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The Volturi: A Short Visit

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"Out in the hallway," Edward answered, and Aro simply beamed.

"Well bring them in, bring them in! Oh, I am terribly excited to be meeting wizards in a peaceful environment!"

Caius scowled at the mention of a peaceful environment, and Marcus yawned. Apparently only Aro would find pleasure in the students' visit.

"Ron, get away from the door; your neck is at the perfect angle for one of them to bite you," Hermione hissed from behind the tall red haired boy listening at the great wooden door.

"Oh whatever Hermione, like they would-," Ron cut off, gasping as the door was yanked open by a tall woman with almost the same hair color as Heidi. The boys' jaws dropped and the girls glared in envy up at Chelsea, one of the Guard.

"Well, don't just stand there," she looked half-amused, half-spited at the reactions of the teenagers, but said nothing further as they followed her inside. As they walked in, she couldn't help but notice where loyalties lay within the group: the boy with the strange mark on his forehead and the red-headed girl; the bushy-haired girl and the tall ginger-haired boy; the blonde-haired silly girl and whatever boy seemed to catch her fancy. At any moment she could break those ties if she chose...Chelsea smiled as she presented the group to the three rulers.

"Masters, might I have the honour of presenting Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's Seventh Year Defence Against the Dark Arts class, headed by Professor Remus Lupin." Had Chelsea been human she would have been out of breath by the end of the announcement, but she merely bowed and flourished her hand towards the group.

"Step forward, Remus Lupin," Caius drawled, for once lacking any emotion in his voice.

"No, no, no Caius, that sounds so terribly formal," Aro winked at the students and then at Bella and Edward, who were standing over to the side of the thrones. Jane, Felix and Demetri broke free of the students' group and came to stand behind the thrones. "Here, dear brave Remus, let me greet you properly," Aro chuckled and stood up, hand extended.

Lupin strode forward and took his hand, shivering faintly upon encountering the cold skin. "Interesting..." Aro murmured, and Edward began emitting low growls from deep in the back of his throat.

"What is it?" Ron asked Hermione, who smacked him lightly on the arm.

"Shut up Ron; they can hear us! And I don't know – why would I?" Hermione was actually terrified at the moment, but was trying not to show it by turning it into aggravation – something she was succeeding in doing, as Ron instantly quieted.

"What is it about him that intrigues you so, Aro? He looks like nothing more than a peasant." Caius leaned forward with a scowl, and Aro actually rolled his eyes.

"Nothing Caius, nothing at all, it's just so...different to have insight into a wizard's mind. All the spells...Wouldn't you agree, Edward?"

"Fascinating," Edward spoke by hardly moving his mouth, and most of the students gasped.

"Aro, I know that tone. There's something you're not telling us," Marcus still sounded as if he had no interest in anything, though his eyes told a different story.

Aro merely laughed, but Caius looked affronted. "Aro, what is it? Get away from the Lupin man. Wait…"

"Caius, let's not get carried away now," Aro began hastily, but Caius was far from being assuaged.

"I thought there was something I didn't like about you," Caius turned towards Remus, who was still caught in Aro's grasp.

"Caius don't, he isn't-," Edward started forward, but Caius had already snapped his fingers. Felix and Demetri ran forward and were about to slam into Lupin, but Aro yanked him out of the way.

"Go, hurry!" He handed Lupin over to his students and bade them farewell with a wave of his hand. Then, before the students could see what had happened, he was across the room again, back at the thrones where Caius, Felix and Demetri were growling simultaneously. "Bella, Edward, go with them," he spoke at normal volume as he called Chelsea, Jane and Marcus over to deal with the enraged Caius.

As soon as Edward and Bella reached the group – which took mere seconds and had the students gasping in awe yet again -, Lupin immediately turned on them and ordered, "Bella, grab Harry's hand; Edward, grab Hermione's. Hurry!"

"Come on love," Edward picked the two students out of the crowd, shoved Harry at his wife and grabbed Hermione's hand with more force than he probably should have used. He wasn't checking his strength properly at the moment.

"On the count of three, seventh years!" Lupin's voice rose above the din caused by the growling of the vampires, surprising even himself. "One, two, three!" With a pop louder than normal, the entire group turned and vanished on the spot.

"Bella, love! Help them out of the river!" Edward brushed his hair back from his eyes as he attempted to locate Bella amidst the bobbing heads and limbs of several teenagers. He had been lucky enough to land on the bank beside the river, Hermione by his side. She was standing and smirking, as if she'd known there had been a river.

She had known; Edward had just checked her thoughts when she said, "This is why research is a good thing. I knew the Sol Duc River was right by your house. Apparently no one else did, though."

"Well come on then, if you're so smart, help me get them out." Edward was annoyed at how things were going at the moment, and his annoyance showed through in his voice.

"Well excuse me Mr. Cullen, but I do believe you could lift the entire class out of the river with hardly any effort. Besides, I think your wife has most of it under control." She pointed towards Bella, who was standing on a large rock on the other bank and instructing the students to grab hands. Harry had his hand stuck fast in Mrs. Cullen's grip, and the chain was growing. Eventually the entire class was attached to Bella via Harry, and she soon began walking backwards leisurely, tugging the whole group out of the river. Soon they were all gathered on the other side of the river.

"The right side," Edward growled under his breath, too low for Hermione to catch the words.

"I beg your pardon?" She asked, hands crossed over her chest. Then she saw the problem. "Oh." They were on the side of the river farthest away from the house. Lupin was squinting his eyes and leaning forward, pointing at them.

"Yes, oh," he rolled his eyes and told her what to do. From this far across the river Bella could still see him clearly, and she narrowed her eyes at him. He shrugged as he helped Hermione climb up onto his back, then took ten big steps backwards. "I could make this in five strides, but I don't want to frighten you," he told her in what he thought was a cheerful, amiable tone.

"Well, for your information, my boyfriend has taken me on a ride on his broom nearly one hundred yards off the ground. This is not going to frighten me-," She gasped as he ran forward faster than she would have thought possible and jumped.

"Good," he told her when they were on the other side, "You're smart enough to know when to shut up."
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