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Set after winter war. somebody's out to get Ichigo! Who is it and why are they doing it?! could it be a close friend or an unkown enemy?

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HELLO AGAIN MY GOOD PEOPLE!!! I want to start off by saying this is my first fic where I jump right into it without an outline! so yaaay, i'll get to think really hard for upcoming chapters. yay...-_-' OK on with the story!!!!!XD

DISCLAIMER: i dont own Bleach!

ichigo P.O.V.

Ichigo sighed happily as flopped down on his bed.

The winter war was over and things were finally going back to the way they used to be.

And although he missed Rukia, who was helping with clean-up at the soul society, he was glad to be back home.

Ichigo turned on his side and stared out his window before he fell asleep.

above Karakura
"He's here, Sakura. I can sense him." Said a voice, obviously female, it was high pitched, and eery, and dangerous.

"I already know that, Hinata! Jeez you'd think I'm completley uncapable of anything! Like sensing some punk kids reiatsu!" Replied a much bubbley voice.

"He is not some punk kid He is powerful, and we must do this with caution." Hinata scolded.

"Yeah, yeah! Let's do this already!" Sakura said, and raced off in the direction of Kurosaki household.

"Sakura! Wait!" Hinata said and went after her.

back to Ichigo

Ichigo woke with a start.

He could feel it, something was coming this way.

He grabed his soul reaper badge and held it to his chest, waiting for it to come...

Ichigo jumped out of the way just as a bright pink beam crashed through his window, and straight towards him.

What the hell?! Ichigo wondered as he looked back out his window, why didn't I leave?! Idiot, your family is in here! he told himself, jumping onto the roof.

That's where he saw his attackers.

One of them was a girl with dull pink, waste length hair and blazing red eyes. She had slender figure and was wearing a short pink dress and matching pink corset.

"Well, Hinata would ya' look at that, he dodged it!" She said in complete shock.

The other, a dark blue haired girl wearing a blue ninja outfit, complete with weapons. She looked at the pink one and said,

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND TO CAUTION?! Did you really excpect that to work?!"

"I'm sorry Hinata, I just want to get this over with!" The Pink one whined.

Hinata huffed than looked straight at Ichigo,
"Are you Ichigo Kurosaki?" he asked, her voice serious.

"Um...Yeah?" Ichigo asked, uncertain of what to say.

"Stupid boy it was a simple qusetion! Are you Ichigo Kurosaki or not?!"

"Yes! Yes I am Ichigo!" He said in hurry, Damn! These chicks are weird!!

"See, Sakura, what if he were the wrong person?" She asked the pink haired girl.

"But I knew it was him!"

"OH PLEASE! You wouldn't know it was him if he told you it was him!!"


"NOO! I'm calling you a genious for ruening the mission before it even satrted!"


Ichigo sweatdropped as the two girls continued to yell at eachother.

Now's my chance, I should probably lead them away from the house.

And with that thought Ichigo lept away from the ruff top,

"Shit! Hinata he's getting away!" He herd Sakura say.

"Well don't just stand there, idiot! Come after him with me!"

"There's no need to call me names, Hinata!"

What the hell do these girls want?!

OK so you know...what doya' think? Personaly I thinkk it's really odd, but whatever. I would've writen more, but it's exactly 4:35AM and I am very to mention i somehow managed to distarct yself away from my story by taking random anime quizzes!! oops. heh ^-^'

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