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An old one shot I wrote when I first got into writing. Only posted it to show how far I've come in writing... (Don't know what genre this comes under...)

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Tonight would be like any other night after a show; making out with another young attractive fan. It's become a kind of tradition for me, to pick one of the more nervous fans after a gig and give them my number, "meet me here in two hours" I'd whisper as seductively as I could before moving on to sign photos and t-shirts or whatever else the fans shoved in my face.

Ten minutes later and we're heading back to the bus. "Hooked up with another 'victim' I see..." Frank smirks, not bothering to look at me "What is she? 17? 18?"
"I didn't ask... anyway we're just meeting up" they all laughed; Mikey trying to hide it through coughing, Bob and Ray through a new conversation. "Just 'meeting up', sure, whatever makes you feel better" I felt my face burn, a mixture of annoyance and embarrassment fuelling the flames.
"I'm not gonna sleep with her or anything just... talk"
"And talking leads you and whoever it is onto one of the bunks. One night stands." He added with awave of a hand. Okay that wasn't fair; it isn't classed as a one night stand if they 'lose' your number... or die...
I forgot to mention; I'm a vampire... well not as in the legendary ones, a wannabe. I don't need blood, I want it.
"It isn't my fault they disappear!"
"Hell yeah it is! Have you seen yourself in the morning?" Frank shivered to emphasize the point; now he was taking the mick. I pouted.
"Hey guys, am I scary in the morning?" Bob and Ray looked at me from their conversation, Mikey looking up from his phone.
"Um... yes?"
"There is nothing scarier, Gee"

I met with the girl; she was what? Somewhere between 18 and 23. She was brunette and slim; not model slim but the way a real woman is. Curvy, sexy.
"I can't remember catching your name earlier"
"Marie..." she stuttered, she was so nervous it was almost cute. I smiled my apparently 'hypnotic' (pfft sure!) smile and her face just went blank.
"So, Marie, you wanna get a drink?" hell I did!
"Sure... whatever you got" she smiled a mischievous smile; she really didn't know what she was letting herself in for. Pity.
We sat back stage, beers in hand. This was how I got what I wanted; through sex, alcohol or drugs. It's the easiest way.
I'd only had four, she was closer to ten; she was drunk, her speech slurred, giggling between sentences. She was gonna be easy.
I laughed along with her at some lost joke, my arm around her neck as she seemed to melt into my side. Our eyes met for a second; deep brown orbs hidden behind black lashes and dilated pupils.
I can't remember how but suddenly we were stood against a wall, lips crushed together, a hand either side of her. We stumble into a dressing room and it's all a blur as shirts and jeans disappear, lips working together as the kisses deepen, soon becoming hurried and sloppy.
She really doesn't know what she's doing; she's giggling, her actions as sloppy and intoxicated as her body. I don't wanna go too far with her; just get what I want and leave. Idon't want the action, don't need it but I do need my poison.
I pin her down as she laughs; poor girl, sometimes I feel sorry for them, how trusting and unaware they are.
I press my lips to her neck and moan; I can feel her blood pulsing erratically through her veins. This was my poison.
I licked at the soft, warm skin savouring the feel of it, unbroken.
Why am I stalling? She's probably so drunk she won't remember this tomorrow morning. I bit down, hard and mercilessly, covering her mouth as she tries to scream. Why do they always scream?
I sucked at the wound pulling the bitter sweet liquid ruby up, I can't help but moan again against her skin as the warmth fills my mouth and slitters down my throat.
I'll be sick later, but right now it's worth it.

I can feel her getting weaker, her heart slowing and her grasping hands going limp in my own. She already fainted, anymore and she'll probably die. With a sigh I release her, placing a final kiss on her soft lips.

"Where've you been?" Mikey looked up as I ran through the bus doors and straight to the bathroom. I'd drunk too much and now my body was punishing me.
"Socialising" I said spitting out the water I'd just swilled.
"Getting laid you mean?" always prejudging; you'd think I was a whore the way everyone talked about me.
"No, just... drinking" it's the closest I can get to telling the truth.
Mikey eyed me. "You're holding out on me"
"Not really... I'm off to bed" it was a good enough reason to get out of being questioned.
I looked over my shoulder just to make sure he wasn't following me and bumped into someone.
"Whoa! Sorry" Frank half-smiled; a curious grin spread across his lips.
"It's fine... where've you been?"
"Drinking..." He knew that I usually went drinking with my 'victims' anyway so what was the point in hiding it.
He looked over my shoulder closing the door while Mikey wasn't looking.
"Up for an early night?" he wrapped his arms around my neck. Placing a soft, tempting kiss on my lips.
"Defiantly" I mumbled into his lips as he teased my mouth open.
He stops. "Why do you taste like blood?" he looks up brow furrowed and looking slightly put off.
"Doesn't matter..." I mumble pressing our lips together again.
Now I remember why they call me a whore.
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