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Category: Cirque du Freak - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Horror - Characters: Darren Shan - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2010-07-25 - Updated: 2010-07-25 - 1318 words

Freak Disclaimer: not mine, except for Nyx!Warning: character death, nakedness, guns and extreme female power! Go girls!


Nymphadora! Nymphadora! Wakey, wakey!"

My name is Nymphadora aka Nyx as I like to be called, have once again, been wakened by the sound of my mentors voice, and his fist pounding on the lid of my coffin. I pull a lever just to my left and drop down through the bottom and on to a matress below me, (you have no idea how long it took me to nail that trick!) the false bottom snapping closed silently and with out a trace of ever being . C or Mr. Crepsley as he likes to be called still has not figured out how I do this... If he has, he does a damn good job acting like he hasn't.I lay still for a moment, listening for what I know is comming. A long squeak, my coffin lid opening. A low curse, Mr. C and finally... "Damn it girl! If you are with Master Shanus Von again, I swear I will have a pair of human snake boots by dawn!" I have to smile at that. You see, Shanus Von, Evra Von, the Snake man's son. He's eighteen, I'm fifteen, and we are technicly a couple... (What can I say? I have odd tastes...)

We are dating but it's one we both know won't last. Since I'm a vampire and he's a human ( a scalely human but still a human) I won't age like he will, we both understand that one day we'll part ways and that will be that, so we're making the best of honestly I'm starting to want more... Strange right? And the more I think about it, the more I want, well, a man... One who is of my own kind... A vampire I mean. Though I really like Shanus, I really do, but lately, things have changed... He's getting pushy, he wants to go all the way but, I'm just not ready to take that step.

Anyway you're probably wondering how I came to the Cirque. Mr. C took me in when my parents died when I was about five months old, he's like a father to me, and he acts like one to its the full extent, too. He does not like the fact that Shanus and I are interested in each thinks I'm too young to even be thinking about boys, that I should still be convinced that they have cooties and think they're icky... I think he is sadly mistaken and needs to realize that those years are long gone. You can see where the arguement lies. But I love him anyway.

I get up off the matress and slip on my clothes that I picked out last night, I sleep naked by the way... Reason being?Have you ever spent a summer day reaching ninety plus degrees in a trailer, inside a coffin? I didn't think so. It's damn hot though, and I don't like the feeling of clothes when I sleep. Plus we vampires tend to lack human modesty, to some extent. Shanus thinks it's dead sexy! I think he's being a pig. But I get dressed, in black leather pants, black tank top, wepons belt, high heeled bad ass black leather boots and of course my whip chain and staff. Mr. Tall and Mr. C taught me how to fight with old wepons. Whip chains are fun and scary looking but I never leave with out my staff. Call it a vampires security blanket.

I'm the 'wepons master act' here at the cirque. I'm also the one who helps keep the wolfman under comtrol, if he decides to attack anyone... And when I say control I mean shoot to kill, as in put him down... You see after he killed a kid a while back, Mr. Tall started kicking around the idea of putting the poor beast out of his , Mr. Tall has a soft spot for the critter... And could never pull the trigger himself. So of course, it had to me to do it, should the beast decide to act on his more primal urges... Joy.I clean up a bit, throw on my stage make-up, fix up my hair a bit, throw my red sash on and I'm ready to go.

I climb up the latter from the small 'room' beneith my trailer."Nymphadora, I have been looking for you." Mr. C called as I walked out from behind my trailer. "Were you now?" Mr. Crepsley looked miffed, this can only mean one thing... "Yes I have... Mr. Tall needs you to have your... wepon ready, just in case, he's bringing out the wolfman tonight." It's against vampire laws for a vampire to use a gun. I don't really like useing one, it feels all wrong, but I really have no other choice. And apparently I have one hellofa shot, acording to TwoBellies and Limbs. I don't like going against the vampire laws, but I still can't shake the thrill of holding that ice cold metal and knowing I can either save a life... Or end one if I so chose. Mr. C hates the fact that I have to carry a gun. Mr. Tall on the other hand dosen't give a damn.

The two have been at odds with each other for a while... Acording to Limbs they were and still are good friends, but I don't see it, they argue a bit now... I can't help but wonder whathappened. As for the gun... I deal with it, and pray I don't have to use it.I nodded, "Alright I'll be ready." Mr.C nods and walks off to... Do whatever the hell he does. I on the other hand, went back in to my trailer and brought out the big gun... Literaly. It was an AR15 rifle. Like I said, shoot to kill. I know it's illegal for a fifteen year old to carry a gun let alone a rifle, but Mr. Tall has his own set of rules, and since I'm a vampire well, I could really care less about human laws.

"Well... hello, kitten..." I smiled, there was only one guy in the world who'd call me kitten while I had a loaded rifle in my hands and not get shot. "Easy, snake boy... Just because I haven't bitten you yet doesn't mean I won't." Shanus wrapped his scaley arms around me and started kissing my neck, his extra long tongue flicking over my pulse, a major hot spot of mine... "Bite me, baby and I'll give you a tummy ache from hell. Snake blood is not good for vampires remember?" He had me there, I'll give him that. "True..." I say. We both hear Evra calling him.

He gives me a quick kiss on the cheek and wishes me luck. Yeah, luck... To bad the luck of the vampires wasn't with me that night...( Later that night)"Be ready with that." Mr. Tall tells me. I nod, I wasn't preforming tonight, I alternate with the wolfman, if I go on, he doesn't, and visa versa. I stood in the back a few feet from Mr. Tall and was ready to roll as the stage hands got the wolfman. I was so sure nothing was going to happen and I regrettably let my guard down a little. I wondered what it was like to you know, make love.. I'd been thinking on it for a while... Shanus swore he loved me, but did I believe him? Did I love him back?"Let me ask for complete silence, for our final act tonight... Any sudden sounds could wake him up..." Blah, blah, blah same old warning... Hopefully the people here would listen.
The wolf man was led out of his cage whimpering and howling softly, everything was fine...

Or at least so we thought...
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