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Re-write of Gerard Way & Me. Story based on Stuck In The Suburbs. Added parts and more chapters (:

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We were all talking excitedly in the back of Gemma's Mom's car. She was doing her usual round of dropping us all off at home. We had just finished football practice and were really excited. I knew we were talking really loudly, but nobody seemed to care.
"GIRLS!" Gemma's Mom suddenly snapped "Could you keep it down for, five minutes?" There was a pause "Thank you."
There was another pause until Hayley finally said "Oh my god Britney, show the others your shoes!"
I smiled and pulled out the pink flip-flops with the big flower on the front. There were amazing and everybody else thought so.
"Oh my gosh, they're amazing!" Gemma cried "I wish MY MOM would buy me something so amazing." Gemma raised her voice for the last sentence.
"My Mom didn't buy them for me. My Aunt sent them over." I giggled "They're from New York and you can only get them from there."
Amelia took the shoes "Oh em gee, you are so lucky."
"Right Britney, this is your stop." Gemma's Mom pulled over.
"No it isn't." I replied with a small laugh.
"Isn't it?"
"Not unless we got a new front door and a new door number." I told her.
"Is this anyone's stop?" She asked. We all shook our heads. She sighed and carried on.
This estate was so boring that all the house's looked the same. Gemma's Mom wouldn't have this problem if we lived in NEW YORK where exciting things were happening all the time!
Finally, Gemma's Mom found my house before anyone else. Amelia looked at her watch "Oh my god, it's nearly four o clock!"
"You can watch it in my house!" I gabbled excitedly.
"NO!" Gemma's Mom said firmly.
"Please Mom, please!"
"Please, come on!"
"You know when I say no, I mean no."
Two minutes later though, we were all running into my house. I heard my Mum asking Gemma's Mom "What's happened?"
To which Gemma's Mom replied "Gerard Way happened."
My little brother, Eddie, was playing his XBOX but I didn't care "Hey!" I cried, jumping onto the sofa "Hand me the remote!"
"Uhhh I'm trying to finish this level!" Eddie complained.
I took the controller off him and finished his stupid level in about ten seconds flat "How did you do that?" He asked "I've been trying to do that all afternoon!"
"Shut up and hand me the remote!" I creid again. Finally I got the remote and changed it to MTV.
"Now time for you all to see Gerard Way's new music video!" The presenter cried.
Me and my friends all screamed as Gerard Way came on the screen. It was his song 'Welcome To The Black Concert'. We knew all the words and we had made up our own dance-steps to it. We were soon on our feet, jumping, clicking, hi-fiving each other...
At the end we did this thing, where we jump onto the sofa, sort of kick it back and hop onto the floor. We lay on the floor giggling to we all saw the looks my Mom was giving us.
"We're sorry!" We all babbled "We won't do it again, here we'll put it back." We put the sofa back and I said goodbye to my friends.

Frank's POV

"Gerard, it's your music video!" Bryan said, pointing at the screen with a proud look on his face.
"So?" Gerard replied moodly "I don't like it. The lyrics aren't mine, the total image... It's just me flipping my hair and dancing with a bunch of girls!"
"It's what the fans like Gerard!" Bryan smirked "Do you really want to disappoint them?"
Gerard angrily stormed out of the room. I was Gerard's best friend and knew everything about him and it was no secret to me that Gerard cared deeply about his fans. He wrote a lot of songs about them, one's that Bryan never saw though. Bryan would only ruin them, like he had done to this one.
'Welcome To The Black Concert' is just a rip-off of Gerard's lyrics to a song called 'Welcome To The Black Parade' The chorus which was once "We'll carry on!" is now "You're dead and gone!"
Stupid really. Gerard's lyrics are so much better. Why is Bryan so mean?
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