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To Volterra We Go

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HP/Twilight Xover… It is 7th year, and Prof. Lupin is taking his DADA class on a field trip… to study vampires. First on the list is the Volturi, then the Cullens. To ease the danger of the Ita...

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"Now class, there are a few things you need to understand: There are 'covens' of vampires everywhere, normally not exceeding the number of two or three vampires per coven. Those are the nomadic ones. The ones we will be looking at are different, for many different reasons. The first one we are going to visit is in Italy, and is the largest vampire coven in the world. There are tours through their city every St. Marcus Day there, but I have been told by some Italian wizards that the tourists do not usually make it out alive. We will have to be much smarter than that, and much more persuasive.

“The next and final coven we will be looking at is the second largest, and they reside in Forks, Washington (for those who don't know, that is in the United States). They are strangely different for vampires, as they only feed on animal blood. We should have no trouble from them, except for maybe one thing. As you all know, I am a werewolf, and I have been told vampires do not take to our species too kindly. I contacted the American coven's leader, and he has told me it should be of no problem, as no full moon is approaching and I am much different from the werewolves they abhor so much. We will take a look at those too, if you all wish, as they live in close proximity to the coven. Are we ready to go? We shall be gone only a few days, and I have asked for special permission from the Ministry, as it is a high risk field trip."

"Professor?" Ron asked timidly, "What if they... you know, try to eat us?"

"Well then we simply Apparate back to England, and no harm done to anyone. Besides, Carlisle Cullen - the leader of the civil coven - has agreed to send his son and daughter over to help us in Italy." Lupin was boldly cheery at the prospect of facing blood drinkers. "Shall we be off then?"

"Oh, yes!" Hermione squealed uncharacteristically, and everyone turned to stare at her. "What? All the books I've read have stated that 'Vampires take on beautiful, essentially perfect bodies of the human form in order to entice their prey.'

"So what you're saying..." Lavender began, and Parvati giggled, "Is that they're all super hot?!"

Hermione sighed and nodded her head curtly, her lips pursed into a tight line. Lavender was not one in her good books... She turned to Ron instead and raised an eyebrow. “You’re not scared, are you dear?’

“Of course not Hermione…” He shrugged, attempting to appear manly. He turned his face towards Harry and whispered, “I hope she’s right about the whole ‘super hot’ thing…”

“Yeah, sure Ron, whatever you say…” Harry’s attention was distracted by thoughts of Ginny, and he did not care one ounce about beautiful vampire ladies.

Hermione had heard Ron’s comment and grabbed him by the shoulder, whirling him around to face her. “You’d better hope I don’t catch you running off with some… some vamp!”

She continued her chiding all the way out into the grounds, and Ron finally managed to assuage her enough to get her to stop. She smiled smugly, and Ron stared down in defeat.

“Alright children,” Lupin announced once they were clear of the gates and on the road to Hogsmeade, “Here is a picture of where we will be going. Envision it in your mind, and Apparate away…”

He passed a small image of a stone city with a castle adorning the top around the group. When it came back to him, he stuffed it in his robe pocket and gave the signal to go by raising his hand and twisting on the spot. He vanished before his circle completed.

“Time to go…” Ron glanced around nervously, watching his classmates disappear before his eyes. “Here goes…” He twisted and vanished; he was the last one.

“Hello children, welcome to Volterra!” Lupin called over the din of the crowd some ways away in a picturesque stone square. Standing beside him was a tall, graceful looking young man with bronze hair and extremely pale skin and a slim, beautiful young woman with mahogany hair and an equally pallid complexion. He gestured to them with his hand, and they smiled, dazzling the students. “This is Edward Cullen, and his wife Bella. They will be guiding us through the city today –’

Suddenly, a dull thump caused the group to look towards the back of their ranks. “Oh dear,” Lupin muttered. Lavender had fainted.
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