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It's A Small Ocean After All

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Prompt for "It's a small ocean after all, and Nemo eventually meets up with the aquarium gang again. Bonus points for Marlin fighting his overprotective father instincts when he sees how enamored ...

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Part 1/2

Nemo woke up that day thinking it would be like any other day. Another day missing Gill, another day laughing along at jokes that his classmates and Dory made, another day of his dad telling stories of how he found me and another day of convincing his dad he was old enough to take care of himself for a couple of hours.

He snuggled back into the soft part of the sea anemone and pretended to be asleep. His dad nudged him.

“Wake up, kiddo! Time for school!” Marlin said, trying to wake up his son.

“Five more minutes!” Nemo complained.

“But you have a field trip today! You’re going outside the reef! Remember?” Dory’s excited voice said from the outside of the anemone.

“Dory?” Nemo said, getting up from his spot and swimming outside to see her waiting there.

“Yes, he has a field trip, but not without me, he doesn’t!” Marlin said catching up to his son.

“Oh lighten up!” Dory told her friend.

“Yeah Dad. Lighten up!” Nemo giggled.


“Bye Dad! Don’t Worry! I’ll be fine!” Nemo waved from on top of his teacher.

“Dude, catch up! You’re lagging!” Squirt shouted from the front of the class.

Nemo moved from the back of the group to the front so he could catch up with his friend. Ten slow, chatty minutes went by before they finally reached the edge of the reef.

“Now class, here are the rules. First, stay with the class! If for some reason you and your buddy get separated from the rest of the class, stick together until we can find you.” Mr. Ray said loudly.

“On three pick your partners. One…. Two…. Three. GO!” All the students rushed to get their best friends before they got taken.

“Come on Nemo! With me as your buddy, this’ll be the raddest field trip
you’ll ever be on!” Squirt pulled Nemo’s fin and dragged him to his side.

Outside of the reef the group saw groupers, schools of fish, boats from afar, some sewage pipes, some crabs, and they even saw one of Bruce’s friends. Nemo and Squirt greeted him with a smile, while the other fish swam behind Mr. Ray. They were on the way back when Nemo’s eye spotted a certain gang of fish. A certain gang of fish led by a scarred black and white fish.

“Hey Squirt, want to sneak off and tell the teacher we got lost?” Nemo said.

“Awesome! But why? I didn’t think you would be this daring!” Squirt asked, already swimming slightly towards the right.

“I just saw some fish I met at a dentist’s office. They’re really cool! You’ve got to meet them!” Nemo said grabbing Squirt’s flipper and stopping him.

“Dentist’s office?” Squirt asked.

“Don’t worry about it! Now come on! Keep quiet. I want to sneak up on them!” Nemo said, swimming down once the class was a couple of feet ahead of them.

The seven of them were talking with a wandering crab. As quietly as possible they both snuck down, Nemo swam ahead and practically assaulted Gill.

“Whoa, kid! What you doing here in my territory?” Gill asked jokingly.

“I’m on a field trip and just for the record, I lived here first!” Nemo said with a laugh.

Squirt came up behind Nemo, swimming upside down. “Dude! Turtle friend still curious ‘bout what a dentist is.” Squirt stretched out the ‘u’ in ‘dude’.

“It’s a guy who cleans your teeth. And makes sure they’re healthy.” Deb said from the sand.

“Awesome! I would totally love to do that so I could have an excuse to – HEY! That’s scar’s sick, man! Once knew some dude with, like, a scar on his fin from, like, a coral. But yours is way cooler, man!”

“Uh… Thanks?” Gill said slowly.

“So, what do you think of the ocean so far?” This question started a conversation that would last all the way home. Gill and Nemo always staying a little bit closer to each other than necessary.
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