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Julie gets through the interview and thinks about the motivations behind Gerard's actions.

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"So Frankie, tell us a little about this new girl in Your life"

I focused on My breathing as I waited off camera for Frankie to announce who I was so that We could get past Me and focus more on the band.

"This new girl happens to be My sister" Frankie responded.

"Wow a sister! but wait, You yourself have said in interviews that you are an only child, We are confused" the show host puzzled.

"Well I knew that I had a sister- a twin sister at that- when I was very young. My parents never hid anything from Me and for that I am grateful. When You grow up with friends that end up being Your band and Your life You end up telling them all sorts of things and one of the secrets I spilled was that of My twin sister"

"So where has She been all this time?"

"Because of a slip up at the hospital She was sent to an orphanage but now She is out and on tour with us"

"I want to hear from this twin Sister so lets bring Her out! introducing Julie!" the show host exclaimed.

That was My cue, I walked onto the set, air kissed the show host and sat in between Frankie and Mikey.

"Wow the resemblance is striking, but of course You are amazingly beautiful in Your own way separate from Frankie" The show host grinned.

"Thank you, that is very kind of You to say" I replied smiling.

"So tell Us how did the two of You find each other?"

"It's a funny story actually. Ray, Bob and Mikey plotted from day one of finding out about My mysterious missing Sister that they would eventually (if they had the money) track Her down and get Us back together. So a week before a concert Mikey tells Me that they tracked Her down and sent Her backstage passes for Her and a friend to the concert and that They will have a DNA test on hand to prove that She is My Sister"

"How did You feel about a DNA test being conducted Julie?"

"Actually Ray took a piece of My hair as I walked past Him- He looked so goofy trying to be covert about it" I giggled.

"How do You feel about Frankie keeping You a secret from the public and not trying to find You?"

Oh crap.

"I've talked about it to Frankie. He thought that if He asked the public to find Me it would be another Russian Princess Anastasia case where anyone would approach Frankie and try and pass themselves as His Sister, and how broken Frankie would be after each new fake Sister
would turn out be exactly that- fake, not to mention knowing that His Sister is out there, somewhere. And so, Frankie thought He was doing the right thing by not trying to contact Me"

I was guessing. But I knew in My heart that if I was in His place I would do this.

"To keep You from Your family?"

"Frankie had no idea what My life had been like- whether I was happy or not. It takes a pure heart to find proof of a long lost family member and not parade into their life possibly destroying everything that person ever knew"

Which is true. Frankie could have paraded in on a gambling booze hound with eight kids, and once that door was open it wasn't going to be closed.

"I am touched! to have a brother that cares so much even though barely knowing You is truley something You should treasure"

"Believe Me I do. I wake up every morning just so happy to have Him find Me"

"So how do You get along with the others in the band?"

"Everyone is so understanding- it's not easy being bachelors with a side of girl in the vicinity. But it all works really well" I smiled.

Lacey gave Me a few pointers which boiled down to one word- Vague. If there was anything that I didn't really want to talk about I would vague it up and the others would step in.

"I like to watch Her draw, She is an amazing artist" Mikey piped up.

"I like hearing Her sing, with a bit of training She would be even more awesome" Ray added.

"I share My pizza with Her because sometimes having a whole one to Herself makes Her feel uncomfortable- So I leave a few slices and We sit and talk while I almost scoff the lot" Bob laughed.

"I enjoy the time I have with My sister. We have so much to catch up on, but I know soon we will know everything about each other"

"And I enjoy walking with Julie, even if We have nothing to talk about. It's just nice to get away from hectic city and Julie is so uncomplicated" Gerard added.

Oh god must try not to blush- another hint that Lacey gave Me. If I blushed at any time during anything anyone said than the next question would be embarrassing.

"I sense a bit of attraction between the guys and You, is there any chance of romance?"

Ah hell.

"I'm not sure, I've never been in a romance before so It's anyone's guess what will happen" I replied, blushing madly and cursing Myself for not having a ready made answer for that- especially after the kiss.

"So Gerard, what is the motivation behind the band's new album?"


"You did a great job today Julie" Lacey congratulated when We were driving to the mall later on- just us girls.

"Really? I thought I did horribly"

"Here is the criteria I give the boys to work on before they go live- they have to be calm, funny, flirtatious and honest and You did all that right off the bat! I am so impressed that I might turn You into a model" Lacey grinned to Herself as She parked.

"I don't think I could ever be as glamorous as the models in magazines" I admitted, but on the inside I was deeply proud of Myself.

"Aren't You cold? You aren't even wearing a hooded jacket" Lacey asked, her voice full of concern.

"Sure it's cold out today, but I feel fine" I actually felt abnormally warm for some reason.

"Come on, lets go shopping" Lacey said as We hopped out of the car and walked into the mall.

As we were getting Our nails done (which was a strange new experience for Me that caused a little bit of pain- when they file Your nails down it hurts!) I thought about what Lacey had said about advice.

Would it really be so bad if I confided in Her? would Anna hate Me if I did.

I mentally shook My head no. Anna would applaud Me for making a new friend.

After getting Our nails done We decided to get a new hair do for Me.

My dull lifeless light brown hair was in sore need of a change...or so the hairdresser told Me.

By the time all the pain was over I realized that it was worth it- just giving My hair layers and darkening the color added more to who I was as a person.

Next was clothes (for Lacey, not Me).

"Why do You need Me for this again?" I asked.

"Because I don't have any friends that are girls and I want an opinion that doesn't include the word 'hot'" Lacey said through a red curtain.

A few dress shops later and We were back in the car.

"So does Gerard have a girlfriend?" I asked.

"You like Him?"

"Well..something happened and I am just really confused about it"

"What happened?"

"Well when I left the room at the studio to catch My breath Gerard followed Me out and tried to distract Me from panicking by.....kissing Me" I blushed.

"Wow. To answer Your question no, He doesn't have a girl, and I don't think Mikey does either" Lacey mused.

"Why are we talking about Mikey?" I asked.

"Well Gerard is a lot more subtle than His brother- Mikey has liked You since He met You, but I didn't think Gerard would like You as well. Things are about to get very interesting"

I thought about Mikey and wondered if I felt the same way.

"I am so confused- I just want to go to bed and think about all this" I sighed as We pulled up in front of the bus.

"Let Me know if I can straighten anything out for You okay?"

I nodded and got out of the car, walking slowly up to the door.

Before I had time to open the door it swung open to reveal Gerard.

Judging by the look He gave Me He didn't think I was going to be right in front of Me.

"Can We talk?" I asked.

He nodded, closed the door behind Him and started to walk with Me a little bit away from the bus.

"About the kiss.." I whispered as I stopped walking and turned to look Him straight in the eye.

"Yes?" Gerard whispered back which brought on the shiver again.

"I don't understand why You kissed Me"

"I thought it was obvious. I have been watching You interact with the others and Frankie and it's clear to Me that not only are You not trying to gain money or fame from Frankie, but You are also a genuinely good person. And..." Gerard gently tucked a piece of My hair behind My ear.

"...I want to get to know You better" Gerard finished as He came closer to kiss Me again.

Before He had a chance to reach My lips I did the unthinkable.

I threw up on His tshirt and fainted.
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