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Some News from Brother Dearest

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I dunno my Valentine's seem to always be uneventful but this seemed to stick out like neon to me...(enjoy)

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{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\froman\fprq2\fcharset0 Times New Roman;}{\f1\fswiss\fcharset0 Arial;}}
{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\lang1023\f0\fs24 \f1\fs20 I have just received strange and frightening news from my elder brother .\f0\fs24\par
\f1\fs20 in normal people the might now be distraught ,angry ,pleased ,but i unfortunately must report i feel nothing.\par
does this make me a monster?\fs24\par
\fs20 am i cold hearted?\fs24\par
\fs20 or is it just numbness from shock?\fs24\par
\fs20 maybe my lack of trusting for people ,my confusion to common emotions ,my infuriating lack of knowledge ,and maybe my nature is what prevents me from feeling much.\fs24\par
\fs20 either way i have the sudden urge to both beat mercilessly and protect to the death my brother.\fs24\par
\fs20 it has always been like this you see.\fs24\par
\fs20 a memory comes to mind of my brother shooting at a passing car in anger at the wee hours of the morning in Alaska.\fs24\par
\fs20 when the police came my mother grabbed the gun and threw it into a nearby decrepit rose bush\fs24\par
\fs20 when the police asked about the shooting i cant remember after that.\fs24\par
\fs20 me my mother and maybe my sister and father have always protected my brother.\fs24\par
\fs20 why?\fs24\par
\fs20 i do not know\fs24\par
\fs20 maybe because he is family\fs24\par
\fs20 maybe because we love him\fs24\par
\fs20 but i wish i had met him in another life time and as a boy \fs24\par
\fs20 and i wish i could have beaten the living shit out of that idiot\fs24\par
\fs20 or at least enough to make him understand.\fs24\par
\fs20 but that's to many 'maybes' 'buts' and ' i wishes' for me so for now \fs24\par
\fs20 good bye ....and happy valentine's day\fs24\par
\f0 -\i\f1\fs20 Anonymous\i0\fs24\par
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