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“Give Me a Reason to Believe.”

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October 24, 2006

“Is this true,” the young editor, Hannah, mused as she leafed through the manuscript, “ I like how you wrote it in third person. I think that if you had written it from your point of view, it wouldn’t have the same appeal. Very clever.”

I nodded, “Thank you. “

“So I assume that this December will make 10 years?”

“Yes. That seems to be quite a milestone for couples that are the same age as Gerard and I.”

“Well I wish you many more years of smooth sailing.”

I raised an eyebrow, “More smooth sailing. Dear, I never said the past ten years have been easy.”

Hannah looked slightly ashamed, “This,” she patted ‘The Pages Are All Torn and Frayed’, “wasn’t the worst of it? You made it seem like the two of you were so happy.”

I laughed, “I never said I wasn’t happy. I am as much in love with my husband today as I was ten years ago. But no, this,” I motioned to my story, “was just the beginning. Gerard had it rough when the band was in its early years. I even threatened to divorce him, even though I knew I really wouldn’t.”

“I’m so glad you didn’t Mrs. Way—”

I held up my hand, “Paisley. Mrs. Way is my mother-in-law. I feel older than my 29 years when you add ‘Mrs.’ ”

Hannah began again, “ Well Paisley, I’m glad you didn’t get a divorce. You and Gerard are like the ultimate poster couple.”

I grinned as I slung my backpack on my shoulder. I was used to hearing this type of fan girl gushing.

“I’m glad we didn’t either. I will have the first chapter of my new story on your desk sometime next week. Come on Helena, daddy’s new album is releasing today. We have a meet and greet to be at.”

My adorable 10 year old had her daddy’s charm. Which she now turned on my poor staratruck editor.

“My daddy named a song after my great-grandmother. She taught him to sing. I was named after her. Daddy says I have a lot of potential to be a singer like him. Isn’t that cool?”

I shook my head in amusement as I lead the talkative child towards the door. Before I could exit the room, Hannah stopped me.

“Before you leave, could you possibly tell me the working title for the next installment? If you have one that is,” she added sheepishly.

“Give Me a Reason to Believe.”
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