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Check Yes Juliet

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Frikey one shot. Based on Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings

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Rain is falling down on the sidewalk

I sprinted, panting, down the cold Jersey streets towards the beautiful Mikey Way's house. It was pouring rain but something as mere as the weather wasn't going to stop me. No fucking way! Thunder clapped and lightning stabbed the grounds. It was a full on storm. I was soaked in my Misfits hoodie, jeans, and vans. There it was, his amazing gothic style house. I had always felt at home and welcome in his house, that is until two weeks ago when his mom overheard me telling Mikey I liked him, as more than a friend. It ended with me being thrown (literally, I'm a small dude) out of their house. And what I had said wasn't even true, I didn't like him, I loved him.

/I won't go until you come outside
Check yes Juliet,
Kill the limbo
I'll keep tossing rocks at your window/

I took my note out of my pocket. Scribbled in black ink was, "I love you more than you can imagine. Do you love me?" and a place for him to check yes or no. I tied it to a decent sized rock and hurled it threw his open window. The curtains shuffled. "Frankie! Go home!" He whispered shouted. Mikey, beautiful, gorgeous, funny, amazing Mikey was standing in the window. "I won't go until you come outside." I said back. "Frankie, babe, please go home. If my dad hears you, they'll kill you and I mean literally." He called down to me. "Check yes Juliet." I sang as I started to back down the street. I turned on my heels slowly heading back home. "FRANK!" I spun back around. "YES! I LOVE YOU! YOU BIG BASTARD!" He yelled. I spun around, smiling, wiping away a single tear and smudging my eyeliner.

/Lace up your shoes
Eh Oh Eh Oh
Here's how we do/

"I'm coming up!" I said and grabbed onto the over hang and began to pull myself up. Mikey helped pull me into his bedroom window and I crashed on the ground. His room was covered in posters so you couldn't even see the walls. In the corner I saw a framed sketch. A sketch of me and Mikey kissing. It was beautiful, no doubt done by his brother Gerard. Gee was the first person I came out to about being gay, he then proceeded to guess I liked Mikey. Or maybe Mikey told him he liked me and was hoping the feeling was mutual.. Either way he was supportive at a time when I needed it. "Sit down." I whispered. "Stay." I commanded. He just looked at me like a lost puppy and stayed perfectly still. I opened the door as silently as I could. Then I silently ran down the hall to Gee's room. "Gee!" I whispered. He jumped and dropped his sketch book. "God damn it Frank." He said and picked it up. "Fucking scared me." "Sorry." I whispered back. "I fucking love your brother. That's all." I started to walk out the door. "Oh, and if he's missing in the morning. He's fine. He's with me." I winked and ran back to Mikey's room. "Were'd.. " I cut him off with "Here's how we do" and pointed at the sketch before capturing his lips with my own. I broke the kiss and grabbed his combat boots. He was still sitting on the bed so I took his foot and gently slid it into the boot. I took my time lacing the shoe then when I was done. I kissed the boot. I didn't care where it had been, it was Mikey's. It smelled like coffee and faintly of cigarettes. Everything of Mikey's smelled like that. I loved it. I quickly did the same for the other shoe. Then slowly laced our fingers together.

/Run, Baby, Run
Don't look back
They'll tear us apart if you give them the chance/

"Let's go." He said and pointed to the window. I nodded and we both walked to the window. Mikey started to get out and his door flew open. "Michael James Way!" His mom screamed. "Shit!" He said and kissed me, he grabbed my neck and pulled me close to him. Just then his dad came in behind his mom. Mikey jumped down from the over hang. "Run, Baby, Run! Don't look back! They'll tear us apart if you give them the chance!" I shouted out the window. "I love you!" He screamed back. His dad grabbed me around my neck and yanked me against his chest. "you dumb fag." He hissed. "You'll pay for screwing up my son." Then my hero came threw the door. "Asshole." Gerard said and punched his dead square in the jaw. "Damn, you don't know how long I've wanted to do that." He said and his dad fell over, out cold. "Don't you try to stop him, bitch." He spat at his mom. He had always hated her for never having the courage to help him when his dad abused him. Never standing up for him or Mikey. He hugged me. "Take care of my little bro. He loves you, don't forget that. And I love you, kid. Your like my brother to. I care about you both so much. Here." He ran over and grabbed the sketch and handed it to me. "Keep this." I hugged him one more time then disappeared out the window.

/I'll be wishing,
Wishing, waiting
Yours for the taking/

I was friends with Gerard long before Mikey. We had gone to the same school since sixth grade. I remember one day laying on his bed while he drew, listening to Misfits. Well actually it wasn't one day, it was THE day, The day I met Mikey. The door had creaked open and in stepped the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. I had known I was gay for a long time but I had never had a real crush, until Mikey Way. "Oh. Hi. I'm Mikey." He had said and smiled shyly. Then he had backed out of the door. He was shy which I thought was so cute. It was two weeks later, after I had hung out with Mikey for a while that I had told Gee I was gay. "I knew it! And you like Mikes don't you!" He had said. "Er, no." I had quickly said. I didn't want him to be mad. "YES! Yes you do! I can see it on your face. I'm not mad about it. I think you and my brother would make a awesome couple!" he had said. And I had blushed, which just proved he was right about me liking his brother. I was wishing, waiting, and his for the taking.

3,2,1 fall in my arms now

I saw Mikey sitting on the corner, legs in the street. He looked like an angel in the rain under the soft glow on the lamp. I was counting the steps till I could get to him. 3, 2, 1. I hugged him from behind and he tensed out of reflex and then relaxed and whispered "Frankie.." "I love you, Mikey, so fucking much." I kissed his cheek and he pulled me into his lap. "Were are we going?" He was crying. I felt sick seeing him crying ever tear was like a tiny knife to my heart. "Anywere you want babe." I whispered. "But I don't know were we can go! We don't have any money and we're in the middle of New Jersey in the pouring rain. I nodded looking at the ground. I didn't think this all the way through, just like me. I mentally kicked myself for being so stupid.

/They can change the locks
Don't let them change your mind/

That night we the rain let up and we stayed in my room. My parents were asleep by the time we got him. I woke up in Mikey's arms. At first I thought it was still a dream. Warm sunshine, my dark room with all my posters and junk lying all over the floor. Old comics and magazines, dirty clothes, cd's, my guitar Pansy on her stand in the corner. It was just all too perfect. But Mikey's smell, Coffee and cigarettes stayed with me and I knew it was real, no dream could have his sent so perfect. "Good morning beautiful." He said pushing my bangs out of my eyes. "Good morning." I whispered and leaned into him. Then I heard footsteps on the stairs. "Shit! Get in the closet!" I said to Mikey "My parents are coming." "Ironic, now that my parents know about me and I'm going into a closet." He said following were I was pointing to my closet. "Puns later, hide now." I said as I shut the door behind him. I ran and jumped back into bed just as the door opened. "Coffee's in the kitchen." My mom said smiling and then shut the door. My mom was nice and all, just real conservative and muted the tv whenever someone said "damn". It was pathetic. Not to mention that I was gay, that would be the end of her. She won't even say the word. "Ok she's gone." I said opening the closet door. "It's quit comfortable in a closet, no risks, no surprises. But I don't get you in the closet." He said tilting my chin up and kissing me. "My parents are at work, let's go home and get some of my stuff and check in with Gee." I nodded and we headed to his house. When we got there he pulled out his key and tried to slide it into the lock. It wouldn't go in. "Goddamn it, changed the locks." He muttered. He rang the doorbell twice then waited a beat and rang it three more times. That meant (to Gerard) that it was Mikey. "Mikes!" He said opening the door. "Changed the fucking locks." He said with his hands on his hips and eyebrows furrowed. "Not my decision. Dad's fucking pissed!" Gee said as we followed into the kitchen for coffee. "Hey Mikes, They can change the locks, but don't let them change your mind about Frankie-boy here, k?" "They can't" Mikey said pulling my close with his hands on my waist. "I'm glad. 'Cause I just put a down a first months rent on a two bedroom apartment a mile from here. You two need a place to go right?" Gee said smiling and handing us each a cup of coffee. "Oh my God, Gerard! You're the best brother ever!" Mikey said and hugged him.

/The view from here is getting better
With you by my side/

"Ready?" Mikey asked. All of our stuff was packed and in Gee's car. We were standing at the top of the stairs, hand in hand ready to go tell my mom our good news. Just hoping she would think it was good, knowing she wouldn't. We slowly descended down the stairs. My mom and dad were sitting on the couch. "oh, hi dad. I didn't know you were home." I never had a great relationship with my dad, not horrible, but defiantly not good. He wanted a normal sports loving son that I just wasn't. Mikey and I had dropped hands when we came down the stairs. "I-We need to talk to you.." I sat down on the couch across from them and Mikey sat at my side. "Hi Michael, what can I get for you, boys?" My mom asked. "Hi Mrs. Iero, Mr. Iero. We just need to talk to you." Mikey said. I looked down and started playing with my hands. "I-I-I-" I was trying so hard to force those words out of my mouth. "I'm gay." I said still looking down. "WHAT!?" I heard my dad booming. "No, no your not, honey. This is just a thought." That made me mad. "It's not like I chose to be gay, mom! But I wouldn't change it even if I could! I'm in love with Mikey!" I scream the last part. "No your not." My dad said trying to remain calm. "Your just Frak Iero, my perfectly normal, straight son. You probably have a girlfriend. This is all a joke." "A JOKE!? You think this is a joke!?" I scream tears streaking my face. "Whatever. Think whatever you FUCKING want!" "FRANK! That language is completely inappropriate! Were did you learn that word!" "FUCK YOU!" I scream and crawled onto Mikey's lap kissing him passionately. "I fucking love this boy, and we're leaving. Forever. Don't bother trying to find me."

/Run baby run
Don't ever look back
They'll tear us apart
if you give them a chance/

We ran outside hand in hand and into the back seat of Gee's car. We rode of into the sunset to start our new lives together.

/Forever we'll be you and me
You and me, you and me/
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