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Chapter 16

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Ray saves Mikey, they find out what's wrong with Gerard, and Frank needs comfort.

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Mikey stood staring at himself in the mirror. Just get it over with. Just as Mikey was going to take the pills, the door busted open.

"Don't you dare!" Ray exclaimed. He ran in and pulled the bottle out of Mikey's hands. "Gerard needs you right now, Mikey! If you give up, he will, too!"


"Mikey, you're his world. You're what keeps him going." Ray said. Mikey nodded."Never do that again."

"Do what?" Mikey asked, trying to buy himself some sort of easy exit.

"Never think for one second that you can risk your life and I won't do a thing to stop you. I'm sorry, Mikey."

"It's alright, Ray. You were only trying to help, and I was just pushing you away."

"How about we forget about this?" Ray asked. Mikey smiled and nodded in agreement.

When Mikey and Ray got back to the waiting room, they found a doctor waiting for them.
"Did you find out what was wrong with Gerard?" Mikey asked.

"We did. His wound is infected. I honestly don't know how it happened, but it did. There's a lot of fluid filling up, so we're going to have to take him in and drain it soon." The doctor explained.

"...Can it be fatal?" Mikey asked, his voice barely above a whisper.
"It can be potentially fatal if we don't go about it in the right way. We'll do everything that we can to get your brother back to good health." The doctor said. He turned and walked back to Gerard's room.

Mikey sank down onto a chair. His bottom lip began to tremble, and his eyes had the warm moisture that he had become accustomed to. Ray pulled Mikey into a hug while Frank had gone to get some water.

"I just want my big brother back." Mikey whimpered.

"We all do, Mikey. We all do."
Frank entered the room again, nothing but guilt in his heart. One of his best friends had almost killed himself when he was alone, and had Ray not gotten back when he did, Mikey could have been dead. Had he just stayed with Mikey, he could have prevented the whole thing. Frank tried to hide is pain as he sat down, but Mikey and Ray caught on that something was wrong.

"Frankie?" Mikey asked.

"I'm sorry for leaving you, Mikey! If I didn't, then you wouldn't have almost killed yourself! I could have stopped you!" Frank cried.

"I'm fine, though."

"It doesn't change the fact that I let Gerard down!"


"He always told Ray and I that if something happened to him, he wanted us to look out for you. Ray...Can you be my big brother, too?" Frank asked. Ray nodded, immediately understanding what Frank wanted. Frank replaced Mikey in Ray's arms, and Mikey rubbed Frank's back. It had never really occured to him that he wasn't the only one hurting.

Mikey knew that right now, everyone needed each other, and so did Gerard. When Gerard woke up, he was going to know that his friends would never leave him.
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