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Mission 74

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Mission 74: Tricky

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Mission 74: Tricky

"I'll do it!" Yuffie exclaimed at the top of her lungs as she entered the Seventh Heaven.

Tifa, Reno and Vincent looked towards the new arrival, taking note of her unusual attire. "What are you going to do and why are you dressed like that?" Tifa inquired.

Before Yuffie could say anything, Reno cut in, "is there a party? Why haven't I been invited? I'm going to crash it if you don't invite me!" Determined, Reno stood up and marched away, he stopped, turned back, finished his drink which had already been paid for, then marched towards the door again. "You just wait; I'll have the best samurai costume in the entire party!" He ran outside.

Yuffie pouted and crossed her arms indignantly stomping her foot. Her wooden sandal sounded off against the floor, "samurai? I'm a ninja and there's no party!" Reno was already gone and could not hear this.

"Then why are you dressed like that?" Tifa repeated the question.

Yuffie was wearing a royal blue kimono with pictures of golden shurikens on it. "I just thought I should wear something special today since it's my first day as a model," Yuffie ginned from ear to ear and posed with one hand behind her head and the other at her waist.

"Really, you're a model?" Tifa wasn't expecting that, "when did it happen?"

"Oh you know," Yuffie made her way to the bar and sat down next to the quiet Vincent, "stardom came so fast!"

Tifa rolled her eyes, "don't let it go to your head."

Yuffie flipped her hair; she was wearing a big golden bow on her head, to match the one around her waist. "Don't worry, we won't forget all the little people when we're famous, right Vincent?"

"If you say so," Vincent muttered, he wasn't sure he wanted to be included in the conversation and didn't know why he was being included.

"Look at him, sitting there getting inspired," Yuffie laughed, "so, when will be getting started?"

Tifa looked in confusion between Yuffie and Vincent, the bar tender's perplexity matched that of the man in the red cloak. He spoke uncertain, "what do you mean we?"

"I model, you sculpt, that's how it works," Yuffie reviewed, "I'm the answer to your request. Remember how you needed a model for your sculptures? Well, I'm here!"

Vincent shook his head, "I don't need a model to base my sculptures on, I need some tools to help model the sculptures," he remembered his innocent request from not too long ago. He had asked Reeve if he had any tools he could borrow, but Reeve sent him to Rufus, who must have passed the mission on to the Turks, who misinterpreted his request.

"What about my modeling career?" Yuffie dramatized, "my fifteen minutes of fame can't end now, not before they even start!" She pouted indignantly, "just what are you sculpting anyway? What could be better than me?"

"I promised Cid I would sculpt a rocket for him, in a much smaller size than a real one of course. I also told Nanaki I would sculpt him next, in life size, he wants to put the statue next to Seto," Vincent explained.

"Can you sculpt me next?" Tifa suddenly chirped.

"Very well, I will add you to the waiting list" Vincent agreed, "I will sculpt the rocket, Nanaki and then Tifa, after that I will rest."

Yuffie gritted her teeth in indignation, "what about me?" Before Vincent could answer, she hissed, "fine, be that way, you're probably intimidated because you know there's no way you could capture my true beauty!" She got up and began to leave, "I'm still keeping my payment!" She waved some pictures around; they were of Cloud playing with dolls.

"I don't want to know," Vincent looked away.

"It can't be," Tifa gasped in shock as Yuffie left the Seventh Heaven, "I requested a mission for Reno to play dolls with Marlene, I wanted to help Cloud get back at him, but somehow Reno must have tricked Cloud into taking his place and got some blackmail out of it too."

"Turks are tricky," Vincent simply stated.

Tifa eyed him suspiciously, "didn't you used to be a Turk?"

Vincent cleared his throat and tried to change the subject, "so, do you think Reno really believed Yuffie was dressed up for a costume party or was he putting up an act to escape?"

"I don't know," Tifa ironically replied, "Turks are tricky."

End of Mission 74

Delivery 45 is a sequel to Mission 72. Mission 74 is for kikofreako and Firehedgehog.
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