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A Weeks Work

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hey this is my first story and so it will not be the best ive ever done so like yeah....enjoy!

Gerard P.O.V

Oh My God!!
I cant stand this horror much longer, my ears fell like there about to bleed.
Why wont she shut up already!!!
If i had of known that going out with a girl would mean having to listen to her bitch about EVERYTHING, then i would have given up on them all together before i had to experience this!!!

My girlfriend Rachel sat across from me in the tiny booth, her hands moving about melodramaticly as she talked...and talked....
Ive been dating Rachel for 2 weeks now and although at first it seemed like a good idea, im having doubts now.

I should have realised that it just wont work out when she asked me out.
I mean it was nice of her and all but a guy has his pride!
Even if he is an outcast and even if he is me.
But that is besides the point.

I also should have said no.
Seeing that i dont feel anything for her.
I mean it really.
I dont feel anything for the beautiful dark haired, blue eyes girl before me.
Which makes me think that there must be something really wrong with me.

And that something is called Frank Iero.
He started at school 2 weels ago.

See the connection?
I started dating Rachel to keep my mind off Frank.
But that doesn't seem to be working all too well, as you can probably tell.

Ive been trying to get his beautiful face out of my mind but its IMPOSSIBLE!!
And im starting to think that i should just give up and ask him out.

And if hes stright? well i can make him bend!

"So like anyway i saw like this really cool pair of shoes yesterday and i was like OMG i must
have them-"

"fuck off!" woops that wsnt ment to come out like that.
She blinked in shock.

"i dont want to go out with you" i replied, cleaning up my words.
"what? why not?" she clasped her hands ontop of mine.

"im just not attracted to your kind" that could mean a few things.

"is it my hair? i can dye it you know or cut it!"

I sighed,
"its not your hair, its that your female"

She gave me a puzzled look.
Must i spell it out to her?

"im gay"

She continued to look puzzled.

Holy crap shes darff!
I dont think i have the patience to make this easy for her.

"hes fucking gay idiot, he likes cock" a voice from next to us says.
As i turn to the left i come face to waist with the waitor.
Was he always that tall?

"what?" There we go, the look in her eyes means she finally got it.

"its all true sugar, now il be going" i stand to my feet and the waitor pats me on the back, and slips something into my hand.

It wasnt till i was a safe distince from the diner that i peer at the peice of paper the
waitor had given me.

'0274350672 CALL ME =D'

I bursted out laughing and some drunken guy looked at me funny.

It took me longer then usual to get home, with me having to walk and my inability to breathe
after my laughing spazz.

The house had all the lighs on, and i mean ALL.
Which means that my little brother Mikey was home by himself.
Dont ask, i dont even know why he turns on every light in the house.

I jumped through the front door, arms streatched out wide
"im home and FREE!!1" i scream at the top of my lungs.

"lovely to know Gee" Mikey replied from the living room.

He sat on the sofa, face buried in a thick book, one that im sure i throw out last year after i
realised that i would never get to reading it.
"i figured you would be a little more happy about it. Maybe hugible happy?"

"im not going to hug you Gerard"

Mikey has this weird thing going on and wont let me hug him.
Im starting to think that hes mad at me.
About what,i would not know.

"fine then be that way Mr No Hugs. Il go hug Zacky" i said planting myself next to him.
"saying that you will hug your Bunny Teddy wont make me suddenly hug you"
"But it was worth a try" i sighed.

"and anyway, arnt yu too old to have a teddy?" Mikey asked, closing his book and looking at me.
"NO!!!" i yell "16 is a perfectly okey age to still have a Bunny Teddy"

"and a Miffi top?" he raised his eyebrow.

Yes yes and yes, i do in fact have a Miffi shirt hanging in my closest.
And yes i do infact wear it. It is after all my fave shirt.

"whatever. So you going to ask Frank out?"
And again yes. I tell Mikey EVERYTHING.
Even when he doesnt want to hear it, i still tell him.
I mean its like having a journal that speaks to you and gives you advice.
Its tuely amazing.
"well yes i am. Tomorrow in fact i will"

"tomorrow is saturday"
"so what? i know where he lives....i mean i can find out where he lives"

Mikey laughed "you scare me sometimes"
"that i do. now im stuffed so il head to bed. night dork!" i say and run down to my room.
"night fag"
"calling me a white, skinny, adictible item is not much of an insult numnut!" i yell before
slamming my door shut and jumping straight into bed.

okey thats all for now. it doesnt seem oh so funny but i promise the next chapter should have you rolling on the floor like a spazz!!! please review!!!! luv ya all
xxx Jamie
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