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Dead to the world.

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Gerard wakes up in the dream-world.

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My eyes swam beneath my eyelids as I tried to make sense of what had happened. I could feel the hard floor I was lying on, and a dim monotonous roaring was winding its way through my brain. I felt someone’s hand on my forehead, smoothing away the hair that was slicked to my head with sweat. I tried to open my eyes; but they felt as if they had been sewn shut.
Flickers of images flitted past my conscience- disjointed pictures of my band members, the crowd I had just been entertaining, blood pooling on a stone floor, the flash of someone’s narrowed eye.
I willed my mind to stay above water, I did not want to watch the guillotine scene again, and I didn’t know if I could handle it anymore. Almost as if I had jinxed my thoughts, I felt the few snatches of reality fade from grasp; retreating into oblivion.
I opened my eyes.
I saw Frank standing worriedly above me, but something was wrong. This wasn’t reality.
I was stuck in my dreams.
His hands were tied together with a frayed rope, and his sorrowful eyes looked exhausted beneath the dark bruising of his face. I saw his eyes flicker as if he were about to pass out, and then a dark, veiny hand descended over his shoulder and yanked him backwards as if he were no more than a sack of potatoes.
I saw Frank crash into the hard wooden platform and lie still.
I tried to sit up to help him, but my body seemed glued to the floor, I couldn’t even move my eyes back and forth. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw a man wearing an old-fashioned police uniform come to stand above me.
He screwed his eyes up in scrutiny before roughly slamming my eyelids shut. My world turned black. I could still hear the movements of the official above me, the footsteps of another.
“He’s dead.” A voice sounded above me.
Dead? Is he talking about me? I’m not dead. I’m just dreaming.
I heard the crowd below the platform groan in disappointment. One less person to execute… that was no fun.
“Well, better get on with the rest, then.” I heard the voice above me speak again.
I tried again to open my eyes, my mouth. My mind was fighting against my limp body. I couldn’t move as hard as I tried.
My body was dead, but my mind is still here.
I heard Frank’s body being heaved from where he landed.
The sound of metal against metal as the guillotine was hoisted into position.
I could hear Frank’s sobbing, as he was dragged towards the noise of the waiting blade.
I felt as if my mind was about to explode from helplessness.
I have to help him…
But no matter what I tried, my body remained dead.
I heard a rope being tightened.
A quiet order from the official,
The sheen of the metal blade sliding down the shaft,
And finally,


Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.
“Heart rate is returning to normal.”

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

“…fever has broken…”

Thump. Thump.


The thumping noise continued in my head, over and over.

“Can you hear me?”

Oh, it’s just my heart.

“Gee, it’s Frank here. Please answer.”

Was Frank crying?

“Please open your eyes…”

I strained to open my eyes, expecting them to stay shut. To my delight, my eyelids shot open, and Frank’s face came into view.
I almost cried with relief. I was back in reality!!!
Frank’s eyes were dripping with tears, but as soon as my eyes came into focus, he gave a huge sigh and dropped his head onto my chest.

“Oh Gee, I thought you’d never wake up.” Frank sobbed happily.

Lost for words, I hugged Frank to me, savoring my delight at being home, back in the real world.


I had woken up just off-stage, lying on a stretcher, being attended to by the local doctor. I was under strict orders to eat and drink lots, and to stay in someone’s company at all times, which I was more than happy to do.
Of course, Frankie had volunteered to stay with me while I was recovering.
Once I had been stabilized, I had been carried back to the tour bus on the stretcher, happily sipping from a huge fruit smoothie. I was so happy to be away from the nightmare, that all my other problems were minor.
A huge sense of love seemed to envelope all the people around me. I felt like running up to every person I saw and giving them a huge hug.
I now lay in my bunk on the bus, curled around Frankie’s body, my head on his chest.

“Frankie?” I asked


“What did the doctor say was wrong with me?”

“He put it down the stress.” Frankie murmured. “You need to take it easy, big-boy.”

I smiled at Frank’s pet name.

“But you know it was the dreams, right?” I prompted him.

Sighing deeply, he pressed a kiss to the top of my head and held me close.

“Yeah Gee, I know.”

I looked down at my hand resting on Frank’s stomach.

“What do I do about it?” I asked, sliding my hand around to Frank’s side. With feather light movements, I started stroking his side.

Frank inhaled sharply. I inwardly laughed. He was so ticklish. Without making it seem obvious, I moved my hand to his hip, finding one of his most ticklish spots, and stroking it softly.

Biting my lip to keep from laughing, I looked up at Frank. His eyes were screwed shut and a smile was lifting the corners of his mouth.

“Frank?” I asked as innocently as I could, quickening the pace of my quiet tickling.

“You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you?” Frank asked in a strained voice.

Smirking, I moved my fingers from his hip to the soft spot of skin near the waistband of his jeans.

“Doing what on purpose?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

“You don’t know what you’re doing to me…” Frank said, his breath coming in huffs.

I looked down at his waist, and saw exactly what I was doing to him. A rush of butterflies flitted through my midsection. Do I really do that to him??

I decided to play along with him, my own elated mood driving me to make rash decisions.

“You know Frankie…” I started, as I drew small circles nearer and nearer the top of his jeans, “We should go camping…”

Frank didn’t speak for a few moments; he was too busy trying to get his body under control

I threw one of my legs over his, pressing my stomach and chest against his side.

“Why….Why should we go camping, Gee?” Frank breathed, his body tensing under mine.
I saw the slight bulge of his pants grow a little bit.

I smirked. “…Because you seem to have a tent there.” I said, gesturing pointedly to his crotch.

Frank stopped breathing for a few moments, his whole body tensed against my reaction.

Giggling softly, I pressed a kiss to his chest.

Frank moaned softly and relaxed, relieved to know that I didn’t mind about his little ‘problem’.

To be honest, I didn’t mind in the slightest, I was excited that I could make his body react to my touch, and as I thought this, I felt my own body starting to react to his.

I pressed another kiss to his chest, causing Frank to moan again.

“Gee…” He whispered.

“Shh.” I said, pushing my hips towards his side.

Frank gasped when he felt my ‘tent’ press into the side of his hip. I shifted my body upwards so that I was closer to his face. Propping myself up on one elbow I looked down on his face. His eyes looked searchingly into mine for a long moment. No words needed to be said, we both knew what we getting ourselves into.

I leant down closer to his face, so that our foreheads were touching. I could feel Frank’s breath against my lips. I moved my hand from his waist up to his head, and gently pulled, pushing his lips towards mine.

As our lips softly touched, I felt a rush of excitement build slowly within me. His lips were soft and yielding, just as I remembered, but this kiss was different. I felt his body shift towards me, taking initiative; I threw my leg over his side and hovered over his body, our lips still motionless against each others.
As I slowly lowered my body over his, he grabbed my hair forcefully, smashing his lips closer to mine. I opened my mouth slightly and bit his bottom lip softly. Frank let out a frustrated moan.
Releasing his bottom lip from my teeth, I put both my hand on his jaw, and kissed him again, this time deeper. Frank let go of my hair and placed both of his hands on my lower back, pushing my body closer to his.
I could feel my body starting to lose control, and I knew Frank was slowly losing is as well. My body yearned to feel his hips pressed against mine.
As if Frank was reading my thoughts, he bucked his hips upward. I moaned loudly, so deeply lost in the moment that I couldn’t care less if anyone heard me. Putting both my hands on either side of Frank’s head, I licked along the line of Frank’s lips, hearing his answering moan.
Both craving more, we let our tongues meet in the middle, then sliding apart after the slightest touch. I pressed my hips down onto Frank’s, and sought out his tongue again.
Our movements were getting quicker, our lust feeding off each other.
I needed more.
I slipped my fingers underneath the hem of Frank’s shirt and heaved it off his body, and then following with my shirt. I needed to feel our skin touching. His torso was warm and I could feel his rapid heart beat matching mine.
I moved my lips from his, and kissed a line down the side of his neck, biting softly when I got to his collarbone.
Frank stiffened and then let out a long breath, his hips desperately seeking out mine.
I kept kissing down his body, taking special notice of his toned chest and stomach.
I shifted my body downwards so that I was now sitting on his legs, my face hovering over his midsection.
I dragged my nails down his sides, hooking my fingers under the waistband of his jeans and tugging slightly.
Frank leaned up slightly with ruffled hair and looked questioningly at me.

“Are you sure, Gee?” He asked, out of breath.

In response, I unbuttoned his jeans and slid down his fly. Frank’s breath hitched slightly, and he lay back down on the bunk, his hands twisting in my hair.
In one short movement, I had his jeans and jocks off. I paused for a moment, steadying myself for what I was about to do. I took him in my hand. Running my fingers up and down his length and marvelling at the smoothness. Frank’s hands wound deeper in my hair and his breath started to come quicker.
Giving myself a moment to lose all my inhibitions, I took his manhood into my mouth, sliding down his shaft.
Frank bucked his hips up, and I tried not to gag as he hit the back of my mouth. Reasserting myself, I started slowly, licking around the head and inch by inch working my way up and down his length. I was surprised at how good he tasted.
I moved my mouth a little quicker, knowing exactly what it took. Each time I moved my mouth to the tip, I swirled my tongue around the head, being rewarded by a deep moan by Frank each time.

“Gee, stop... I’m going to…” Frank huffed, unable to finish his sentence.

I quickened my pace again, scratching my fingernails down his hips. I could feel him hardening even more inside my mouth, and knew what was coming.
With a small buck to his hips, Frank let out a loud moan, shooting his seed into my mouth. Not knowing if spitting it out would offend him, I swallowed, again, surprised by how good he tasted. Frank’s body relaxed as his release finished, his hands slowly untangling themselves from my hair.

Without warning, the bus door clanged open, bringing the sounds of footsteps climbing the stairs.

“You guys still here?” Mikey’s voice called.

I met Frank’s eyes in a panic. I quickly helped him back into his jeans and shirt before lying back on his chest, trying to look innocent. Leaning towards Frank, I hid my hardness between our bodies.
Just as soon as we had settles ourselves, the curtain to my bunk flew open and revealed Mikey and Bob peering anxiously in.

“You okay Gee?” Mikey asked, smiling cheerfully.

I tried to keep the blush from creeping up my neck.

“Yeah I’m feeling better, thanks.” I said softly, praying to God that they would leave.

“Well, come on then. I’ll make you something to eat.” Bob said, walking off towards the kitchen. Mikey gave one more smile at me before following Bob.

I glanced upwards at Frank and saw that he was giggling silently. Our eyes met again, and in unison we both let out a huge burst of laughter.

“Ohhh, man that was close.” Frank laughed, his body shaking in mirth.

Unfortunately, his vibrating body was making certain ‘parts’ of me grow uncomfortable. I shifted slightly and let my laughter fade out.

“Errr…” I started, trying not to make everything seem awkward.

Frank look confused for a moment, and then his eyes widened in understanding.

“Pity we didn’t get more time…” Frank said wistfully, running his hand down my clothed chest.

“I better… go to the bathroom.” I said, getting up from the bunk, trying to tuck my erection away.

As I walked away I heard Frank sit up.

“Gee?” He questioned at my back.

“Yeah, Frankie?”

“What did this mean to you?” He asked, looking a bit awkward.

I paused for a second, then turned a faced him.

“It meant everything, Frankie.”

Turning back around towards the bathroom, I realized how much more important Frank just became to my life. For the first time since my nightmares had started, I felt utterly at peace with myself.


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