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Star crossed lovers

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the guys are about 16-17 and in highschool
all are single :D
samantha way: Mikeys twin :D her best friend is Sydney Bryar and they have been besties sence they were 4 she has brown hair but she dyed it black and has one blue streak on the side. you were really close to gerard but even closer to mikey she also prefers to be called sam

Sydney Bryar: your brother is Bob bryar and ur really close to him. your bestie is Sam Way. your hair is black with a purple streak on the side. you play the drums, bass, guitar, and u can sing real well. you and sam both went to a private school for 3 years and ur just getting back for the first time in 3 years. thats where the story begins::::

"SYDNEY!!! we are gunna be LAATTEE!!!" you said to your room mate, your best friend and ur "sister", sydney
"HOLD ON I CANT FIND MY DRUMSTICKS!!!!" she called back
"ughhh" you grumbled and grabed your bags... you and sydney were born one month apart and you were both 16. and sence you went to an advanced academy, you both graduated from St. Marys borading school.
"FOUND THEM" sydney called from under the bed. you smiled and rolled your beautiful green eyes and left the room, sydney following you.
Once you were on the train that was taking you to your home town in New Jearsy, you and sydney changed from your uniforms to your normal clothes. in the past three years, you and sydney changed greatly. you both started off as chearleads and syndey ended up as a scene. you, on the other hand, got an attitude and went punk. even though you were two totaly diffrent people, you were still like sisters.
"we have 3 hours untill me get to the station.. what you wanna do?" you asked as you ploped down next to syndey
"lets.... play.... uh... I SPY!!!!!" she said excidely
"fine" ypu said" I GO FIRST!!" you yelled. she nodded her head and pressed her nose agenst the window. you giggled quietly as you did the same.
"okay go!" syd said
"i spy.. something tall... and green" you said
"tree" she said "i spy something Green and tall"
"tree" you said smiling " i spy something kinda short and green and bro-"
"tree" she said cutting you off
"fucker" you said. the game of i spy continued untill u reached the station. when you got there, you saw the two people you have waited to see for three years. Sure u have written them during holidays and birthdays, but those were too far between. Gerard got pale.. the last time u saw him he was really tan and short. and he was tall. his hair hung in his face and he was wearing all black. Mikey had brown hair and he was wearing his glasses. he was also wearing a green day teeshirt and black skinny jeans.
"look!!!!" i yelled pointing at mikey and gerard. when they heard me they whipped their heads around and smiled. mike ran toward me and tackled me, knocking me over
"ohmygodsammiedonteverleavemeagainoriwillhuntyoudownandkillyouandbringyoubackasadeadbody!!!" mikey said really fast. i smiled
"what?" i asked
"DONT LEAVE ME AGAIN!!" he shouted, getting stares from a few people
"MIKEY I LOVERS YOU I WONT LEAVE YOU AGAIN!!!" you shouted as you got up, mikey still holding u in a death grip. you looked up at your oldest brother before getting engulefd in a hug.
"YOUR KILLING ME" mikey said pushing gerard way from me. gerard pouted as i huged him tight
"i missed you" he mumbled in my ear
"i missed you too!!!!" i smiled at him. i looked over at sydney who was embracing a tall blond guy whos kinda chubby.
"is that Bob?" i asked looking at them still
"yeah.." gerard said as i jumpede on his back. sydney looked at us, laughed and jumped on bobs back.
"ILL RACE YOU!!" i yelled at her as mikey got a luggege cart and put mine and sydneys stuff onto it. gerard and bob ran at full speed untill we reached a car.
"GEE CAN DRIVE??????!??" you yelled as gerard got into the drivers seat
"been drivin sence i was 15" he said smiling
"great ima die and i havnt seen mom or dad yet!" you yelled as sydney and bob got in the back seat with you. mikey slid in the passenger seat and stared at you
"what?" you asked
"sence when did u grow boobs???" he asked as bob stared at you. you blushed
"WHY IS MY TWIN BROTHER STARING AT MY BREASTS!!!!!!" you shouted. mike smirked and looked at bob who kept staring at your chest
"Bobert stop" sydney said giggling. you glared at her
"your precious bobert is gunna get fed to JUSTIN!!!!!!" you shouted as sydney gasped anhd started laughing really hard. everybody stared at you two in confusement
"j-justin w-w-was this Really b-big Gay guy who w-went t-t-to our school" sydney stammerd as she kept laughing. after a few minuets ytou two stopped laughing. gerard laughed as you pulled up to your house.
"Syd u staying here?" you asked
"yup" she said as she took out her cell
"Gee can i stay?" Bob asked
"Sure..." he said " as long as you dont touch Sam" he said
"its frank u gotta worry about" bob said as i ran inside. when i got there i stoped in my tracks
"oh, um, hi?" you said blushing. in the middle of your living room was a boy with black hair and beautiful eyes. he had a few tattoos (of that you can see) and his lip pirced. he smiled at you
"And you are?" he asked taking a step toawrd you
"Shes my sister" mikey said hugging you. he gasped
"Were twins" you said as he looked between you and mikey
"well ur the cuter twin" he said as he winked. you blushed again as sydney, bob, and gerard came into the room and turned on a green day CD........
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