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If You're Already Dead

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"God, we just kept running and running; I thought you were right beside me! I didn't know he bit you... I swear I didn't know!" (zombie Frerard one-shot)

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So I got this idea randomly and was reeeally sick of keeping it locked away in my head. It's kind-of a drabble, so sorry if it isn't the best. Well, enjoy!


"Frankie, we have to keep going... It isn't safe to stop yet," I whispered quietly, trying my hardest to keep Frank walking with me. I kept him upright by slightly holding him with my arm around his waist and one of his around my neck.

"Gerard, I-I can't... I'm so tired, so hungry...," Frank muttered back. He was practically dragging himself along the cold Jersey asphalt now.

We'd been on the move for days since the outbreak. Unbelievably, we had managed to go west from Belleville and get to Morristown- not bad for three days worth of walking. At first we tried holing up in the home of Ray Toro. It'd gone well for awhile, eventually Bob, Mikey, and Alicia had managed to get there. We had plenty of food, water, and the comfort of each other.

Things always go bad, though. On their way there she'd gotten bitten. Mikey had told no one. He had done well with hiding it, but as it always happens, Alicia changed. One day she attacked him and he as well ended up transformed into one of the dead. Both needing to satisfy an unending desire for living flesh, Bob was also attacked. Ray, Frankie, and I tried to escape in the chaos, but only Frankie and myself managed to get away unscathed apart from a few bumps and bruises.

Three days since then and here we were. Starving, thirsty, and exhausted. We couldn't stop yet, though, not until we were out of the city. In the wilderness it would be much easier to avoid them and survive. I carried a simple machete scavenged from the garage of a recently deceased neighbor, if you could call becoming one of those things deceased.

So far we'd only encountered a couple of the zombies, but they were weak and overcome with rigor mortis so we escaped easily. I was honestly very surprised at that. I thought since we were in Jersey there would be many more of the creatures, but God knows I was NOT about to complain.

"Gerard, please... We have to stop. I need to rest...," Frank begged. He was slumping even more now and I was practically dragging him along.

Not being able to take seeing the man I loved so pathetic anymore I gave in and nodded, "Alright, Frankie, but we can only stop for a little while, you know... This isn't safe..."

Frank fell against the wall of the alleyway, sighing with relief as I let him go, "How much longer can we do this, Gee? They're gonna get us. Both you and I know it. Why should we just keep running?"

I frowned. I couldn't stand how eager Frank was to just give up, "Frankie, NO. We will make it and we will find safety. We're both going to live and be happy in the end. We just have to find the trees..."

"And what then, Gerard?!" Frank raised his voice and I flinched, "We fucking waste away in the woods and die of starvation?! I don't want to die like that; I want to go out fighting, dammit!" Frank sat there panting, a glare cutting through me.

"Frankie, I don't want you to become one of them! I couldn't take seeing you like that!" I repelled.

"Oh, so you could take seeing me starve to death?! We're not gonna fucking make it out of this alive!" Frank's eyes watered and I felt my heart breaking at every word that spilled from his lips.

"No! Frank, I-" I was cut off by a loud, piercing howl. My head swiveled to meet the sound and I nearly burst out in tears myself when I saw them standing at the end of the alleyway. There were three or four of them; from this angle I couldn't tell. Blood dripped from around their mouths and flesh stuck to their clothing.

I turned to Frank and he sat staring, too, mouth agape. One of the things let out another wail and I finally reacted. I grabbed Frankie by the hand and bolted with him. As soon as we moved, they did, too, following after us. I ran quickly, feeling Frank's hand slip from my grasp. I figured he was right behind me so I kept running as fast as I could, the machete bumping painfully against my side as it hung from my belt.

I heard a painful scream and stopped in my tracks. Turning around, I saw one drag down Frank who had been much farther behind me than I thought. "Frankie!" I called. I ran back, pulling out the machete as I did so. Adrenaline pumped through me as I ran at the one holding down Frank. I swung at its neck and rotten blood spewed about as its head went off to the side. The others gathered around me and I fought them all off, the need to hold Frankie close and tight to me, to make sure he was OK, overwhelming my fear. As quick as I could I took one of the others out, and finally the last.

Panting and terrified, I unthinkingly dropped the machete and ran to Frank. I needed to get us both away before checking on him, so I scooped him up in my arms and ran and ran and ran.

I don't know how far I managed to get before I collapsed from exhaustion with Frank in my arms. I pulled myself up to my knees and gazed at Frankie, fear pulsing through me. He'd gotten bitten multiple times in his abdomen and a couple times around his chest.

I felt myself choking up, "Frankie, please look at me!" I cried, "God, we just kept running and running; I thought you were right beside me! I didn't know he bit you... I swear I didn't know!"

His eyes opened the slightest and his breathing labored. He trembled in my arms, "Gee, I know, and I love you... Please, you have to run... I-I won't be... m-me... much longer..."

I sobbed and a few tears fell onto Frank's bloodied body, "N-No! Maybe you can make it! W-We can still get away! We can be alive TOGETHER!"

Frankie smiled ever-so slightly, "Go, Gee. Never let them t-take you alive..."

His eyes closed and I felt his breathing stop. I knew I didn't have much time before he "awoke", but I couldn't bring myself to move. I didn't see a need to survive anymore without Frankie by my side.

"I love you, Frankie...," I whispered. His eyes peeled open once more, this time the eyes that I once thought so beautiful had blood around the pupils. "I'll see you again soon."

And with a wicked growl, he struck out at my throat and all gave way to black.


Well...? I know it's sorta scrambled, but some back-up and criticism would really be appreciated! R&R, puh-lease. ;)
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