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Curse of the Virgin Canvas

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this is a mixture of things. vampires and lovers.

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I had a crush on him for so long. He was a year older than I was, but it was perfectly fine, because he had this amazing way of being mature, and yet silly and fun at the same time. I adored him from the day I met him since he was this amazing person who knew how to make me laugh, and made me smile so big. The problem was, he had been missing for the past three weeks… no one knew where he was… all I know is that I had been heartbroken… we were supposed to go on a date for our year anniversary the night he went missing… I felt like he stood me up, stood me up and proceeded to laugh about it. One of his jokes he played on me constantly. He was amazing, but he pissed me off so much sometimes.

His name was Jeremy Bryan. And I say was, because I have no idea where he is, if he’s changed, or moved. All I know is that I haven’t heard from him in three weeks, and I was worried sick. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat. We’ve been friends for so long, and a couple for a year, and all of a sudden the night of our anniversary, he goes missing.

“Harper, come on, you need to eat something.” My friend Paige said. She was worried about me, we lived together, and all I was doing was sitting around waiting with my phone, watching the news coverage to see if anything came up. All I got was the photo of us at the beach together to come up on the news… his tattoos showing off to the world. I missed my best friend. I missed him so much.

“Paige, I’m fine. I’m not hungry.” I lied. I was hungry, but I knew if I was to eat, I’d be sick.

“You’re lying. Look, Kyle and Caleb are coming over soon… they want to have a movie night here, since you won’t go out anymore. They want to make you smile. Come on, please?” she asked me. Kyle was her boyfriend, and Caleb was his best friend, and my ex boyfriend. They were amazing guys, and always were joking around with Jeremy… making me smile.

“I’m going to go shower then. I need to wash my hair.” It was that I needed to wash my hair, but I also needed to relax before they came over. I was so worried about Jeremy that I had knots in my neck from nerves.


I got out of my shower feeling somewhat relaxed. I heard Kyle and Caleb talking with Paige downstairs about me. “She’s going to hurt herself. She’s really torn up about this.”

“I know, she hasn’t eaten anything decent in almost a month. All she does is make a piece of toast at noon, and drinks her chai…. And that’s it for a day.”

“She’s never been this torn up… I wish we could do something.”

“We could throw a party? Like, a get better, he’ll come back party or something?”

“Kyle, that’s stupid.”

“WHAT?! It was a thought. Come on.”

“Or, we could just go slow, and try to get her to relax, and eat something.”

“That might work. Sounds good.” At that point though, I had walked into my room, and stopped listening. I shut my door with a sigh, and held my towel around my chest. I let out a tear as I slid down the door after locking it. I missed him, and they were trying to get me to eat. Why couldn’t they understand why I was upset? I mean, Paige knew he was the only person I opened up enough to talk to about my family. He knew how much I hated people missing, because that’s how I lost my parents. He wouldn’t be doing this as a game anymore. This isn’t a game… I know it’s real, that he’s probably in danger, or hurt. Or something.

“Why are you crying Harper?” I heard coming from in front of me. It sounded like him. No, he couldn’t be here… I kept my head down, my hair dripping around me, cold and wet on my skin. “Harper? Sweetheart?” it came out again. He couldn’t be here. If he was, I was going to scream at him. And the moment I looked up, he was sitting right there in front of me. And as much as I wanted to scream, I couldn’t. “Yes, I’m really here.” He said, touching my cheek.

I recoiled back from his touch. He was cold. Ice cold… and it was only October. The weather wasn’t that cold yet… only windy and slightly nippy, but not enough to make his hands feel frozen. I opened my mouth to say something, but he beat me to it. “I knew I shouldn’t have come to see you. I knew this would happen.” He said, standing up and walking to the window, and proceeding to jump out of it.

“JEREMY!” I yelled, running towards my window, looking for any sign of him in the back yard. He wasn’t there. I was going crazy. Maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten… but his touch was so realistic… he couldn’t be gone, could he?


“You idiot. What the hell were you thinking, going to see her? William’s going to be pissed. You aren’t even supposed to be out of the mansion. You’re going to get us killed you idiot.” Carolyn yelled. She was a petite little thing. Petite, but full of power. She was the Dandy Lord’s mistress of sorts. And Jeremy was only a newborn taken against his will.

“Listen Caro, I don’t want to be here, I want to be with her, human again. I touched her face, and she shrunk back from me, and all I wanted to do was kill her right then, drink her blood and get it over with. This isn’t right. You people made me a fucking monster.” Jeremy yelled at the girl. She proceeded to hiss at him, her fangs bared, ready to fight.

“Now now children, settle down.” William spoke up. He was the creator of both Caro and Jeremy. Caro retracted her fangs, walking over towards William and kissing his cheek. “Jeremy, you know you aren’t strong enough to control yourself. You could have killed her and exposed us all. And you can’t kill her. She’s special. If anyone will kill her, it’ll be me.” He said with a sinister grin on his face, as Jeremy walked to the parlor and proceeded to shrink down into a chair.


“HARPER, HARPER OPEN THE DOOR, WHAT’S GOING ON?! HARPER!” Caleb’s voice came from the other side of the door. I was still standing at my open window. My hair still wet and getting colder from the wind. Soon enough though, Caleb and Kyle had the door open. They found something to open it with, and it happened to be their feet instead of waiting for me to move to unlock it. “Harper? Harper, are you okay?” Caleb asked me, pulling me away from the window and pulling me into a hug. I hadn’t realized till he pulled me to him that I was shivering.

“I saw him. He was in here. He was in this room, and he was cold. His hand was ice against my cheek. He was here Caleb, he was here.” I said, looking up to Caleb, my eyes begging for him to believe me, but I knew he wouldn’t.

“You’re probably imagining things because you’re hungry, and sick. Harper, please, please eat something. He’s been gone for a month, no one knows where he is… they don’t even have any ideas of where he would be. Please, do it for us. We’re worried about you.” He said, holding me close, and trying to stop me from shivering. Kyle closed my door, and took Paige downstairs with him, leaving Caleb and I alone.

“I… I need to get dressed.” I said, pulling away from Caleb. I did. I wasn’t going to stop shaking, but I wasn’t going to just let this happen and let it be. Caleb sighed, and walked out of my room, pulling my door closed, but not shutting it, since the knob was now broken from the forced entry.


“What do you mean she’s special?” Caro asked William, she was curious… she wanted to know what it was about this human that was going to break a bond of centuries. “Billvy?” she asked.

“Caro,” William sighed, “she’s the one that got away. The last of the Fitch family. She’s it.” He said, calmer than Caro had seen him before.

“What do you mean ‘she got away’?” Caro asked, frustrated.

“When we killed that family thirteen years ago, it was the Fitch family. The last family of the original blood. We killed them because they are the only ones who can kill us without the use of stakes, or bullshit weaponry. They have this energy inside of them that they can summon up and kill vampires with. They are the original hunters. Original killers of vampires. She’s the last one, and doesn’t know of the power inside of her… and once she’s gone, we have nothing else to worry about ever again.” He spoke all of this, and once finished, he placed a kiss on Caro’s lips, his hands holding her head, keeping her close.

Jeremy had heard this, and made his way out of the house again. He needed to tell her… and if she needed to die, he wasn’t going to let William tear her to shreds like he did everything else.


I dressed in a pair of jeans, and a hoodie. My hair was still damp, but I didn’t care anymore. I needed to find him. And if he found me once, he’d find me again. “I’m going out.” I shouted through the house, as I closed the door, and started running. I needed to find him, I had continued running and running till I couldn’t breathe anymore.

I had made it to the center of town… Paige and I didn’t live too far from center, so it wasn’t too far… now, I just needed to make my way over to the other side of town… something about the idea of him being there made me walk faster… until I ran into a guy who was so ready to stop me at any way possible.

“Oh hello there princess.” The man said, his size outweighing me by at least double. He pulled a knife out of his pocket, backed me into an ally, and pinned me against a wall. “What is a lovely lady like you doing on this side of town at this hour? No boyfriend to protect you?” he laughed as he placed the blade against my neck. I was going to die here. I was going to die, and never find Jeremy. I was going to die without him. The guy with the blade started unzipping my hoodie, watching my skin rise with goose bumps from the cold air touching bare skin. I hadn’t worn anything under the hoodie but a bra. It wasn’t too cold. “Oh my dear, you even got dressed up for me. I love it. Too bad it’s not going to last very long.” He had finished unzipping the hoodie and was slowly working on undoing the button on my jeans.

“Drop the knife.” I heard a voice say, and in turning my head to the voice, the blade made a slight cut on my neck, nothing too bad, but enough for a drop of blood to seep through the cut. I don’t remember what I saw then, but I do know the knife of the man dropped, and he was on the ground… a person on top of him, with their head near his. As it looked up, I saw the familiar eyes I had fallen in love with. It was Jeremy, and he had blood trailing down his chin. No. No. He couldn’t be a… no. It wasn’t happening… that wasn’t real. Maybe I was just hallucinating from being sick. Vampires didn’t exist. And even though I was running to find him, I was now running away from him. But the moment I turned the corner, he was there, arms out wide, just waiting for me to run into them… which I did, reluctantly.

“WHAT ARE YOU?” I asked as he held me. “You aren’t dead, obviously, since you’re right here in front of me. What happened to you?” I asked him, stepping back from his open arms before he had a chance to hold me. “You’re ice cold, you just killed a guy, I don’t know if this is real, or if it’s because I’m probably going crazy.” I told him. I didn’t know what to believe right now. “I was almost just raped, and then all of a sudden, my boyfriend comes out of the fucking shadows to save me, and I get a cut on my neck, and I’m bleeding, so I know it’s real, but are you? What the fuck?” I asked, he was just waiting… and while he was, I placed my hand against the cut on my neck… it was still bleeding, and it was falling further down my chest to stain my bra with it’s reddish brown color. “Fuck.” I said, while zipping up my hoodie.

“Harper,” he started, his eyes never leaving my neck. “I’m … well, I’m a vampire. I wanted to find you sooner, but my… well, creator told me it was a bad idea, and right now, I’m completely believing him. You smell so good. And, I miss you. I miss your kisses, and your soft warm skin… and” he looked up. There were people on the roof, people that Jeremy obviously didn’t like, seeing as how he bared his fangs, and grabbed me, holding me close. It hurt to breathe, and his smell was intoxicating. I loved the way he smelled. I always have, but this close, and not knowing where he was made it that much stronger. That, and I was probably delirious from all of this new information being crammed into my head.

“Let her go vamp.” A new voice spoke up. It was masculine, and angry.

“Fuck you. She’s my girlfriend. I’m not letting her go until she knows everything.” Jeremy spoke up. He was still holding me tightly, and the irritation he had with this new person added more of a grip, so much so, I let out a small whimper. It hurt, he was crushing me slowly.

“You’re hurting her Jeremy. Let her go.” That voice was female, soft, gentle, and … pleading?

Jeremy let go, just enough. Placing his nose near my neck he inhaled deeply, and I thought I felt his tongue run over my cut as well, before I staggered back, with the loss of his arms around me. Luckily, I fell into the arms of the person behind me. But it didn’t help me from completely falling into their arms and passing out.


“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU RAN INTO FALL OUT BOY?” William was pissed. Jeremy had disobeyed him, yet again. He couldn’t have this newborn running around, and leading FOB to the mansion. It wasn’t going to fly. “Jeremy, you know why I made you, correct?”

“So I could lure Harper here. But I don’t want to. I love her. She’s done nothing wrong in the world. She didn’t even know what I was.” Jeremy replied, tryng to plead to William.

“I understand, but the less she knows the better. But now, Fall Out Boy is going to tell her everything. We don’t need that.” William sighed. “I’m locking you up Jeremy. Silver bars and everything.”

Jeremy sighed. So much for trying to fix things.


“Jesus Christ Pete, I think you killed her.” The female voice spoke up again, this time jokingly.

“No, Natalie, she’s passed out because she’s been worried about Jeremy for over a month, and it all just hit her like a bag of bricks. She’s passed out from the stress, lack of eating, and exhaustion.” A male voice said… was it the Pete guy?

I rolled over from where I was laying. “Ugh” came out of my mouth. It hurt to breathe. My neck hurt too. “Where am I?” I asked… because the place I was laying on wasn’t my bed, nor was it the couch in the house I shared with Paige.

“You’re in our house. I’m Natalie.” The female voice said. I turned towards her voice.

“Well I feel like shit.” I said, letting out a small groan of pain.

“That could be because Jeremy bruised your ribs. Seriously, you have huge bruises crossing your back, and on your chest. Is he seriously your boyfriend? Because I thought I was the only one stupid enough to date a vampire…” she said this with a smirk. I knew that we would be good friends.

“I was dating him before he became a vampire… he was missing for a month… and I guess in that time he became something that I didn’t think existed.” I didn’t want to realize that the boy I fell in love with was now a monster.

“He’s not completely a monster, he saved your life… well, he saved your life, and put it in danger again, but that’s something different. The point is that he saved your life.” Natalie said. I raised my eyebrow, trying to figure out how she read my thoughts. “I had the same thought when I found out Gabe was a vampire. He kept it hushed for so long, telling me he was anemic, and that his skin was always cold. Bastard lied, but oh man he was so good in bed I couldn’t resist.” I raised my eyebrow even further, and she laughed. “You have one of those faces where I trust you, and just want to tell you everything… even if it ends badly.” She laughed, and I smiled. She was going to be awesome. Just as awesome as Paige.

“Oh my god Paige.” I said, sitting up, and almost collapsing again because of the pain in my chest, and around my back.

“Paige is fine. So are the boys. Kyle and Caleb, along with everyone else you’re friends with. The only way they will get hurt is if you tell them everything. They can’t know. Vampires want to try to take over, which is why they want you. Jeremy might still love you, but he wants you for another reason, that much we’re sure of.” Natalie told me. I didn’t know what she meant by Jeremy wanting me for another reason.

“I don’t… I don’t understand. Jeremy wouldn’t have any other reason… not that I can think of… I mean, besides normal vampire shit, I can’t think of other reasons…” I told her, trying to get comfortable. I couldn’t lay down without it hurting, and I couldn’t sit up, because my neck throbbed. How deep was that cut last night?

“You’re the last of the Fitch family, right?” She asked me. I nodded. My family was killed thirteen years ago. I was seven years old, and left to figure things out on my own. My family, for some odd reason, had money coming out the ass for me, once they all died. I couldn’t touch it till I was eighteen, but I lived with a family that adopted me… Kyle’s family. That’s how I met Paige. She was his neighbor. Believe it or not, it’s actually a really nice story, Paige becoming like my sister, and Kyle being my older brother that I never had.

“Well, the Fitch family was the last of the original blood. You’re one of the last hunters from the original time. Which was back centuries ago. You are the last one that has any way of killing the vampires without stakes, guns, silver, or swords. You have this amazing inner skill that can come out and kill with a single touch. It’s amazing really.” Natalie said, pondering all of what she was telling me as she said it.

“You’re shitting me.” I said, this time sitting up, and standing. All my body wanted to do was lay back down and stop moving. But I had to find Paige, and go home. I needed to figure shit out. “I’m not a fucking hunter. My parents would have told me that, but they were murdered when I was seven, and besides, I would have known at some point by now. So fuck this whole mythological bullshit, I’m leaving.” I started to walk towards the door, I could see it, but there was a person that came out of nowhere to stand in front of me.

“You can’t leave. If the vampires see you, they’ll kill you. Or, they’ll capture you and take you to William who might do worse things, and then kill you… or worse, make you a vampire. That’s the reason they even made Jeremy… to hunt you down. We’ve been following him to try to get him with us, but he’s so brainwashed by William right now that he doesn’t know any better.” This person rambled in front of me. I tried to push around him, but it hurt. “I’m not letting you leave. You can’t. I’m Patrick by the way.”

“Well, what the fuck am I supposed to do about Paige and Caleb, and Kyle, and all of my friends. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT MY LIFE?!” I shouted. I was pissed. I wanted to go home. I wanted to go back to wondering where Jeremy was. I liked not knowing better. It was significantly better than knowing he was walking dead.

“Look, we can take you to your house when the sun comes up completely. Right now, the early morning isn’t the best time to be out. All of the vampires are gathering to head back to their covens. It’s not worth going outside.” Natalie said, taking me back to the futon I was laying on. I collapsed on the seat, pulling my hoodie up to see the extent of the damage. The huge marks around my ribs showed why it hurt to breathe, and touching them hurt more. I could feel that they were all around toward my back. And letting my shirt drop, I felt the gauze pad on my neck. It was a large wrap on the left half of my neck. It hadn’t felt like much when it happened, but now it hurt so much. I let a small tear fall. I never cried as much I have in the past month, and it was just continuing. “Well, when can we go out completely? Like, time?”

Patrick spoke up this time, his voice was soft as he sat next to me. “It’s about five am right now, and we can go to see them at eight, if not later. You can sleep more though, you look like you need it.” With that, I leaned my head against his shoulder. Something about this place made me feel safe, and even though I was being told that I was a hunter from forever ago, I believed them. I needed something to believe, and if it sounded like bullshit, it was better than the truth.


“JEREMY.” Was yelled through the mansion. A taller male came out of the room, to the den, where Jeremy was currently sitting, throwing a ball against a wall, waiting for it to bounce back to him, only to throw it again. “Jeremy what is this shit I hear about you finding your bitch and getting Fall Out Boy on your ass?” this new person said.

“Gabe, look. I don’t want to be here. I want to be human again, I’m going to hold on to any sort of semblance of normalcy for as long as I can. Your … girlfriend or whatever came out of nowhere, and started yelling at me to let her go. You have no idea how hard that was… she was bleeding, and it just smelled so good. I wanted to take her right then and there. I hate this newborn shit. I can’t control anything. I almost broke another window.” He said, gesturing to the window that was missing the glass. Earlier in the week, he was only going to shut the window, because the buzzing of mosquitoes was too noisy for his newborn vampire ears, so in closing the window, what he thought was gentle shattered the glass. “It’s fucking bullshit man.”

Gabe laughed, and sat down next to Jeremy. “Dude, listen. I’ve been seeing Natalie for way too long now, and she’s used to my bouts of rage with vampire shit. I’ve been one longer than you, longer than Caro, and I’m still pissed about it. William and I met shortly after I was made, and I’ve been his right hand since. Your problem is that you were made to capture the last Blood Hunter. You were made by William to do his bidding and nothing else. So when you disobey him, he flips a shit. Though, I do have to admit, Natalie smells amazing all the time, and it’s just a skill that you get by resisting killing. It takes a while to build up, but you’ll get it soon. Now, go find a place to sleep. It’s going to be morning soon. Don’t want to die, do you?” Gabe finished his statement, walking away, while muttering to himself little things or, “Boy’s got it bad” and “We’re fucking doomed.”


I sat up reluctantly as I heard voices. “William’s going to brainwash him, if he hasn’t already. And once he does, he’s going to be after her. And those bruises will be way worse.” It sounded like Natalie.

“Well tell your fucking boyfriend to back the fuck off and just let him be on his own.” That sounded like someone new. I didn’t want to deal with this shit. It hurt like hell to get up and walk, but I did it. I walked to the door, and outside. I needed to go home. I needed to tell Paige everything. I needed to tell them in case I died. I heard the door open after me. “HARPER. Where the fuck are you going?” the voice asked. It was Natalie.

“I need to tell my adoptive brother and best friend that in case I die, they can have my fucking car, and that I want to be cremated, if there’s anything left” I shouted back. I was tired of this bullshit. Just yesterday people were talking about my sanity behind my back, and now they were talking about Jeremy as a fucking vampire. I couldn’t deal with it. I needed to go find this William person that I want nothing to do with them, and that I want to be left alone.

“You can’t just leave. We can take you.” She said, stopping me in my tracks. I hadn’t gotten very far, because I was only walking.

“Well then take me. I need to get stuff to have if I’m being forced to stay here.” I told her, as she led me to the car we were taking. After getting into the car, and having Patrick, and the other guy come out to get in for the trip, I realized what was going on. I was going to go tell my best friend that my boyfriend, who was now a vampire, was hunting me for his master, so that they could kill me. I started laughing, but with the pain from my ribs, it wasn’t too loud.

We reached my house, and Paige was outside with Kyle, on the phone. Probably trying to figure out where I was. Caleb was sitting on the front porch writing something. As the car parked in the driveway, I got out, and Paige dropped her phone. She and Kyle ran towards me as I got out, and the first thing that happened was Paige throwing her arms around me in joy. “I’M SO GLAD YOU CAME HOME!”

I winced a bit, and pulled back. “Yeah, me too, except for the fact that the hug you just gave me hurt really really bad.” She looked at me with a curious expression on her face, so I pulled up my hoodie, showing her the bruises.

“What happened to you?” Caleb said, running over, placing his hands against my back, touching the bruises lightly. His hands were warm, a stark comparison to Jeremy’s last night. “You look like someone crushed you against their chest.” He said, coming to my front, and placing a hand on my neck, where the gauze was. I could feel the damp feeling of blood seeping through it.

“That’s because she was.” The new guy spoke up. Caleb raised an eyebrow, and Paige started laughing.

“Andy here is just trying to tell you the truth. He’s completely serious.” Natalie said, getting out of the car to walk over to them. “I’m Natalie, the one with the big hair is Andy, and the one with the hat is Patrick. We’re… well, we’re the ones who saved her ass last night, while she was out being saved from a rapist…” She realized how ridiculous she sounded, and Patrick spoke up to save her.

“Uh, can we go inside to talk about this, so we’re not in the wide open?” he asked, gesturing to the door. I took the initiative and started towards the door. Once inside though, I told them I needed to shower, and change my bandage. Natalie, Patrick and Andy would be left to tell Paige, Caleb and Kyle everything. Even the few things I was still trying to figure out.

Getting into the bathroom, I took the gauze off of my neck. The cut from the rapist’s blade had cut me more than I thought. It was at least three inches long, and just small enough that it didn’t need stitches, but was closed with butterfly closers. “Jesus.” I said, wiping the blood that was dripping from them with a damp towel.

Turning on the shower, I stripped down. This whole thing was ridiculous. How much more could I take in a twenty-four hour time period. I had Jeremy come to my window in the middle of the night, and I had found out he was a vampire, and then I was a hunter, and that I was wanted dead, or a vampire. It was bullshit. All of it.

After my shower, I placed anew gauze bandage on it. It was clean now, my neck not showing the dried blood, and my chest clean and free of the blood. My back and chest however, still held the dark bruising from Jeremy’s arms. It scared me that just a month before he would hold me in his arms, and it was tight, but it wasn’t ever bruising tight, and now, he held me, and I couldn’t breathe. It was also scary that even though he saved me, he put me in danger with himself. I didn’t know what to do. What could I do? Either kill him, or be killed.

This William person was going to be the one to reason with. What if I told him I wanted nothing to do with this, and I’d just pretend he didn’t exist if he pretended I didn’t exist either. Were vampires reasonable? Were they willing to listen? I sighed as I dressed in a pair of clean jeans, and a tee shirt of Jeremy’s. It smelled like him. And that’s when I thought about him last night. He smelled so good, like he used to, but more… intoxicating. It was such a wonderful smell. Something I had missed. Collapsing on my bed, I fell asleep again. I was still so sore from last night, and exhausted from trying to figure things out.

I had a crush on him for so long. He was a year older than Iwas, but it was perfectly fine, because he had this amazing way of being mature, and yet silly and fun at the same time. I adored him from the day I met him since he was this amazing person who knew how to make me laugh, and made me smile so big. The problem was, he had been missing for the past three weeks
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