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Kiku and Lainey Go To New Jersy: The Plane

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A plane to jersey, an overly caffeinated Way brother, a giggly Kiku, a special appearance from our friend Katie, and a cranky Mikey. What more could you ask for?

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"I still can't fucking believe you're dragging us to Jersey at midnight." Mikey huffs stomping down the aisle of the plane, almost hitting a young dark haired girl with his duffel bag.

"Bro, calm down." Sitting down Gerard looks across the aisle at the girl who was staring intently at them. "Oh hey, sorry he almost hit you," Gerard offered her. "He's just cranky."

"Damn right I'm cranky." Mikey spits out.

"It's okay. It is a bit late, I don't blame him," the girl says.

"Yeah it is isn’t it," Gerard says. "Why are you heading to New Jersey so late? If you don't mind me asking. And your name?"

"The name's Kiku," she says pushing her glasses up her nose. "And I'm meeting up with a friend there."

"Ke-ko?" Gerard repeats, confused, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Key-Kew," the girl says slowly.

"Oh.. Kiku... Kiku..." Gerard repeats several times.

"What?" she asks tipping her head to the side.

"Oh. Nothing. I just like saying your name!!" Gerard pipes up with this sort of crazy smile.

"Ignore him," Mikey spits, "He's jacked up on coffee."

"So, anyways," Gerard says dramatically, "Why are you going?!"

"To meet my friend!" she says, eyes lighting up.

"What?" he asks, pausing

"Oh my God Gerard, are we really going to start this?" Mikey snaps

"Shut up! Sorry about him. How old are you?" Gerard asks wide-eyed

"I'm thirteen...?" She blinks.

"What?" Mikey asks leaning forward. "You're thirteen and you're going to Jersey?"

"Is something wrong with that? I'm meeting a friend there so it's not like I'm completely alone."

"You'll get stabbed coming off the plane!" Mikey squeals flapping his arms in the air.

"And I'm the one jacked up on caffeine," Gerard smiles but the smile soon turns into a serious expression. "He's right though. Jersey is no place for young girls. Or young boys. Or women and men. Or anyone actually! Mikey," he turns to his brother wide eyed, "We might get murdered going there this late!"

Mikey makes a strangled noise and puts is head in his hands while Kiku fights a fit of giggles across the aisle.

"It's true though," Gerard continues turning back to Kiku. "You better stick with us, just for safety."

"Gerard, we can't watch a kid and save the world," Mikey says putting air quotes around 'save the world.'

"Pssshh, I think you might need to watch him more than me," Kiku says nodding towards Gerard. "I can take care of myself."

"You're an arrogant little girl, aren't you?" Mikey asks, glaring at Kiku.

"Well, I mean... I wouldn't... Okay yeah. You got me. I'm arrogant." She says with a smirk.

"Mikey, you aren't going to let her walk around New Jersey alone, right? I mean that's just heartless," Gerard says with puppydog eyes.

"No. No, no, no, no, no. You are already dragging me to NEW JERSEY, at MIDNIGHT. I am not watching some arrogant little teenie too," Mikey retorts

"I resent that." Kiku says simply.

"Yeah? Well I resent being drug out to New Jersey at midnight by my overly caffeinated older brother because he’s convinced that two teenage girls are hellbent on drinking all the coffee in the world, and then destroying the world." Mikey finishes his rant with a sigh and buries his head in his hands.

Kiku giggles like a maniac.

"You sound like my friend. She says we're going to end the world."

"Wait..." Gerard pauses dramatically, "How old is your friend?"

"Fifteen...? God why are you so obsessed with age?" Kiku asks.

Gerard looks at Mikey with a worried look.

"Gerard. Really? I know that look. You’re trying to tell me, that SHE," Mikey throws a finger at Kiku, "SHE and a friend are going to end the world?!"

A flight attendant comes by, and interrupts their little conversation.

"Can I get you anything?" She asks with smile.

"Ohh," Kiku thinks, "Can I have some coffee? That'd be nice, thanks."

Gerard stares at Kiku for a long while.


"Need to stop me from what? Drinking coffee?"

"YOU- YOUR FRIEND- HE DIDN'T BELIEVE ME!" Gerard starts off frantically pointing at Mikey. "BUT YOU ARE HERE! AND YOUR FRIEND AND JERSEY!"

Kiku gives Gerard a weird look as he squirms around frantically in his seat before giving Mikey a questioning look.

"He has a feeling that two teenage girls are going to meet in Jersey and drink a bunch of coffee and the world will explode or some shit. Gerard! Get up and go to the bathroom! Goddamn."

Gerard looks from Mikey to Kiku to the flight attendant pouring their coffee at the front of the plane. "Don't let her drink any coffee," he says before all but running back to the small bathroom compartments.

"I can still have my coffee right?" Kiku asks Mikey once they hear a crash coming from the back of the plan, obviously signaling Gerard had fallen down.

"Yeah uh-huh- GERARD GODDAMN IT WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?" Mikey screams from his seat.

"THE WORLD IS OVER!!" Gerard's screams are muffeled by the walls but Kiku hears him clearly.

"I... I'm almost positive I was joking when I said I was going to end the world..." She answers confused.

Gerard busts out of the bathroom, almost shaking.

"YOU. ARE. GOING. TO. END. THE. WORLD. AND. IT. WILL. BE. COFFEELESS." he says pausing after each word.

"I'll share my coffee if it makes you feel any better?" Kiku says confused.


The flight attendant walks over to Gerard, and says,

"You know, my daughter is a very big fan of yours, and she will be severely disappointed when she finds out you've taken up drugs again..."

"I'M NOT ON DRUGS. OHMGOD. CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS GIRL IS HALF OF THE END OF THE WORLD?!" Gerard is flailing all over the place.

Mikey rolls his eyes.

"Look at this girl. Look at her. She's five foot... like two. She can't even end puberty, let alone the world..."

"Hey!" Kiku snaps.

They hear a ringing sound.

"OH MY GOD THAT'S THE PLANE EXPLODING!!!" Gerard is rolling on the floor.

"It's my phone, Gerard." Kiku says sounding almost bored.

"Hello? Hi! Lainey!" Kiku drags out the last syllable in Lainey’s name. Within five seconds she’s jabbering in a very annoying Californian accent that's driving Mikey up a wall.

Mikey pulls Gerard up from the floor and shakes him, and by the shoulders turns him around to face Kiku, who's rolling around in her seat laughing.

"Listen to that. Does that sound dangerous? Or Scary? She is fucking thirteen years old, and if you really tried, I'm sure you could take her. Calm - the fuck - down."

"Mikey," Gerard says barely above a whisper, "That's why she's so dangerous. You don't see it coming!"

As Gerard is busy glaring down Mikey, a dark haired girl stumbles in sleepily.

"Mom, what's going on?" she asks confused.

"Oh, uh, Katie! Hi honey, nothing, just go back to sleep..."

"GERARD WAY THINKS I'M GOING TO END THE WORLD WITH MY FRIEND!" Kiku pipes up with this cheesy grin on her face.

"What? Gerard Way? Where!" Katie asks excitedly.

"Right there!" Kiku points at Gerard, who's still gripping on to Mikey With wide eyes.

"Oh... my... I can't believe... oh my God I'm such a huge fan." She finally says.

Mikey looks over with a tired smile

"Well thanks, that means a lot."

"HOW OLD ARE YOU?!" Gerard screams

"What? I don't even-"

"Ignore him. He's going crazy."


"Oooh! Can I have coffee too? Mom, can I have coffee so I can be crazy like Kiku and Gerard? Please mom, pleeeeeease?" Katie says latching on to her mother's arm and jumping up and down.

"Yeah! Please Ms. Katie's Mom?" Gerard looks up with puppy dog eyes.

"I can't believe I'm giving my daughter coffee after midnight because some rockstar wants her to have some..." She mumbles walking towards the front.

"Thanks mommy!"

"Now we'll all be hyped up on coffee and OH MY GOD," Kiku squeals, "Mikey! You need coffee too!"

"One arrogant coffee induced teenage girl, one about to be coffee induced teenage girl, one coffee induced grown man acting like a five year old. How did I get here?" Mikey complains.

"Oh come on!" Gerard says throwing an arm around his younger brothers shoulder. "You know you love us."

Looking up from his hands and giving each of them a serious look, "If we get stabbed getting off the plane in Jersey, I’ll kill you all," Mikey threatens.

"Love you too baby brother."

"Wait..." Kiku pauses, "How could you kill us if we got stabbed? Wouldn't being stabbed kill us? And you?"

"Shut up," Mikey grumbles.

"She has a good point," Gerard says, and then in a whisper, "that's why she's going to help end the world"


"I'm not giving you any alcohol," Katie's mom hisses, "You irritate me."


"Not as much as you they don’t," she murmurs.

Katie sits down next to Kiku, and watches sleepily as Gerard and Mikey bicker over whether or not two teenagers are going to end the world. ("I'M SERIOUS, WHEN I WAS 13 I COULDN'T EVEN FINISH A SENTENCE" "YEAH WELL WHEN I WAS 13 I WAS WRITING MURDER STORIES, SO MAYBE SHE'S LIKE ME, AND NOT YOU, MIKES")

Katie's mom comes out with the coffee and five cups. She sets them all down and fills them all.

Gerard counts. "But why five?"

"Because. Four is bad luck. and at the rate we're going, that's the last thing we need.”

She storms off and Kiku looks greedily at the fifth cup.

"Can I have that last cup too?"

Gerard's happy mood suddenly took a turn for the worse. "You are thirteen. You don't need that last cup. I am the oldest therefore I should get it."

"I'd rather kill myself than let you have one more cup of coffee!" Mikey screamed. A sharp hush sound came from the front of the plane quieting him. "If you think I'm gonna let you drink more coffee you are fucking insane. You hear me?"

"Geez, calm down Mikes. It's just a cup of coffee."

"BUT YOU- AND HER- FIGHTING." Mikey said frantically going between pointing at Gerard and Kiku.

"Will you be quiet!" Katie's mom screamed from the front causing Kiku, Katie, and Gerard to go into a fit of giggles.

"I hate all of you."

"But Mikey," Katie started. "I looooooove you."

"That's wonderful. Thanks."

"Mikey, you're an asshole," Kiku stated, sending Gerard and Katie into another fit of giggles.

"Well you're a bitch!" Mikey snaps back.

"You're arguing with a thirteen year old," Kiku retorts pointedly.

"Well... I..." Mikey starts

"Remember that one time you got into an argument with Gabe?" Gerard interrupts, "Well this is reminding me of that time."

"HOW?" Mikey shouts, "SHE. IS. THIRTEEN."

"And outsmarting you," Katie giggles.

"I hate teenagers," Mikey moans.

"Do we scare the shit out of you?!" Kiku giggles.

Gerard erupts into laughter. "Ok for that, you can have the last cup of coffee."

"Nah," Kiku says, "You! You're the rockstar!"

"Don't you even think about giving him that last cup of coffee." Mikey groans.

Katie yawns.

"How about you get the last cup of coffee?" Gerard offers.

"If only Lainey were here..." Kiku laments, "She loves coffee."

Gerard stops.


"My friend Lainey loves coffee?"

"AND COOKIES!" Katie put in. "She loves cookies."

"Mikey, they are going to end the world!"

"Yeah they are!" Katie screams.

"And we're going to kill sluts too!" Kiku says excitedly.


"Move over," Mikey said standing up.

"Where are you going Mikes?" Gerard asked looking worried.

"I am going to go to the very back of the plane and sleep. Wake me up when we get to Jersey. Or no, let me sleep. Maybe they'll take me back to California if I never get off the plane."

"You're so dramatic, Mikey." Kiku says flapping a hand in his direction.

"And you're a thirteen year old girl who's going to destroy us all so blah!" Mikey said sticking his tongue out before walking away.

"Well, isn't he cranky." Katie giggles.



"Language like that will not be tolerated on this plane Mr. Way. Clean your mouth out." Katie's mom scolded from the front.


"Yeah?" Katie's mom says quietly, "Well I can throw you off this plane, and at a 10,000 feet in the air, I can assure you, it won't be fun."

Mikey pauses, and stares at where the voice is coming from. he then slowly rests his head back on the seat and swallows thickly.

"Sorry ma'am" he mummers weakly.

"You'd better be"

Katie giggles.

"Mikey Way. Just. Got. Told. Off. By. My. mom."

Kiku and Katie are giggly, and it eventually drives Gerard insane.

"Can you guys like, hold your coffee better?"

Mikey glares.

"Coming from the man who is more annoying caffeinated than Saporta is drunk? I don't think so."

"Hey!" Gerard protests, "If I were Gabe, these two girls right here would be pregnant by now"

"That was an image I did not need in my head" Mikey moans.

Tada! The second installment of the story that is going to end the world. Thank you for the reviews on the first part and Kiku and I would greatly appreciate them on this :D
Chapter three will be up as soon as possible. Thank you dears.
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