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Challenges of Youth

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Ed's salvation for Alphonse was living life all over for himself and with his memories wiped of all those that he had grown to love. Scar has deemed himself the one to save this child from the blas...

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Disclaimer: Don't own
Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist
Pairing: Scar/Ed slight mentions of Roy/Ed
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Angst
Summary: Ed's salvation for Alphonse was living life all over for himself and with his memories wiped of all those that he had grown to love. Scar has deemed himself the one to save this child from the blasphemous life of alchemy by raising the young Edward Elric himself.
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Challenge Fic

Challenges of Youth

Running a hand through his sandy colored hair Scar settled himself down on the worn couch. He still couldn't grasp everything that had happened in such a short while. He knew what he was supposed to do; Roy Mustang had made it plainly known what Scar was supposed to be doing with this child.

Though Scar had never taken orders from military dog's either. And he sure as hell was not starting now. He had his own plans for the young Edward Elric and he was damned if he was going to let that boy become a soulless being again, living only for others and their happiness. But then again...why did he even care? They were enemies in the child's past life. But could he hold the grudge he had for the old Ed onto this new one?

He had a feeling that Mustang knew he would not follow his orders. But Mustang had also seen the haunted being that the young Edward Elric had become. He wanted to know just exactly why he had been chosen. Of course when he had asked he was not told. Nor would he ever be.

It was confidential information.

Scar had never taken care of a child. He had only been around those old enough to take care of themselves. His meager home was not anywhere near suitable for a child and he only had one bed. And he'd be damned if he squashed the kid in his sleep.

His breath hissed between his teeth as he looked over his living quarters. The small house was perfect for him. It had two rooms (more like a bedroom and a tiny storage room), a kitchen, bathroom and shower, and a small living room. Which was more than enough for him, his days were open now and all he had to do was laze around and train. The kitchen held barely any food, only enough to go for a few days at a time. The bedroom held the bare necessities: a bed (enough for two people), a cabinet, and a dresser.

Mustang had told him that he would be checking up on him, to 'check on how progress was going'. He knew better though. It was to make sure Scar was doing as he was told. He hated the military. Mustang knew this. Scar made damned well sure he knew it. But it seemed that the military kept getting involved with him.

His mind whispered to him that he was the one who decided to take this on himself. That he wanted to make sure alchemy had no part in this kid's life anymore. It had caused the boy too much suffering and he deserved better than that. He hadn't directly said anything. No he just showed up when they were deciding what to do and he had, why he didn't know, he just did. And it was Mustang who pointed him out, with the backing of Riza Hawkeye. Of course everything beyond stopping him from learning alchemy didn't present itself until after he had agreed.

Riza had agreed to help him baby proof his home. He had turned her down immediately (while she shot him) he didn't want any military dogs in his home, and knowing where he lived. So he took advice from her (after more shots were fired) the list was lying on the table in front of him now. He had no idea how much work was put into taking care of kids.

From what he knew Ed would be about four whatever they had used on him had him skipping up to that age. He hadn't thought to ask why or what the reason but just go along with it like everything else that was happening.

Roy had seemed personally involved in this case. And he had wondered why, wanting to ask Riza about it. About the relationship between Ed and his boss. But something made him keep his mouth shut. From the way that Edward had changed later in the years he knew something was going on between those two, yet he also knew what happened to those who pursued sexual relations with those of the same sex.

Threading fingers through his hair the Ishbalan sighed heavily, his body going slack on the couch. He'd never been one to smoke. He hated the smell and the taste it left on ones lips. But now he felt like a cigarette to just get rid of the stress that seemed to be building within.

He almost felt like pouting. He was starting to regret the choice that he made and all the changes he would have to make for the former FullMetal Alchemist. Finally getting his life in place and comfortable with it he was able to be semi-relaxed throughout the day without having to constantly worry over getting things straight.

His fingers drummed on the table top, the scarred surface a memory of his sleep less nights and anger. The reborn Edward was supposed to be brought over to his home sometime early today but had no idea as to when. Which left him with unknown amounts of time to run around and fret over meaningless things all over again.

Not having any means of entertainment always gave him a sense of contentment but the screaming child on the way to his home would give him plenty of other things to hate the military for. If he was completely honest, though, he was slightly welcoming this. He wanted to make sure that Ed grew up right and with happiness in his life, instead of carrying countless military secrets.

Mustang had promised him that he would speak nothing of the past to the boy. Scar had made his threats promises when speaking with Roy. He had given, in detail, what he would do to the man if he spoke out about Ed's past before Scar thought he was ready.

By now Scar had thrown himself across the ragged couch, his muscular frame taking up most of the couch. His body felt the toll; emotionally and physically exhausted he refused to get up when he heard the pounding on the door. His eyes felt like they were drooping and he had to stifle a yawn.

"Scar! Dammit open the door!"

"It's open. You have two working arms."

He heard the mumbled growling on the other side of the door and smiled ferally. It was far too easy to get on that woman's nerves. Though she was going to shoot him for this as well but at the time it was the last thing on his mind.

The door sounded like it was shattered as it slammed against his wall (the ones that were not sturdy to begin with) and Hawkeye let out an angry sigh. She had no problem leaving Edward with Scar but his attitude needed a severe change. Which was why she was going to be the one sneaking up on Scar and making sure he was taking care of Edward the right way and if he was wasn't she was going to deal with it her way.

"Scar! Listen to me!"

"How can I ignore you? You're too damned loud."

She felt her eye twitch, Ed squirming in her grasp, and the weight of the gun in her hands. She knew more than anything how easy it would be to just shoot him and make him listen her way rather than beating around the bush. But she promised Mustang that she wouldn't kill him to make him listen.

Kissing the fussy boy on the forehead she jostled him on her hip a few times, till he was giggly and grabbing at her hair, she leaned him over the couch and dumped him on Scar's chest.

"It's time you two got acquainted."

Impossibly golden eyes blinked happily at the dark skinned killer. Tiny hands balled into fists as the ball of energy slapped Scar's chest giggling and cooing. A tiny golden braid dangled down his back and over his shoulder as he kept squirming.

The happy giggling turned to sobs as Edward tumbled backwards from the broad chest, rolling down to Scar's legs. His eyes widened slightly as his calloused hands grabbed at the boy. He was scared he'd already hurt the boy.

"Not like that!"
The sharp reprieve almost sent him jumping out of his skin as Hawkeye was busy readjusting his hands to hold the boy the right way.

"You have to be gentle! His body is much more soft and fragile than you may believe so all your touches must be gentle and caring or you'll hurt him."

His lips curved downwards in a frown, his hands seemed clumsy and too big for the little child to be there. His poor hands kept getting slapped as well every time that he messed up holding the boy and Riza sent him a scathing look. Which just spurred him on his learning to get the girl out of his home.

"You are just like a kid Scar! I figured at least you'd have the experience of holding a child or something. You're lucky that he isn't so young as to be fed out of a bottle."

She ran a hand through her short hair, a frustrated sigh pushing it's way past her lips. She wanted to slap some sense into Scar but knew better, he would learn with time and even if she didn't want to admit it he would be a good influence Ed growing up this time around.

"We need to talk about Edward's aging process. Come on."

Deciding to ignore Hawkeye's showing him to his kitchen he gently held (or tried to get as close to it as was shown) the boy against his side. He was thanking Ishbala that he did not have long hair as the baby boy was clutching and pulling at his white shirt.

Hawkeye had her hands steepled as she watched Scar enter the room; she had already chosen her seat to be across from Scar. Using his feet to pull the chair out he set Edward on his lap, the boy playing with the front of his shirt now clutching it between his tiny fists.

He felt a smile twitch at the corner of his lips as he watched the child play. Never being around children hadn't given him a chance to ever see the innocence that children possessed and how much it would affect someone's soul.

"Scar, the...procedure that Edward had gone through to get his soul back is a bit different from others. He will not age like normal children. He'll age faster until he reaches about age sixteen or so. We haven't been able to understand why this is so, but it might be to the fact that this procedure that had been done was never used before and since it's not been tested there are side-effects we no nothing of. From what we gather every month or so he shall age a year...but this is just circumstantial knowledge we are not sure if this is true. If this is true then you have about a year with him until he is back to normal age, which by then I'm guessing his memories may return and he might want to go back to Alphonse. Though depending on how well you two get along he may chose to continue living with you, once his past is either told to him or it comes back."

"Another side-effect could be that a person's past returns when they reach a certain age. It's not certain whether this will happen or not but we must be ready in case it does happen."

Stifling a growl of irritation he threaded his fingers through his hair, gripping them tightly. The thought of Edward just popping up and wanting to talk about his past, and alchemy, one day made him want to go back in time to the old life. He wasn't at all sure how he would deal with this, and with a kid that would start aging faster than he could imagine.

Though he had a feeling that the gnawing in the pit of his stomach would dissipate in the time he would be with Edward. He hated the feeling, not knowing what it was or what it meant. But when others were around, those he cared to know or let near, it seemed to disappear if only for a little while.

"Alright then! I'm going to be keeping an eye on you Scar. If you so much as harm that child I will be the one you need to start fearing. Understand? I will be visiting to check on him and to see how well you get along and how you are learning the joys of parenthood."

His nose crinkled at the last sentence. He wanted to be thought of anything as long as it wasn't a 'parent'. The thought of being so responsible for one life made him slightly nervous and wary. Which was why he never gained an attraction for the female form.

He knew his late mornings were a thing of the past once Riza left and the child started screaming. This wasn't a good thing for anyone. One thing he looked forward too was sleeping in and he wasn't a pleasant person when he was awoken early.

An annoyed sigh escaped his lips as he tried to jostle the child just as he was shown. His fingers were splayed across his back, trying to soothe the angered child.
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