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Chapter 2- A Father's Wish

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Lloyd and Sheena take off toward Derris-Kharlan, where they reunite with Kratos, only to learn that he has called them to carry out a mission--a planet called Weyward is in danger of being destroye...

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Winds of Fate: A Thousand Needles

Chapter 2- A Father's Wish

A giggle jumped out of Sheena's mouth when she saw him come out from under his covers. His hair was pointing out in all directions, and his eyes looked a little bloodshot.

"...Hey," he grumbled grogggily. "You don't have to laugh..."

"Looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed," she snickered as he dragged his feet off of the warm bed and onto the cold, wooden floor.

"Yeaaa..." he moaned, the memories from the night before still ringing in his head.

"Hey..." Sheena's brows furrowed with thought as she popped a curiosity question. "What were you doing last night...? Ya couldn't get to sleep, or something?"

Lloyd nodded slowly, his head staring at his feet, his brain not quite functioning fully yet. He looked troubled, as if her asking the question had show an arrow through him.

"Oh..." Sheena's eyes conveyed sympathy. What was wrong, then? The two worlds were one, they were going to destroy all the Exspheres...Unless...

(It's Kratos...) she realized as she managed to catch a glimpse of his eyes when he stood up and began to put on a shirt. (I know it is...I can feel it. But why would he be worried? Kratos is-...) She reached the epiphany that came when she remembered that Kratos was drifting on space on a lonely planet. Knowing Lloyd, she could guess that he was frustrated that he wasn't able to stop his father from leaving. Maybe it had to do with what he had said the day before- was this new world worth it? Did people really have to be sacrificed? (Lloyd...You worry too much...Always for others.) Sheena believed that Lloyd was genuinely a kind-hearted guy who looked at the world from such a unique point of view. (He's right, though,) she decided. (I just hope he stays being Lloyd...I should try to make sure the world doesn't swallow him up...)


"...I-I dunno..." Sheena was trembling with worry as her arms were tightly strapped around Lloyd's waist. "I mean, this is really sudden, and-...Are you sure this is all right...?"

Lloyd sighed with a smile and nodded. "I'm positive, Sheena..."

"How do we know we can believe what Yuan said...?" she whispered.

"What are you talking about? Why would he lie about something like that??" Lloyd asked her incredulously.

"Yea..." She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. "I-I was do we know that this is safe? Shouldn't we wait a little while and make sure we know what we're doing??"

As the Rheaird let out a whirring sound and began to vibrate, Sheena's body began to quake even more.

"Trust me, Sheena," Lloyd said warmly as he gave her a quick glance, his arms stretched out forward, his hands firmly grasping the handles of the vehicle. "I believe in my dad. I have a chance to see him again..." Lloyd bobbed his head a little as he thought about it. "If you had the chance to see Corrinne again, wouldn't you?"

Sheena was paralyzed by the analogy. "...Yea..." she whispered, moving one of her hands up to rub his shoulder lovingly. "...I trust you, Lloyd..." Her arms instinctively latched onto Lloyd's body and squeezed him with immense pressure as the Rheaird was blasted into the air at a forty-five degree angle, causing both passangers to let out a terrified cry. After a few seconds they grew accumstomed to the great speed and settled down a little, taking deep breaths to recover from the shock.

"...Whoa," Sheena moaned, dazed. "I don't remember Rheairds being so fast..." She felt like her organs were being slammed into her back and were sloshing against each other. Lloyd grit his teeth as the skin on his face was stretched from the intense speed at which they were soaring into the sky.

"Neither do I," he forced out of his lungs, his muscles as tight as a stretched rubberband.

Time passed by in the blink of an eye. The two nervous teens weren't sure how far they were going, or how long it had been since they'd left. The Rheaird just continued its aerial march through waves of purple and black energy. It didn't seem to take very long, but there was no way of determining how long their journey lasted.

Neither of them tried speaking for the rest of the trip because both were afraid that if they opened their mouth they would vomit. Lloyd's eyes lit up with relief as a gigantic sphere of swiriling clouds came into view, and it was closing in fast. Violet smoke seemed to be emanating from it, and random chunks of carved stone spun around the mass of energy. This was Derris-Kharlan.


Their eyes stayed locked, bruning into one another like lasers. The Mizuho girl that was off to the side felt a massive wave hit her gut that made her feel that she didn't belong here. This was father and son business.

"...That is correct," bellowed the calm, deep voice of Kratos as he stood before the couple. He was elevated slightly, and a few stairs separated him from his son. The red, spiny bush on his head swerved to the side on occasion from the gusts of air that rushed in from the left. His black clothing blended in well with his bleak surroundings, and his transparent wings twitched every once in a while. "I have asked you to come here because I require your assistance."

Lloyd crossed his arms over his chest and nodded, his eyelids shut. He was pondering the situation. After a few seconds to reflect, he opened them and glared up at Kratos sternly.

"What do you need us for? What would we be able to do?"

Sheena stepped up to his side sheepishly and managed to bring her gaze up to the man before them.

Kratos sighed solemnly, placing his hand on his forehead.

"I am sure I've placed enough burden upon you," he muttered with regret. "If you do not wish undertake this task, I shall have Yuan seek out someone else..."

"I never said I didn't want to help," Lloyd grumbled, tapping his foot impatiently. "But how CAN I?"

Kratos dropped his hand to his side and began to explain.

"Derris-Kharlan will collide with a nearby planet in a matter of days," he announced quite firmly. "If nothing is done, then it is likely that this planet- as well as Derris-Kharlan- will be obliterated. The efftects of the impact could disrupt other nearby worlds, as well..."

"...Sooo..." Sheena piped up, her voice a little shaky. "You want us to stop this?"

"Exactly..." His eyes shifted to the desolate expanse of space above them. "You must descend to this planet- Weyward. There is a specific person that you must locate. I do not know her name or appearance, but...You will know her when you find her, I am very sure. A group of warriors await you- they have been informed about the danger at hand, and it seems that they have an idea as to the whereabouts of this girl."

"...So you're going to send us to track down a girl we know nothing about?" Lloyd asked him slowly.

"...Yes...That is what I ask of you," Kratos admitted dully. "There is no other choice. This girl has been captured by a criminal organization, and they plan to use her for their own purposes. Someone needs to remove her from their possession so that she may save Weyward."

Lloyd turned to Sheena to see the very doubtful look on her face. She shrugged her shoulders to him and whispered, "It's your call, Lloyd. I'll go with you no matter where we're headed." She gave him a shrug.

Lloyd smiled back at her. "Then let's go save ANOTHER world," he suggested quietly. Sheena gave him a nervous grin and mumbled, "A-All right."

Lloyd spun his body ninety degrees to meet Kratos' eyes.

"OK, then," he said, holding up a fist. "We'll do it...Dad." His glazed eyes glowed with excitement.

Kratos was paralyzed with joy, his normally cold face igniting with joy. "...Thank you, Lloyd..." He glanced at Sheena and sighed, placing a hand on his hip. "...You," he murmured, staring at her deeply, "Your name is Sheena, correct? Forgive me, I do not know you well, and I have forgotten."

She gulped, feeling intimidated at the moment. Normally she was with the whole group, but...It was almost as if she was 'meeting the father,' in a way, and it made her feel like he was being critical of her.

"...Y-yea," she sputtered out horsely.

Kratos nodded slowly. "Are you to be Lloyd's bride?"

Sheena's eyes bulged open wide in an instant. Like lightning, her entire face turned bright red.

"...I-..." She was speechless at the remark, and Lloyd appeared to be quite embarrassed, as well.

Kratos chuckled and shook his head slowly at the ground. "I see," he muttered.

"We're not engaged or anything, if that's what you mean," Lloyd muttered. "But if we DO get married, that means I get to be a part of the Mizuho tribe." He grinned one of his childish grins as he enthusiasm rose. "Since Sheena's the heir, that would make me kind of a king, wouldn't it?"

Sheena, still flushed pink, huffed. "It's not a king, it's-"

"At any rate-" Kratos interrupted with a snicker. "-I believe it would be wise to give this to you..." Kratos dug a hand into a pocket on his jacket and pulled out a small ring of gold. It was only a centimeter wide, and a small butteryfly was shaped onto it. Kratos threw the object into the air at Sheena, who gasped as she snatched it in surprise.

"...What-...? What is this?" she whispered in awe as she stared at it.

"It was Anna's..." he said solemnly, staring into the swirling clouds of violet that encompassed the sky.

Sheena blinked at it in disbelief. "Wh-?! I...I can't take this," she spat out quickly. "This belonged to Lloyd's mother...?"

Kratos nodded slowly as an almost unnoticeable smile cracked in his face.

"...But-...You should keep it," she insisted, holding the ring out in the air to Kratos. She took a step forward to deliver it back, but Kratos raised his right palm up.

"No. You will take it," he commanded calmly. "Anna would want you to have it."

"...Me...?" she whispered, dumbfounded. "...Ah-I didn't do anything to deserve this..."

"You may not think so," Kratos explained. "But you have been Lloyd's closest companion, have you not?"

Sheena's jaw was ajar, but Lloyd immediately answered, "Of course. We're best friends!"

"I thought so," Kratos said with a slight nod of the head. "Then Anna would want you to keep it. You've taken care of her son."

"...I-..." Sheena couldn't find words to describe how awkward she felt at the moment.

Kratos shook his head as he once again held up his hand, refusing to take the jewelry back.

"...All right," Sheena mumbled, trembling. "...If you really want me to..." She reluctantly slipped the ring onto her left hand, and Lloyd laughed.


"It looks perfect," Lloyd told her, beaming.

"Oh..." Sheena hid it behind her as blood rushed to her face yet again.

The gentle breeze picked up to a fierce gust of wind that tossed Lloyd's wavy hair toward Sheena, and she admired the way it did so while diving into his eyes. Though in this dreary, decrepit place, Lloyd emanated a powerful glow unlike anything Sheena had ever seen.

{...My husband...? Yea...I'd like that...}

Lloyd watched the two long end of the pink sash around Sheena's waist flow gracefully behind her and the way the wind played with her messy black hair. Every bang shifted in the air like a singer in a choir, and her eyes sparkled amidst the darkness around her.

{Me and Sheena- married, huh? Heh. Wouldn't I be lucky...}

"Shall I give you two a moment alone?" Kratos slyly inquired, snapping the couple awake.

"Oh! Uh...We should probably be heading off, then, huh?" Lloyd figured, rubbing his neck.

"I suppose you should," Kratos replied with a smirk.

"...Yea," Sheena mumbled, feeling stupider by the minute. It was like her face would not turn off the furnace! "We should head off..."

"Aim your Rheairds toward the planet ahead," Kratos advised. "Once you get into the atmosphere, look for the ruins of a mountain. It should be a massive pile of rubble in the northern hemisphere...If you have trouble locating it, ask the locals where to find 'Mount Aleph.' There you will locate your partners."

"Got it," Sheena said, giving him a quick thumbs-up.

"You can count on us," Lloyd assured him. "...Dad..."

As they made their way for the Rheairds behind them, Kratos watched them walk side-by-side and felt overcome by pride.

"I know I can...You have grown into quite a man, my son..."

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