY!" A loud, male voice called from the living room "I know you're here because I heard you! Just come out!"
I was screwed. Mum wasn't going to be home for two hours and even if I tried to run upstairs, he'd hear and just run after me.
"Who are you?" I called, trying to sound brave but failing.
"Come into the living room and find out." Came the reply.
I walked slowly down the corridor. I heard him laugh as I got closer. I put my hand on the handle and turned.

FOBGeek - Roxy? Hello?
FOBGeek - Dude, are you there!?
FOBGeek - It's 3.15PM, shouldn't you be on the tourbus?
FOBGeek - Man, you're scaring me. What's happening?
FOBGeek - Forget it man, I know what I've gotta do.

Bob was sitting on my sofa, smirking at me when I walked in. "Oh." I said, surprised more than anything "Hi."
"Hi?" He snorted "All you can think of to say to the greatest hacker ever, is 'hi'?"
"Fine. I've got something to say." I edged closer to him "What's your problem? What did I ever do to you?"
"Oh, you didn't do anything." He smiled, getting off the sofa "Which made it so much more fun."
"I don't get it."
"Then let me finish." Bob got closer, as I edged further away this time "You think you're so special but you're not the first MCR fan I've hacked."
"I said let me finish! Before I was in the band, I used to hack people's computers all the time... And I'm good at it. Then they asked me to join the band and to be honest, I've always hated friggin' My Chemical Romance. So I decided to join... And I thought I'd make their fans pay."
"But pay for what?"
"Liking My Chemical Romance."
"You're not making a lot of sense."
"It doesn't matter." Bob's smirk grew bigger "I don't see why I bother explaining this to each fan I hack... They don't live to tell it to anyone else."
But I refused to let him kill me. I kicked him hard between the legs and ran for my key. But he grabbed my leg and I fell to the floor, bringing the key rack with me.
"Don't even try to run, you little fucker." Bob started dragging my closer as I started looking for something to grab hold of.
I heard a loud crash and bang from the hallway. "ROXY!" An unfamiliar voice called. Male but young at the same time, around my age.
A guy with shoulder length black hair ran into my living room, he looked a lot like Gerard Way but younger. Much younger.
"Who are you?" Bob and me cried at the same time.
"No time!" The strange yet attractive boy cried.
Bob stood up, ready to deal with the intruder. But Stranger punched him in the face and then kicked him between the legs, harder than I had. Bob fell to the ground and Stranger grabbed my hand. I gripped my key but realised I didn't need it because to get in, Stranger had ripped my door of the hinges.
"Who are you?" I managed to gasp as we ran down the road.
"No time to explain." He gabbled "Just direct us to the MCR bus, I'm sure the others will want to know about this."
I ran with him all the way to the Tour Bus. Frank and Gerard were standing outside smoking.
"Hey!" Frank called, looking concerned "You guys alright?"
I didn't say anything, just gave Frank a huge hug. Stranger Boy supplied my answer "We need to talk to you about MCRBoy."
"What if he gets here though?" I asked Stranger.
"He won't, I slashed the tires of the car he was using." Stranger smiled "Come on."
Gerard and Frank invited us onto the bus and sat us down "So, what is it?" Gerard asked.
"Bob is MCRBoy!" Stranger told them the entire story.
"Why would he do that?" Frank asked.
"He hates MCR." I managed to say "He said he wanted the fans to pay just for being MCR Fans."
"Well, well, well..." The door locked shut "Now we know the answer, but what's facts going to do for you now?"
We all turned towards the door. Bob was standing before us with a gun.
"You remember the protest against the Daily Mail ages ago?" Bob asked "About that girl who commited suicide because of MCR, supposedly. Well... That wasn't suicide you see..."
I gasped, realising what he was getting at.
"And now for the greatest story of all." Bob smirked "All of My Chemical Romance dead, except Bob Bryar who witnessed the whole thing. Front page news or what?"
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