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Shawn's current piss ups.

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Key Notes:
“Japanese talking”
“+American English talking+”
“/British English talking/”
“#Australian English talking#”
Shawn doesn’t really do anything. He drew and that was it. The boy didn’t really have to do much. Why would he need to? His two girlfriends gave him anything he wanted and his art teacher saw him as the favorite. Yep, he had it made. Too bad the girls in the art club didn’t see it that way.
“Shawn!” Junko snapped. The Goth Brit slowly looked up from his sketchbook.
“/Yeah?/” he asked. Junko looked like she wanted more.
“Have you been listening to a single word that I have said?” she asked. The Goth boy looked at the rest of the club. The girls kept their eyes locked on him. Shawn only shrugged at them.
“/No,/” he said. That really set the president off now.
“SHAWN!!!” she cried. “WHY DO WE HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS EVERY WEEK?!?” He gave her a shrug of apathy.
“/You tell me,/” he said. That did it for her.
“I am sick of your crap!” Junko screamed. “You never take this serious! Why are you in this club in the first place?” Shawn shrugged at her.
“/Hey,/” he said. “/Ono-san loves me that much!/” Junko really wanted to scream now. Instead, she stomped out of the room. Shawn looked up at her.
“/Aw, where you going, sweetheart?/” he asked.
“To get Ono-san!” Junko snapped.
“/For what?/” Shawn asked.
“TO STRAIGHTEN YOU OUT!!!” she screamed. The Goth boy shrugged at her.
“/Whatever…/” he mumbled. And the next scene? Shawn found himself sitting in Ono-san’s office. (Shocker, there!) Shawn didn’t even care. The art teacher looked worried for him.
“Shawn,” she said. “Do you know why I put you in the art club?” The boy shrugged at her.
“/To get me better opportunities for my art,/” he answered.
“Yes…” Ono-san replied. “You have such great talent and your work is so popular.” The teacher straightened up her jewelry on her wrists and earrings. The frown lines on her face began to reappear. Shawn could tell that she was really upset. That nearly surprised him. Ono-san looked right at him.
“But,” she said. “You are not taking this club seriously. Is there any reasons why?” The boy only shrugged and shook his head.
“/No…/” he replied. Ono-san looked really worried.
“Shawn,” she said. “Have you thought about your future any?” Shawn’s face still didn’t change.
“/Not really,/” he said. The art teacher let go of her bracelet. She played with her right jade and aquamarine earring.
“Shawn,” she spoke again. “I care about you and your art. But, you’re squandering it with your laziness.” “Sure you do,” Shawn thought as he rolled his eyes. “I am your show pony after all!” Ono-sensei firmly pressed her hands together.
“So for your personal assignment,” she said. “Draw out your future plan and turn in after the exams.” Shawn didn’t even blink.
“/That it?/” he asked.
“Yes,” Ono-san replied. “You can go home now.” Shawn’s face didn’t change at all.
“/Right…/” Shawn mumbled to himself.
Subject: Shawn
Shawn left the office and ran into his first girlfriend, Cherry. He rolled his eyes as she grinned at him.
“/Hiya!/” she cheered.
“/Oh great,/” he mumbled. “/You again?/” Cherry held him and kissed him on the lips.
“/Hey babes!/” she cheered. Shawn sneered at her.
“/What are you doing here?/” he asked. Cherry smiled at him.
“/You’re taking me out today, remember?/” she said. Shawn blinked at her.
“/Wha?/” he asked. Cherry kissed him again.
“/You promised me last night that you would take me out today, remember?/” she asked. Shawn blinked at her.
“/But we were drinking and snorting coke then,/” he said. His girlfriend giggled at him.
“/Pleaseeee…/” she whimpered. Shawn sighed and rolled his eyes. He hated hearing Cherry whining at him. It was so annoying.
“/Fine,/” he said. “/Let’s go!/” Cherry’s eyes lit up in delight.
“/YAY!!!!/” she cheered as she hugged him wildly. Shawn rolled his eyes again.
“/Whatever…/” he mumbled. So out they went. She led him all the way to mall. They went to all of the stores that she wanted to go to. Even worse, Shawn had to pay for it out of his own pocket.
“/And why can’t you buy this girly junk with your own money?/” he asked. “/Your dad owns that huge art gallery, remember?/” Cherry whipped around from the dresses, smiling.
“/Because, you’re my boyfriend, silly!/” she said. “/You’re supposed to buy me nice gifts!/” Shawn rolled his eyes again.
“/Nice…/” he mumbled. The boy began looking around for places that he would rather be. He looked across at the Hot Topic and noticed Nicole shopping around for a new outfit. Shawn had a grin up to his ears. “Perfect!” he thought. Now, he had an escape route. Shawn looked over at Cherry. She was still lost in the cute dresses she wanted to pick. The Goth artist looked at the Hot Topic window again. “Five, four, three, two one!” he thought.
“/Babes,/” Cherry said as she turned around. “/Do you think I should get this one or this one--/” The girl looked around, confused.
“/Shawn? Shawn?/” she asked. “/Where did you go?/” Shawn dashed all the way to Hot Topic. Nicole was just about to leave when she looked up and saw her boyfriend running towards her. A smile came onto her face.
“/Hello there, Shawn,/” she greeted him. He stood right in front of her.
“/Hey,/” the boy said. Nicole looked over his shoulder to see Cherry looking around outside of the Flirt’s Store, looking for her boyfriend. She immediately put two and two together.
“/Cherry holding you hostage again, huh?/” she asked. Shawn nodded.
“/Yeah,/” he answered. Nicole raised an eyebrow at him.
“/And I’m the escape again?/” she asked.
“/Yeah,/” Shawn admitted. There was a nice little pause. Nicole gave him a little shrug.
“/Good enough,/” she replied. Shawn smiled at her.
“/Cheers, Niki!/” he said. His other girlfriend grinned.
“/Shall we go now?/” she asked.
“/Hell yeah!/” Shawn said, quickly. Nicole smiled as she held out her hand to him. He quickly grabbed it and they raced out the mall. All without Cherry noticing a thing.
“/So,/” Nicole spoke up once they were outside. “/What’s the plan?/”
“/Do whatever,/” Shawn replied. Nicole grinned at him.
“/Let’s go to that new bar that opened up downtown!/” she cheered. Her boyfriend grinned at her.
“/Your wish is my doing, babes!/” he said. Nicole grinned as they headed downtown for more excitement.
Nicole wanted to the Glass Daisy. It had opened up two days ago. This hippie bar would make Casper proud. Woodstock in the 60’s lived here. The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, and other Woodstock idols played on the stereo twenty-four-seven. The people served anyone bar without asking any questions at all. Nobody bother to ask if the people inside were high or not. Everyone just knew it. Nicole had been dying to come here for days. Not for the atmosphere, mind you. She wanted to get pissed[1] and stoned. Shawn was up for that as well.
“/So,/” he said as they came to the front door. “/How did you find this place?/” Nicole only shrugged at him.
“/Oh,/” she said. “/Just looking around./”
“/Ah,/” Shawn said, nodding. His girlfriend smiled at him as she led him inside. They sat down at the bar. Nicole turned around to her boyfriend.
“/Just let me do all of the talking, okay?/” she told him. Shawn only shrugged at her.
“/Sure,/” he replied. Nicole lightly tapped him on the nose and turned back to the front. She fixed herself up a little bit and tried to act sexy. The tender looked up from mixing around round of drinks.
“+Ah,+” he said. “+I didn’t see you there. I was working on a new drink of mine. What would you like to drink?+” Shawn looked at him, slightly odd. “He’s American,” he thought. Nicole smiled at him.
“/What’s your best stuff here?/” she asked. The bar tender smiled at them.
“+The grass tonic is great,+” he said. “+Then, there is the Virgin Cherry Suicide and the Remedy. Plus, there the Purple Haze.+” Shawn made a slight face at all of those choices. Odd, but if they were as great as advertising… Nicole grinned at those picks.
“/Nice,/” she said. “/We’ll sample them all./” The bar tender smiled back at them.
“+Great!+” he cheered. “+I’ll be right with you in a moment.+” He went over to get their drinks. Nicole turned back to her boyfriend, smiling. Shawn looked up at the ceiling. He only hoped to be wasted by the time they left this place. The bar tender returned with their drinks.
“+Here you are,+” he said. “+Enjoy!+” Then, the tender went back to mixing up his drinks. The couple turned to each other. Nicole picked up her shot of the Remedy.
“/Drink up,/” she said. Shawn slowly took his glass and nodded. They both took a drink. It only took a few seconds for them to swallow in disgust. They tried to chase the bad taste away went the other three. Same results ensued. Shawn looked over at his girlfriend.
“/That bad?/” he asked.
“/Yeah,/” Nicole said, nodding. Just then, Shawn’s cell phone rang. She looked over at him as he made a bitter face at her.
“/Cherry calling again?/” she asked. Shawn nodded. The phone rang a few seconds more.
“/Aren’t you going to answer that?/” Nicole asked. Her boyfriend shook his head.
“/Nah,/” he replied. The phone rang again as the silence grew more painful. Shawn finally shut off his phone and looked up at Nicole again.
“/Want to get out of here?/” he asked.
“/And go where?/” she questioned. Shawn only shrugged at her.
“/My place…/” he said. Nicole only sighed.
“/Sure,/” she mumbled.
“/Let’s go,/” he whispered. Then, Shawn took her by the hand and led her out of the bar. They both made it back to his house.
“/Is your mum in?/” Nicole asked as they walked into the living room. Shawn looked around for a moment.
“/Doesn’t look like it,/” he replied. Nicole nodded a little bit.
“/Now what?/” she asked. Shawn turned to her, grinning.
“/What else?/” he said. Nicole grinned at him.
“/Oooo…/” she replied. Shawn kissed her heavily on the lips. She was more than happy to kiss back. The sexy game unfolded from there. He took her back to his room while they kept on kissing. He pinned her right down onto the bed. Nicole quickly took off his shirt. Shawn kissed down onto her neck as a result. They stripped down from there and shagged like little bunnies. Not only did they have sex, the couple blew through coke, watched TV, smoked, and drank all through the night. By morning, the mood changed. Nicole looked up at Shawn in bed.
“/Hey Shawn,/” she said.
“/Hm?/” her boyfriend asked.
“/What do you want to do with your life?/” He shrugged at her.
“/F**k around, drink, party, and stuff like that./”
“/No, I mean in the future./” Shawn thought about that for a moment and shrugged.
“/I don’t know, why?/” Nicole shrugged at him.
“/Just thought that I would ask…/” Both went silent. Shawn looked down at Nicole.
“/And you?/” She smiled warmly.
“/I applied for the School of Dance in New York. I should hear back from them in a few weeks. My teacher pushed me to try it./”
“/Ah./” Both said no more after that. Suddenly, Shawn felt a great moment of inspiration. He looked down at his girlfriend.
“/You have to go anywhere now?/” he asked. Nicole looked at him confused.
“/No, why?/” she asked. Shawn at her, smoothly.
“/Don’t move!/” he ordered. Then, the boy leapt out of boy and got his sketch book. Nicole looked around.
“/This another drawing?/” she asked.
“/And my future!/” Shawn replied. He got right to work on his latest picture. The sexy imagery of Nicole as a girl dancing until she died as a sacrifice to bring a green spring for the people of her remote village made his adrenaline fire like crazy. Nicole looked on with curiosity.
“/What brought this on?/” she asked.
“/Shut up and let me work!/” Shawn barked. “/I’m in the middle of a flow!/” Nicole sat back some.
“/Okay…/” she mumbled. Shawn was finished in close to two hours. He held up his drawing and grinned.
“/Can I see?/” his girlfriend asked. Shawn smirked at the drawing as she spoke.
“/Oh, you will one day,/” he replied. “You will one day!/” Now, he had a piece of the answer to his future. But until then, he was just going to keep pissing up until graduation. Just as long as Nicole was there by his side until the very end. But, things have a funny way of changing…

[1] Pissed= Drunk to the Brits
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