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Anna speaks to Jacob. Gerard is not doing well.

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Anna replaced the receiver and turned to see that a small smile was playing at the corner of Jacob’s lips. “Your elderly uncle had a heart attack?’ Suddenly his handsome face broke into a full smile, “That is strange. I actually feel quite well.”

“Jacob, do not tease.” Anna sighed, “He believes you are my uncle.”

“I see.” He said crossing the distance. “Well then, come take a walk with your uncle.”

Anna took the hand he extended. “Where shall we walk?”

Instead of answering he simply led the way. Soon they walked into a beautiful solarium filled with lush greenery. “I have added many rare and exotic plants over the years.” He said as they slowly began to stroll amongst the huge planters. He stopped and pointed out a beautiful lavender orchid that’s color was breathtaking.

“It is lovely.” Anna said softly.

“But it does not capture you attention.” Jacob said knowingly. “Only one thing has done that and it is the only thing on your mind.”

“I need to return to him.” Anna said passionately. “Time is ..”

He raised his hand to silence her. “Yes. I listened to your thoughts as you spoke to him.”

“Then you will understand why it is so important I be allowed to go.” Anna’s voice held a trace of impatience.

“I will not keep you here Annabelle. You know that.”

“But you summoned me.” She reminded him. “You sent your minion to bring me here.”

Jacob’s eyes narrowed. “You know you could have refused.”

“I know it would have been foolish on my part to do so.” Anna answered quickly.

Jacob smiled, “Yes, it pleases me that you understand that fact.” He took her arm and led her to a small, ornately carved wooden bench. Once they were seated Jacob sighed, “Annabelle I summoned you here out of deep concern for your well being. A few days ago I was visited by several senior members of the council.”

Anna inhaled sharply, “They came to you?”

He was pleased she understood the severity of the situation, “Yes, they did. They wanted to speak to me about several issues however the most important was you.”

“Me?” Anna squeaked. “What could they have to discuss about me?”

Jacob sighed, “Annabelle your current occupation has garnered you quite a bit of attention.” He looked into her eyes, “Unwanted attention.”

Jacob had taught Anna that attention was frowned upon and she had always adhered to that rule. “I am an author. I do not even grant interviews.”

“Yes, I know.” Jacob nodded, “It does seem however your attempt to stay unnoticed has had the opposite effect. I have seen the websites dedicated to your work. You have become what is called I believe a cult favorite.”

Anna tapped her foot impatiently, “It is not my fault. I simply wrote books and they were published.”

Jacob picked up on her words, “Wrote? Does this mean you are not writing anymore? It was revealed to me that you are presently researching a band in order to write a non fiction title.”

“That information is private.” Anna said angrily, “How do they know?”

He reached for her hand, “Annabelle they know everything. They know that you are now linked with a man who is rather well known.”

“I am certainly not the first to have done that.” Anna said, “Many have been with famous writers, actors, performers.”

Jacob could hear the anger in her voice, “That is so. However you must understand that because you are so young what you are doing is frowned upon. You do not have enough experience.” He held her hand tightly, “It was suggested to me that I call you back.”

“Fuck.” Anna blurted out. She quickly threw her hand over her mouth and looked down.

Jacob stroked her hand gently, “I fear he is a bad influence on you.”

Anna raised her eyes to meet his, “Jacob I am sorry. I do not mean for my actions to reflect badly on you.”

He looked closely at her, “Are you in control of your emotions and actions, Annabelle? You do realize that this all could turn on you. If he rejects your offer are you willing to truly do what you must?”

“Yes.’ Anna said without hesitation.

“Would you, really?” Jacob pushed. “And what of Claire?”

This was something that did worry Anna. “If something were to happen to me I would hope you would look after Claire.”

He narrowed his gaze, “Would she submit to that?”

“If it was my will, then yes.”

“Are you sure Annabelle?” Jacob’s voice was low, “I understand she too has met someone. What if her emotions for him were stronger than her loyalty to you? You know what kind of punishment that would mean for you.”

“I understand.” Anna said with a nod, “But this is all just speculation. It is my hope that he will accept.”

“And you will explain exactly what that would mean to him?”

“I would do nothing without him understanding fully what it would mean.”

“And do you believe he would be as loyal to you as Claire?”

Anna looked down, “That is my hope.”

Jacob shook his head sadly, “If he was not Annabelle I fear it could destroy you.” He stood and began to pace, “If that were to happen I could not be held responsible for my actions. You are mine, Annabelle.”

Anna jumped to her feet, “Please Jacob promise me you would never harm him.”

His tone was harsh, “That is something I cannot promise you. His punishment would be swift.”

“This conversation is pointless because he will not hurt me.”

“For his sake I hope that is true.”

“I talked to her early this morning.” Gerard said leaning his head back on the sofa. “Why the hell hasn’t she called?”

Mikey shrugged, “Maybe her uncle isn’t doing well. Did you ask Claire if she’s heard from her?”

Gerard closed his eyes, “Yeah. Anna hasn’t called her either. I called her uncle’s but whoever answered said she wasn’t there so I left a message. I guess she’s at the hospital.” He squeezed his eyes tightly when a fresh round of pain shot through his head.

“Ugh Gee I’m gonna go find Alicia.”

“Yeah, okay.” Gerard answered not opening his eyes. He felt Mikey stand but a moment later he felt him sit back down. “Thought you were leaving.”

“But I only just got here.”

Gerard’s head shot up, “Anna.” He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. When they broke apart he smiled, “I can’t believe you’re here. Shit, I was just hoping you’d call.”

“I came to find you as soon as I arrived. I have not even seen Claire yet.” She smiled.

“I’m so fuckin’ glad you’re back.” He said softly. “I missed you.”

“I missed you.” She looked into his eyes, “What is wrong?”

Gerard tried to play off his pain, “Just a stupid headache.’ He glanced at his watch. “Fuck I wish we had more time before the show.”

She could feel the pain radiating off him, “Gee, how bad is the pain?”

He looked into her eyes and couldn’t lie. “I feel fuckin’ awful.” He whispered not wanting the rest of the guys to overhear. “I can’t ever remember feeling this bad.”

Anna knew the pain had progressed to a point where she could not help him as she had done in the past. She knew there was only one way she could vanquish his pain. If the situation hadn’t become so dire she would never consider such a thing. However he had to make it through tonight’s concert. Tomorrow when he would head to California to see his doctor she would be with him. The time had come and there was no way to prevent the inevitable any longer. She was lost in thought when he leaned over and kissed her again.

“Hey if we were alone I know what we could do that would make me feel better.” He didn’t truly believe it but at this point he was simply trying to convince himself that something could ease the pain.

“Yes.’ Anna smiled. “Are you sure there is no place we could be alone?’

As bad as he felt the idea still was appealing, “Shit, I don’t know. I mean I can’t think of any place nice.”

Time was running out, “Then perhaps a not so nice place?”

He looked into her eyes, “Really, Sugar?”

“Yes, Gee.” She whispered. “I want to touch you.” Her voice was husky with desire.

For a brief moment he forgot the pain in his head. Anna had her hand on his thigh and she was sending him a very obvious message, one he didn’t want to ignore. “Come on.” He stood and grabbed her hand.

They snuck out of the backstage lounge and into a darkened corridor. “Not sure where this leads.” He whispered. “But it’s dark.”

Anna squeezed his hand.

The hallway suddenly came to a dead end. “Shit.” Gerard muttered.

“Here.” Anna spotted the restroom door.

Gerard was surprised but said nothing as she led him into the small room. She flipped on the lights but several were burned out. “I don’t think anyone uses this bathroom.” Gerard said noticing it obviously hadn’t been serviced in quite a while. There was trash overflowing from the waste can. It wasn’t the kind of place he wanted for her.

Anna saw the indecision on his face and acted quickly. She turned, locked the door then pressed her body to his. The kiss left Gerard breathless and shaky.

“Anna, are you sure?” He panted as her fingers snaked their way under his hoodie to feel his skin.

“I am sure.” She stepped back and smiled, “Come.”

He smiled “You have a plan?”

Anna took his hand and led him into the restroom stall. She was relieved to see it was clean but even if it hadn’t been she still would have proceeded. Her fingers worked at his belt buckle quickly. Gerard watched her feeling himself begin to harden just seeing the desire on her face. His head was still pounding but his desire for her was stronger.

Silently Anna prayed for the strength she knew she must possess to do this. She had to stay in control. Undoing his belt she whispered, “Close your eyes, Gee.”

He did as she commanded. A moment later he felt her pushing his jeans and boxers down his legs. He swayed slightly but Anna steadied him then gently pushed him down to sit on the cold porcelain lid of the stool.

“Anna.” He whispered. “I’m not sure I can.” As excited as he felt the pain was too intense and he felt a rush of disappointment. He wanted this not just for himself but for her.

“Shush, Gee.” She kissed his lips. “Do not worry.” Her voice was hypnotic.

He opened is eyes and saw her reach under her skirt to pull down her panties. A fresh wave of desire shot through him. “Oh Sugar.’ He moaned.

Anna smiled and bent slightly forward to kiss his lips. Then slowly she cupped his face looking deeply into his eyes. “Gee, feel the desire. You want this.”

“Yes.” He whispered lost in her eyes.

Anna straddled his lap ignoring the fact he was still limp. She cupped his face again forcing their eyes to meet. “So good.’ She whispered.

For a moment there was doubt in his eyes. Anna repeated. “So good.”

He closed his eyes.

“Gerard open your eyes.” She commanded.

He did so immediately. His body shuddered involuntarily when he looked into her eyes.

She reached down and took him into her hand. Slowly she began to rub the velvety tip of his penis against her wet slit. Her own body responded causing her eyes to flash with more than just desire. Gerard blinked in confusion.

Anna knew it was time. Biting her lip she felt the blood begin to flow.

“Anna?’ His voice held a trace of fear.

“I love you.” She whispered then pressed her lips to his.

Gerard was momentarily stunned. The wetness of the blood against his mouth sent shock waves through his body.

“Taste.” She whispered against his lips.

The spell cast by her voice could not be denied. His tongue brushed her lip and for a moment he stopped breathing. An explosion of colors flashed before him and he became mindless to everything around him but her lips. His tongue continued to lick marveling at the sweetness.

Anna closed her eyes, her fingers gripping his shoulders. She felt his dick now rock hard pressing against her opening. She shifted slightly and he plunged into her.

Gerard’s head was filled with a low roaring sound. All he knew was he needed more. He tangled his fingers in her hair painfully to keep her head steady the he began to roughly suck on her lip. The pain brought tears to Anna’s eyes. He was brutalizing her lip, sucking the blood greedily.

He pulled his fingers from her hair taking with them several strands. Anna flinched but he was mindless to her pain. His hands moved down her back and he slid both of them under her ass. He lifted her up slightly only to push her back down his dick. He repeated the action over and over again, each time thrusting deeper. He gave no thought to the fact he was hurting her. He heard her soft cries and it only urged him on. His brain was telling him to take what she had. It was telling him he wanted it, needed it.

Tears flowed down Anna’s face. She dug her nails into his shoulders trying to give him a few more moments.

Gerard couldn’t get enough. His dick was throbbing and he could feel his release reaching a crescendo. One more hard thrust and he came. At the same moment he savagely bit Anna’s bottom lip and felt her blood pour into his mouth. He had never felt such ecstasy in his life.

Anna knew it had to stop. She pushed against his shoulders with such force she flew off his lap painfully hitting the stall door.

Gerard’s head fell to his chest, his eyes closed. Several minutes passed. Suddenly his head shot up in confusion. What had just happened? His heart began to race. “Anna?”

She was standing before him smiling.

His mind was still reeling. He thought he’d hurt her….

Anna leaned over to kiss his lips. “We should be getting back. They will be looking for you.”

He nodded then it suddenly hit him. The pain was gone. He felt better than he had in a long time. “Sugar, I’m so fuckin’ happy you’re back.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her down for another kiss.

Anna was still fighting to keep her emotions in check. Being this near him was torture. Her ears were full of the sound of the blood racing through his veins, nose full of the aroma. “We must get back.” She said again.

He nodded still feeling slightly confused, “Yeah, right.”

Holding hands they walked back to the backstage area. Claire spotted them and immediately rushed to Anna’s side. What she saw caused her heart to skip a beat. She knew she had to get Anna to the RV. Immediately she lied telling Anna about a very important call that required her attention.

“You’re coming back for the show, right?” Gerard asked still clinging to her hand. He didn’t realize he was gripping so tightly it was leaving a mark.

“Yes, of course.” Anna forced herself to smile.

He kissed her once more and watched as she and Claire made their way through the room.

“How you feeling Bro?” Mikey asked reaching his side. He was shocked at how good Gerard looked. The color had returned to his face and he was smiling.

“I feel fuckin’ amazing.” Gerard answered. It was true, he felt invincible.
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