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the best day ever

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Gerard is in the comfort of his own home again

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My mom held me so tight, I haven’t been this close to someone for weeks, I haven’t saw my parents for a while, they were in France celebrating their 25 years of marriage.
“Mom, too tight,” I struggled for breath.
“Gee?” Mikey asked from the stairs.
“Hey dad, Hey Mikey,” I said.
“Why are you here?” Mikey asked.
“I need somewhere to stay, I can’t be with Ray anymore, he keeps hurting me, he is always drunk, I need somewhere to stay away from him, could I stay here?” I asked.
“Of course Gerard! Why didn’t you tell us sooner, we could have saved you from him,” Mom said. She hugged me.
“Mom your hurting a bit,” I said. He was squeezing on my bruises and cuts.
“Sorry darling, now go to your room, have some sleep, then come down have something to eat,” mom said.
“Thanks mom,” I said. I kissed her forehead.
I went up to my room. I was still the same, like time had stood still in here. The posters and the drawing on my wall, my desk covered in papers, drawings and wires from different things. I sat on my bed. I loved my room, I felt so at home.
I lay down and fell asleep as the rain hit against the window.

I heard a knock on the door. It opened. It was Mikey, He had a glass of soda and a plate of Cookies, probably Grandmother’s cookies, she baked them every weekend for us as a kid.
“I made them this morning, I know how much you like Gran’s cookies,” he said.
“Come on then sit down,” I said.
He sat next to me. He gasped.
“Gee! Those bruises! He gave them to you didn’t he?” he asked.
“Mikey, please, he did but he is gone now,” I said.
“No Gee, he hurt you, if he comes one step near you, I will fucking kill him,” he said.
“Don’t say that,” I said.
“I mean it,” he said.
“Please, just lets not talk about it, how is life?” I asked.
“Well, I’m with a guy called Bob, he amazing, he is a drummer, we haven’t…you know… done it… we want to wait,” he said.
“It’s good to know you have finally found some, someone who doesn’t rush you into things,” I said.
“And mom has made friends with the new woman next door, she has a kid, well a son with her, he is about our age, but we haven’t talked,” I said.
“Have you saw him?” I asked.
“A five second glance,” he answered.
“Good looking?” I asked.
“Umm… yeah… in five seconds I would say so,” he answered.
“I’ve missed you Gee,” he said.
“I’ve missed you too,” I said.
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