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The Dare

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Joe and Steven play a game.

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Steven sighed and got up from the chair he was sitting on. He's bored and has no idea what to do. He's in the studio, waiting for the rest of the band to show up. Apparently, their manager wants to have a word with them. Something about money issues. Of course, the manager would talk to them when all 5 members of the band get there. Joe had just got there, so now they are waiting on Tom, Brad, and Joey.

Steven walked up towards the buffet table and groaned when he saw a huge chunk of fat lying by the turkey.
"Now that's disgusting!" He groaned. He turned around and saw Joe sitting on the chair Steven was on, reading a novel. "Maybe I could make this a game." He said to himself before calling out Joe's name.
"What?" Joe mumbled, not looking up from his book. Steven stayed quiet and looked at Joe. He knew Joe hated it whenever he did this.
"What?" Joe groaned, looking up from his book.
"Come mere." Steven motioned. Joe sighed, set the book down on the chair and got up.
"What do you want?" Joe asked, walking towards the buffet table.
"Look!" Steven pointed at the disgusting large chunk of fat that was sitting near the turkey.
Joe groaned and stepped back "Gross!"
"Yeah it is." Steven reached behind his back pocket. He pulled out his black leather wallet and took out 50 dollars. "I dare you to eat it."
Joe looked at him and raised his eyebrow "You're kidding."

Steven smirked and shook his head.
"You want me to eat that for 50 bucks?" Joe asked in disbelief.
Steven nodded his head and said "Lets make it interesting." He looked around and something in the corner of the room caught his attention. An old, open beer can. It has been there for the past two months. He walked towards the can and picked it up "I'll give you 50 bucks if you eat that and drink this." He held up the can if beer.
"No way."
"50 dollars!" He sung and waved the 50 dollar bill around. Joe bit his bottom lip and thought about it. He could make 50 easy dollars by eating that but he could suffer horrible consequences.
Joe sighed and made up his mind "I'll do it."

Steven squealed in delight and set the can of beer in front of Joe.
"If you spit it out, you lose." Steven said. Joe shrugged and grabbed the chunk of fat.
"Oh god it feels weird!" Joe exclaimed. Steven snickered as he thought of something else. Joe glared at Steven.
"Sorry, sorry." Steven said, holding back his giggles. Joe sighed and opened his mouth. He set the fat in his mouth, closed his mouth and began chewing. Joe's eyes watered as he chewed the disgusting fat. He looked as if he was going to puke any minute. He closed his eyes and swallowed it. Joe sighed, wiped his eyes and grabbed the can of beer. It was full. Joe brought the can up to his lips and poured the liquid down his throat. He pulled the can away from him and gagged after swallowing the liquid.
"Oh god." He groaned and brought the can back up. It was halfway full. He brought the can up to his lips and poured the rest down. He set the can down, swallowed the beer and proudly said "Looks like I won 50 bucks!"
"Dammit!" Steven groaned and handed Joe the money. Joe took the money, pulled out his wallet and set the money in his wallet.

"My turn." Joe said and walked by the drinks. He grabbed a glass of strawberry smoothie and walked back towards Steven.
"You want me to drink that?" Steven asked.
"Hold on. I want to add some stuff in your smoothie." Joe said, and grabbed a bottle of ketchup, mustard, syrup, hot sauce and a small bottle of mayo. Joe smirked and began explaining "I'm going to mix all of that in your smoothie. You are going to drink it all for 60 dollars."
Steven's jaw dropped "No way."
Joe nodded his head and smirked. He sung "60 dollars" as he waved a wad of cash around Steven's face.
Steven sighed "Ok, I'll do it."

"Cool. Just let me mix it up first." Joe said. Steven watched Joe mix everything in large amounts. He began feeling "sick".
"I'm starting to feel sick." Steven lied.
"Bullshit." Joe scolded as grabbed a plastic spoon and mixed it. He set the spoon down and announced "Done."
Steven looked at Joe. He shot Joe a worried look while Joe smirked. Steven sighed and grabbed the "smoothie."

The liquid in the smoothie before looked pink. The liquid in the smoothie now was in 5 different colors. It also didn't smell like strawberries. It had a foul stench. Steven couldn't believe what he was about to drink.
"Well, here it goes!" Steven said and brought the glass up to his lips. He sighed and poured the liquid down his throat. He gagged a little as he swallowed it. He could hear Joe snickering in the background. He pulled the glass away to let himself breath. He looked at the glass to see how much he had drank. He's halfway there! He looked at Joe and smirked before bring the glass back up and pouring the liquid down his throat. The liquid at the bottom of the glass tasted so gross, he almost puked, but he managed to swallow it.

Steven slammed the glass down and gagged a little before saying "I believe you owe me 60 dollars."
Joe clapped and handed Steven the money "Nice!"
"What the hell are you guys doing?" A familiar voice asked from behind. Joe and Steven turned around and found Joey, Brad and Tom standing there, each with a confused look on their face.
"Uhm..." Steven burped "Joe and I had a little fun while we waiting for you three to show up."
"Oh?" Tom raised his eyebrow.
"Yeah. We should all get goin' now." Joe said.
"Right. Come on, let's go!" Steven said putting his wallet back in his back pocket. As the band walked up stairs to go meet with their managers, Joe and Steven began feeling sick.
"Goddamn, my stomach hurts." Joe groaned.
"Yeah mine hurts too but man, it was worth it!" Steven answers back.
Joe looked at Steven and shook his head "That's going the last time I'm ever going to do something that stupid."
Steven looked at Joe and laughed "I'm never going to forget this!"
Joe looked at Steven and laughed "Yeah me too."
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