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Mornings Are Good.

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Gerard and Frankie wake up together. But will this change everything? Frerard one shot.

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Smile. Just smile. Although today, I don’t need a reason to smile. Except for the reason lying next to me, raven hair in his eyes and arms gripped tight around his body.

His eyes open, and he blinks sleep away from them.

“Morning F.” He yawns sleepily, brushing his hair away from his eyes. To his annoyance (and my amusement), it flops back into his eyes once again.

“Morning G.” I smile at him, and then reach out with a shaking hand to brush the piece of hair that was annoying him out of his eyes, and then lean forward and lightly kiss his nose.

We both flop down onto our pillows, and I find his hand under the duvet, and hold it gently in my own. We don’t speak, and I know we’re both wondering where we go from here.

“You know, nothing has to change.” He says, breaking the silence.

“But I feel that it will.” I say quietly, and duck my head away from his searching eyes.

The silence returns, only this time it’s awkward and I don’t know how to break it.


I look up into his eyes, and he smiles at me. He looks confident and a little bit excited, like he did last night.

“How about if it…what if it doesn’t change?” He says quietly.

“Gerard… you mean…?”

He reaches for my hands, and clasps them in his own. Somehow we’re not lying down anymore, we’re sitting up. It’s a serious situation, and I’m hoping I’ve understood what he means.

“Yes. Yes Frankie.”

I break into a smile; I feel it on my face. This is what I’ve been hoping for, for what seems like an age. Last night, when we kissed, and then made love, I was in my element. Now he’s telling me it doesn’t have to end; it can carry on… wow.

“I’d like that Gee. I’ve wanted this since-“

He breaks me off with a kiss.

“I have too, Frankie. I have too.”


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