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“Gerard why do you have cake batter in your hair? And all over the kitchen?”

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“I feel like this is Déjà vu,” Paisley said as she pushed Helena’s baby stroller down the sidewalk, “Except Frank and Mikey are at grad practice.”

Ray and Gerard walked on either side of her.

“I wish you had been able to walk with us,” Ray replied sipping his Slush Puppy.

“Yeah. But it would have been a bit awkward to be sitting on the football field with my own chair, umbrella, and fan.”

Ray chuckled as Gerard rolled his eyes. “It wouldn’t have been good for the baby,” he stated.

“As soon as we get back to Donna’s, I need to bake their graduation cake. Do you two want to help?”

Ray shook his head, “I would but I’ve got somewhere to be as soon as we go back.”

“I will,” Gerard said excitedly.

Paisley giggled as they entered the school building. Gerard’s enthusiasm could be so refreshing.

“Ok, so Helena is down for a nap on your parent’s bed. Mikey is hanging out with some girl he met at a concert. Your parents are gone to get Mikey a gift. That leaves us here by ourselves.”

“Who is Mikey hanging out with?”

Paisley sat out the ingredients to bake a cake.

“This girl named Emma. He didn’t tell me much about her, except they met at a Smashing Pumpkins concert a few weeks ago.”

Gerard frowned as he cracked some eggs, “He didn’t tell me.”

“Maybe he meant to and just forgot. You know how Mikey is.”

Her husband grinned as he poured the eggs in with the cake mix, “Yeah. He’s a spaz. This is kind of fun.”

Paisley gave him an incredulous look, “You’ve never baked a cake?”

Gerard shook his head, “I’ve never done much in the kitchen other than use the microwave or make coffee.”


“Well Mikey and I both haven’t. Ever since Mikey tried to stick a fork in the toaster when we were younger, she kind of freaked out I guess. We’ve both been banned from using the major appliances I guess.”

Paisley sat down the bowl of cake mix and wrapped her arms around her husband’s waist.

“Would you like to bake the cake?”

“Really?” His eyes lit up.

“Yeah. I’ll sit here on the counter and I’ll help you along.”

“That’d be awesome. Ok so what do I do?”

Paisley pulled herself up on the counter, “How much water does the recipe call for?”

Gerard studied the recipe, “A cup and three quarters.”

“Alright. Here’s the measuring cup. Add the water.”

As Gerard poured in the water, Paisley fix the hand-held mixer.

“Ok. Here’s the mixer. Mix the stuff till it’s moist all the way through. But don’t….” Paisley tried to warn Gerard not to turn the mixer on too earlier but too late. The mixer was on just long enough to get chocolate cake mix on him, as well as the cabinet and the floor.

“Oops,”Gerard said, pushing the cake mix aside.

Paisley giggled, “It’s ok. Hold on you have some cake batter right there.” Leaning forward she kissed him on the forehead. “And here.” She kissed his left cheek. “And right here.” She placed a kiss on his lips.

This was the scene that his parents walking on.

“Ahem,” Don cleared his throat.

“Oh.” Paisley blushed.

“Gerard why do you have cake batter in your hair? And all over the kitchen?” Donna asked?

“Paisley was letting me make the cake batter, but I think I turned the mixer on too soon,” he replied sheepishly.

Donna and Don each began to laugh.

“Gerard, I’ll pour up the batter and put it in the oven while you go take a shower. Once it bakes, we’ll go home. We can ice it there.”

“Pull Helena’s highchair over here,” Paisley said as she mixed some food coloring in the buttercream.

Gerard held Helena in place on his hip as he moved the highchair next to the kitchen table. Paisley brought over several bowls of colored icing and decorating bags to the table.

“Alright. First off we have to put the first layer on. Nothing fancy. Do you want to do it?”

Gerard nodded and took the icing spatula from his wife. Dipping out a glob of white icing on to the cake like she instructed, he started smoothing it over the surface.

“What is daddy doing,” Paisley asked as Helena craned her neck to watch Gerard, “Is he putting icing on the cake? Do you want some.”

Paisley almost dropped the spoon when Helena responded, “Mama.”

“Oh. Gerard! She said her first word!” Paisley grinned.

Gerard’s grin matched hers. Encouragingly he spoke to Helena, “Is mama getting you some icing?”

Helena started waving her hands and laughing.

Gerard shrugged as he finished the first layer of icing, “I guess that’s all her ‘talking’ for today.”

Almost an hour later Gerard and Paisley finished the cake.

“You did awesome Gerard,” Paisley leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.

“That was fun. Can I help make Helena’s birthday cake?”

They looked over at their 10 month old, who was covered in blue, black, and gray icing.

“Are you sure you don’t want to be on baby watch,” she said mournfully, “Come on baby girl, let’s go get you a bath. Shit, this stuff stains.”
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