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where did it all go wrong

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Pete and Patrick are having trouble, does it end well, or worse than imaginable

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"Get off me" Pete spat the words into my face and I staggered back as though he had hit me. Already I could feel the stinging in the corner of my eyes, because I knew what was about to happen, it had happened to me so many times before. With girls and boys, No-one ever wanted to stay with me after we'd had sex. That's all they used me for. Well this was the last time I was going to stand for it. I pushed Pete's arm away and turned. " Pete I don't give a shit what you think, you cant just use me ok" I hoped he didn't hear my voice break at the end, this was me trying to be tough. This was me trying to stand up against someone who was hurting me, both physically and emotionally.
I had been in love with Pete from the moment i had first spotted him playing football on my first day at high school. I was the dorky comic book, band geek nerd type. He was the gorgeous jock type, the one that could get any girl in the school. He had gorgeous black hair that fell slightly over one eye, his smile would make any girl (and boy) stop in their tracks and his laugh, well his laugh was beautiful. Not only was Pete in the high school football team but he played in a band too. I had been to see the band so many times just so that he could sit there and watch Pete play bass, and after a while I realised that when the spotlight shone on him, he shone like an angel. I was in love with Pete, there was no doubt about it. Because Pete was perfect, and Pete had been mine, for that whole night.
I shook myself and tried to stop remembering Pete like that, I had to forget about him now. I heard him shouting after me as I walked away towards my car. Ha serves him right. I reached my car and fished the keys out of my pocket. I shoved the key in the lock and turned it hearing the car lock click I pulled my key back out maybe a little too violently as I hit the car next to me. Whoops. I flung the door open and dropped myself into the drivers seat hoping that the tears would stay away until I managed to get home. I reversed slowly out of the parking space. And stopped to give Pete the finger as I drove past him. I got to the school entrance and with one last look over my shoulder drove out. Probably seeing my school for the very last time. The drive home for me took around 20 minutes and by the time I had slammed shut my car door I was already in tears. They clung to my eyelashes and dribbled slowly down my nose. At least no-one was home to see this, my mum was at work and probably would be until around 6 so I was fine. I walked slowly up to my bedroom, tripping on the top step. I grazed my elbow as I fell but that didn't matter. When I reached my room I shoved open the door and peered in. My room was tidy, it had to be. I hated it when things weren't right. I walked in and put my school bag on the hook I usually leave it on when im not in school. I went over to the drawers underneath my window and got out some sheets of paper and a pen, I sat down at my desk switched on the little light, the pen lid was quite stiff so I took a few minutes to prise it off leaving the pen nib exposed. I began to write, and as I wrote tears once again started to collect in the corner of my eyes. The splattered slowly onto the paper leaving smudge marks in the ink. I dotted the last full stop on the page with so much force that I left a hole in the paper but I was past bothering with that now. I picked the paper up and waled back downstairs, past the kitchen sink and up to the fridge. I peeled my favourite fridge magnet off the side and stuck my letter on the front with it. As soon as that was done I went and picked up my car keys, twirling them slowly around my fingers I took one last look around my house. After at least five minutes of just standing there I decided it was time to leave.i climbed back in my car and drove. I knew exactly where I was headed. The drive seemed to take no time at all and within minutes it seemed I was at my destination. I looked up at the bridge in front of me, it looked bigger now than it ever had before. I abandoned my car and started walking toward the railing. Someone caught my arm and forced me to turn and face them. Pete, great what did he want?
"don't do it Patrick!" I could see the pleading in his eyes " please I love you" tears started to fall down his face.
"how did you know I was here?" I asked, slightly curious
" I followed you home, I didn't want you to hurt yourself."
"yeah well its not up to you whether I hurt myself or not is it." I shouted at him, why didn't he just leave me alone. I tore my arm from his grip and raced for the railings, quickly I jumped over them and was stood on the edge of the bridge. Without thinking I flung myself off. There was a strangled scream from behind me
the water was close now, now I was scared.
I hit the water. Blackness.
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