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Dancing With Wolves

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Life for teenage Frank Iero was pretty normal, at least until the full moon comes around... (Frerard)

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Yo. :) I really liked this idea for a story so I decided to try it out. I won't continue it though if reviews are bad. All I ask is for your input.


I padded through the trees, taking my time just exploring areas I already knew. I came here enough to know almost every crook and crevice of Eagle Rock. It was the only wide expanse of forest in New Jersey and it happened to be a reservation. Belleville wasn't too far off so it was easy to get to in a matter of an hour or so on foot. The only other places that could be even considered as a place for a wolf to linger was the couple of golf courses in the area.

My stomach growled and I looked up at the night's full moon. It was a good four or so hours until sunrise. A hunt couldn't hurt.

I sniffed the air and caught the fresh scent of rabbit. Not big game, but hell, it was snack time. Following the scent, I made my way south, my hunger growing as the scent got stronger and fresher. I stopped, knowing that the scent was too recent for the rabbit to be far off. I crouched and gazed forward, my keen eyes scanning the area of trees around me. There. I saw the rabbit nibbling on some sort of grass. I tensed my back legs and locked on to the creature, then pounced. I landed near the creature and took chase as it bolted.

It didn't take long for me to have the rabbit under me and with a quick snap of teeth and jaws I had snapped its neck. As I began my feast of bunny, I allowed my mind to wander.

Today was only Wednesday so I needed to be back before dawn for school. Being only fifteen and with this "condition" was definitely not a plus. Plus my friends were always so suspicious of how I was always so tired every now and again. I mean, its not like I get any sleep on full moons nights.

Werewolves can change at basically any moment they want. Their abilities are very much under their own control. However, on full moon nights, the energy from Mother Moon is too strong for even us to resist and whether we like it or not, we change. Tonight was one of those nights.

I ripped off a good chunk of flesh and chewed it idly, my tail slapping the ground behind me. I couldn't say I didn't enjoy this life, but it did make relationships near impossible. I couldn't ever just keep this from someone I loved.

And, well, not only was I a lycan, but I was a gay one. I hadn't exactly had anyone to teach me, but I read that males liking other males in a pack was normal. If it was necessary, a male lycan could even produce OFFSPRING. Any same sex activity between females was highly forbidden though, which I found slightly fucked up.

I didn't know any of this for sure though. I didn't have a pack to teach me. I suppose I had been abandoned as a pup, because I spent most of my human life in an orphanage. I was adopted when I was 9 by the Ieros. Hence my name, Frank Iero. Of course my foster parents knew none of this. They would roll over and die before they accepted that they had adopted a monster. They were the religious type. Church every Sunday, volunteers at any church activity, and making sure they pushed me to "charm" any churchgoing girl my age they saw.

I finished off my rabbit and took another glance at the moon. It was nearing the horizon which meant I had to get home soon. With a last longing look at the trees around me, I darted off, on my way back to Belleville.


Well...? I know it was kinda short, but I was pressed for time. R&R for me, please!
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