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Give Me a Reason to Believe.

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Sequel to "The Pages Are All Torn and Frayed". My Chemical Romance's early years. Prior to Bryar.

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“Gerard? Oh thank you God, you’re ok.” Paisley flung her self into Gerard’s arms, “I knew you shouldn’t have went into the city today. When they showed the footage on tv, I thought I had lost you.”

Gerard tried to soothe his wife as best he could, “Shh. It’s ok. I’m fine. I was far enough away that I wasn’t injured.”

“Is he home?!” Donna ran into the living room, tears streaming down her face.

“Yeah ma, I’m home. I’m fine. Come on girls, please stop crying. I hear Helena coming.”

Helena ran down the stairs excitedly. She love greeting her daddy when he came home from art school.

“Daddy!!” She wrapped her arms around his leg before he picked her up, “Why are mommy and nonna crying?”

Gerard glanced at the two women, “They are just happy daddy’s home.”

Satisfied with that answer, Helena kissed Gerard on the cheek, “I had fun today.”

Gerard grinned, “You did? What did you do today?”

“Kinerg--, Kindergar--,”Helena tried to say kindergarden but it wasn’t quite working out for her.

“How was school?” Gerard assisted.

Paisley and Donna calmed their selves down and headed into the kitchen to fix dinner. Paisley couldn’t help but laugh as she heard Helena excitedly jabber on about her day while Gerard listened intently.
“So Paisley, how is your book coming along?” Donna asked?

“It’s going good. Maybe when it gets published it’ll bring in enough money that we can get a house somewhere.”

Donna noticed how Paisley’s face clouded over when she mentioned buying a house. Walking over she pulled her daughter-in-law into a deep embrace.

“I know you weren’t exactly thrilled to move back into Gerard’s bedroom, but with Gerard going to art school, you never know. That could open up many possibilities.”

“I know but I feel like we’re putting you, Don, and Mikey out.”

“Nonsense,” Donna said straightening up and looking Paisley in the eye, “You and my son are welcome to stay here anytime at all. Plus I enjoy being able to watch my grandbaby grow firsthand.”

Paisley picked up an onion and started chopping, “Thank you Donna. That means a lot.”

Donna gave the younger woman a knowing smile. “Well then. Let’s finish up here, Mikey will be home from work shortly.”

Paisley threw the chopped up onions into a pot, “I hope he was able to find that book I was wanting. I need more inspiration. My muse takes way too many breaks for my taste. She needs to be jumpstarted every now and then.”

Donna chuckled as Paisley went downstairs to Gerard’s basement bedroom.

“So did Helena talk your ear off,” she inquired when Gerard came down.

“Just a little,” he said as he rummaged through some boxes til he found a bottle of whiskey.

Paisley sighed but didn’t say anything about the bottle. Rolling on to her hip she watched Gerard sit down at his desk.

“What are you doing?”

He turned in his chair, “Paisley. Watching that happen today just chilled me. You know? All those people who lost their lives. It made me realize I need to do something with my life. Art isn’t going to get me anywhere. Cartoon Network rejected ‘The Breakfast Monkey.’ I’ve got an idea for a song. I need to get it down on paper, then I’m going to get with Matt and start the band back up.”

Paisley tried not to roll her eyes. Since 1996 the band had gotten together on and off. Frank was the lead singer for some band call Pencey Prep. Mikey was never officially in the band; he was working at Borders. Ray was off doing something. Paisley couldn’t quite remember what.

“Ok, baby,” she said softly, “Do you want me to get you anything?”

Gerard shook his head as he took a swig of whiskey. Thus immersing himself in his song.

“All right well, if you need anything, I’ll be upstairs,” she said, stopping behind him.

“Mmmhmm.” Another swig of whiskey.

Paisley fought back tears as she ascended the steps.
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