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Sanguinary Blue

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Kyo's a prince on his way home when his ship gets intercepted by pirates. DxKy. Yaoi

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A/N: So this is the first fic I’ve written in forever. I don’t know how its going to turn out. At all. So it may get a higher rating and more warnings later on. But here’s the 1st chapter. Yay!


I stared out at the ocean, my blond hair whipping behind me, I pulled my jacket tighter around my small frame. I was still not used to the harsh wind biting at my exposed skin.

It had been weeks since I had seen anything resembling land, and even longer since I’d last seen my family; however, finally I would be home in less than three days. I had been told we were making good progress, but the days were stringing together and I no longer had any sense of time.

I had spent the last six months with my soon-to-be wife Hana, a cute girl that would make a great wife, though we had nothing in common. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to get married. I was barely nineteen and I would have to be married before the year was over--A rule left over from when royal families inter-married and no one lived past thirty. Those days were long gone now and I saw no reason to marry before I was in love. I shook my head, turning away from the water, as though it was the reason I was being so contemplative. No matter how I felt, I didn’t have a choice in the end.

Watching the crewmen work made me feel useless, there was no way that I could help them complete this journey other than sitting out of the way, minding my own business. I was jealous; to say the least, of their carefree ways, the way they could go home to their lovers, while I was held to higher standards with a girl I barely knew.

Getting up, I decided that I needed some food. Below decks housed most of the merchant ship’s necessities, sleeping quarters, the galley, and the bathroom. I snuck cautiously into the galley, hoping no one would catch me. It wasn’t like they could say anything to me, but I preferred to avoid the situation completely.

Rummaging through the cabinets, I could find nothing that didn’t have to be prepared. My cooking skills were limited to boiling water, and even then I had someone watching over me. Finally, I found some dried meat on the top shelf of the highest cabinet, which might be easy for someone else to reach, but I was only a little over five feet tall. I climbed on top of a nearby stool to reach my prize, only to find that I still couldn’t reach. Standing on my tiptoes, I stretched as far as I could, barely grazing the bottom of the package with my fingertips.

The door slammed open as the cook walked in, surprising me enough that I lost my balance, falling backwards, and hitting the ground with a loud crash.

“What’s going on in here?” the cook bellowed as he took in my fall. I opened my mouth to respond when the sounds of battle erupted and the door burst open again.

“We’re under attack!” one of the crewmembers cried out, a sword jutting out of his chest. His shirt, once a snowy white, was now stained crimson with his blood. He toppled forward as the cook unceremoniously grabbed my wrist and threw me into one of the storage closets, shutting the door so I couldn’t see what was happening.

There I sat, my only companions being a couple of mops and a bucket, while an epic battle raged on in the galley. There were grunts and groans as swords clashed and I had no idea who was winning. Then there was silence. I didn’t know what was going on, and though I had the urge to peer out, I knew I should wait. Boot steps fell heavily on the floor and the closet door was forced open. I had to squint at the sudden exposure to light. The first thing to register was the cook, dead on the floor in a pool of blood, and when I looked up, I saw the man that murdered him.

His dyed purple hair framed a face befitting a courtesan. I had always heard stories of pirates growing up and in those stories; they had been ugly vile creatures unfitting to be part of the human race. This man; however, was nothing like those men, and though he looked battle-hardened and strong, it was hard to believe he had been the one to kill the cook. He looked like he could be a gentleman of honor and integrity, not a cruel, murderous pirate. At least, it was hard to believe until he jerked me out of the closet, ripping my clothes in the process.

I’d had martial training before and could probably hold my own for a few minutes, so I scrambled over to grab the sword that was jutting out of the crewman’s back. Getting back to my feet, I figured I could keep this man at bay until one of the crewmen could come rescue me. We both squared off, ready to duel. When he lunged at me, I sidestepped, barely, and before I could swing at him, he had quickly regained his balance. This game continued and I began to grow tired, my responses weren’t as quick and I knew then, that no one was going to come rescue me. I shut my eyes, ready to hear the sickening squelch of my skin being ripped open. Instead, the door burst open a third time.

“Kaoru!” a voice commanded. I cracked my eyes open and there, in the doorway stood the silhouette of a man. My assailant lowered his sword and stepped away from me.

“Sorry Die, there’s only one more left. I just figured I’d finish him off so there would be no witnesses” Kaoru replied, eyeing me. The man named Die stepped down into the room and I was able to see him clearer. His fiery red hair stuck out in tufts like a lion’s mane. His attire was much like Kaoru’s, except there was something in the way he was holding himself, that proved his seniority over the other man. He gave me a smile, his surprisingly nice teeth bared, when he noticed I was staring and I turned away blushing; he had the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen.

There were a few minutes of silence as I analyzed the floor, until I heard quiet laughter coming from the redheads direction and I felt him draw closer, stepping between Kaoru and me.

“I think we should keep this one alive” He brought his hand under my chin and tilted my face upwards, staring at me intently. Kaoru snorted as if this was a routine for his captain, it was a little awkward but I couldn’t help but feel appreciative. I had just been spared by a pirate. Die; however, did not find it funny and gave Kaoru a look. Kaoru bowed sheepishly and mumbled an apology before heading upstairs to the deck.

Die turned back to me, “you don’t really have a choice in the matter, but you’ll be safe as long as you don’t cause any trouble.” He said it reassuringly, but I could hear the underlying threat. He obviously didn’t know who I was, and I was not inclined to tell him lest he decide to do something drastic, so I merely nodded and followed him up into the open air.

Surveying the damage, I found that every one of the crew members had been killed. I watched numbly as Die’s crew looted the bodies. There was something surreal about the scene in front of me; as if any second now the crew members would get up and laugh about how they had tricked me, about how I should have seen my face. It never happened.

After the merchant ship had been raided and everything of value had been taken off the ship, my valuables included, I was once again grabbed unceremoniously by the arm and carted over onto the red and black galleon that was floating parallel to the ship I had been on.

The black skull and crossbones flag fluttered above, serving as a warning to all that dared sail the seas. This ship brought death and today was no exception. I watched horrified as sinister men took the oil we were transporting and covered the looted ship’s decks with it. They snickered as they threw a torch onto the deck and burst into laughter as it was engulfed in flames. I could only stand there numb as reality began to sink in.


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