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Dirty Diana

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All demons must be returned to their rightful place.

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On a rainy, dark night, Rory McMalkin walked into an old rundown bar. The bartender was cleaning and only five other people were inside. Rory mumbled a drink to the bartender, scanning the room as he waited for his beverage.

“Here you go sir,” the bartender said politely.

“Thanks,” Rory said back before he slowly pulled down his hood, revealing his face. Rory was eighteen, but these days anyone could enter a bar and get a drink. Not a single line creased the boy’s face, it gleamed with youth and innocence. His hair was scruffy and black, stopping just before his wide hazel eyes.

“Why does someone with such a cute face walk into our neck of the woods?” the bartender asked, leaning on the counter.

“I‘m looking for someone,” Rory answered quietly but smiled widely.

“And that would be…” Rory‘s lips changed from a smile to a pucker, thinking deeply.

“Her name starts with a D I believe,” he trailed off, not sure who he was exactly looking for.

“Ah, Diana?” the bartender offered. Rory nodded excitedly and the bartender laughed. “Are you sure you want to get tangled with her?” Rory nodded again. “Have you heard about her?” Rory shook his head and the bartender laugh uncertainly. “Have fun boy, she’s over in that corner by the way,” he informed pointing over to a dimly lit corner where only shadows could be seen.

Rory sat a few tables away, observing the woman he was advised to see. He wasn‘t sure why but his therapist recommended it, ‘just in case‘. Rory didn‘t have the vaguest idea as to why he was told to, but he guessed he would find out soon. Rory took a big gulp of his beer and began assessing the woman in the corner.

She was adorned in an elegant flowing red dress with a slit stopping mid-thigh, something excessively fancy for the run down bar. She sat with perfect posture with her hands folded across her lap and her long legs crossed sophisticatedly. She had the skin of a porcelain doll, smooth, pale and unmarked. Her hair was a silky auburn with soft curls falling just below her bust line. From where he sat, Rory believed she had some kind of blue or green eyes, but he couldn‘t quite tell.

Rory went to stand up before he saw ‘Diana’ lean forward and rest her chin on her intertwined fingers. He gasped lightly when a man leant forward as well brushing a stray hair from the woman’s face. Rory quickly sat down and looked around the whole bar purposely avoiding that corner.

Rory caught eyes with the bartender and he was waved over. He pushed himself up using the table and took a deep breath before he walked to the counter.

“If you go talk to her now, she’ll give you a present,” the bartender laughed suggestively, Rory couldn’t help but grin himself.

“Oh yeah, what kind of present may that be?” he asked leaning against the counter so he could look at Diana and still listen to the bartender.

“You’ll just have to go and talk to her.” Rory looked at the man beside him. He laughed heartily and took his towel off his shoulder and carried on with cleaning glasses.

Taking one big deep breath to prepare himself, Rory slowly swaggered over to that corner he’d been weary about, the woman seemed to be calling his name.

“Diana?” he questioned, just to make sure it was her. The electric blue-eyed beauty looked at him and her ruby red lips twitched into a smile. “So her eyes are blue,” he whispered breathlessly to himself. Fortunately for him, no one else heard.

“Yes I’m Diana, and you are…” she trailed off looking him up and down once and then awaited his response.

Rory was captivated, and every word he wanted to speak he had to put extra strain on his tongue just to force it out. “I-I am Rory,” he stuttered while he played with the odds and ends in his pockets.

“Rory, have you heard what they call me?” she asked him flashing him a toothy smile. Rory cranked the gears in his head manually instead of them cranking by themselves automatically. Rory tried to think, but he couldn’t seem to get an answer. He could barely remember her first name, how could her remember a nickname? Rory decided to just pull something out of his ass, trying not to look overly dumb and corny.

“You die when you see her, because she so breathtakingly beautiful,” he said, smiling charmingly. Diana laughed even though it had nothing to do with her question. Rory laughed uncomfortably and clenched his pocketed fists. At least he sounded less boyish than he expected.

“You sure are cute,” she giggled as she tugged at his arm, pulling it across his body so she could look at his backside. Rory could feel heat crawling up his neck he knew he was blushing. He wished he could’ve stopped it, but he knew she would no doubt see his cherry red neck now. If Rory could do this again, he’d walk over with his hood on, just for precautions.

Diana stood up and came up to Rory. He silently thanked the gods that he was taller than her, but it was only by a forehead.

“They call me Dirty Diana,” she informed him as she slinked behind him. Perverted thoughts instantly consumed Rory’s mind, he couldn’t help himself.

“May I ask why?” Rory asked as he felt a confident smile creep onto his face as he went to turn around to look at her once again, but Diana stopped him.

“I do people’s dirty work,” she announced, peaking around his arm to look at the man she was once sitting with. Rory was astounded that that man of that calibre didn’t stand up and beat him senseless. Rory reached his right hand up to scratch his head, attempting to piece everything together.

A gunshot went off in the bar. Rory whipped his head around to look at the bartender, but he seemed unfazed. Next, to the man that was with Diana. Bullet hole right in between his eyes. Rory felt fear bundle inside him as he went to look at Diana. When he did, his mouth fell open.

In the delicate hands of some gorgeous woman, was a magnum pistol. She smirked as she blew the smoke from the tip of her gun.
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