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Chapter Seven

by Virginia_Madison

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The hot water cascaded over my body as I lathered the body wash against my skin with the help of a loafer. As I rubbed clean every inch of my skin I couldn’t get rid of the guilty feeling clouding my mind.

I didn’t feel guilty that I had just cheated on Chris in the worst of ways. I felt guilty because I hadn’t given Gerard what he wanted. I was so consumed by my own hunger and desires that I didn’t take into consideration what he truly wanted from me.

I hung up the loafer and stood under the shower head so the suds could wash away from my body. As I watched the last of the bubbles fall into the drain I decided that I had to make it up to Gerard, and I knew exactly how I was going to do it.

I stepped out of the shower and toweled myself dry. I slipped on my panties and bra then wrapped myself up in one of the hotel bath robes, tying it securely to my waist. I opened the bathroom door and walked out into the bedroom. Gerard was lying on his stomach on the bed looking at his computer screen.

‘Do you feel better now?’ he asked, not looking up.

‘Not as good as I could be.’

‘Why? What’s up?’ he was still staring at the screen.

‘Well, I did a very bad thing today, and I can’t help but feel terrible.’ His eyes finally fell away from the laptop and onto me. As soon as his eyes meet mine I loosened the tie holding my robe in place.

‘What are you talking about Vee?’

‘Well today I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time and…’

‘Did you not want to?’

‘Oh I wanted to, but…’

‘Was he a dud?’ I let out a soft giggle.

‘No he wasn’t a dud… I just didn’t give him what he wanted.’ Gerard looked at me with a confused expression on his face. I slowly opened the robe up, graciously pulling it down my shoulders all the way to my elbows. Gerard slammed his laptop shut and threw it down onto the carpet. ‘What did he want?’

‘He wanted to make love to me, but I didn’t let him.’ He leaned back onto the pillows that rested at the bed head.

‘So why didn’t you make love to him?’

‘Because I had a bad day and as soon as I saw him all I wanted was him. I wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck his brains out.’

‘Why were you having a bad day?’

‘Lets just say things aren’t going the way I wished they would go.’ Gerard’s face was full of concern. He obviously didn’t know what to make of my cryptic answer.

‘Are you not happy with me Vee?’ I pulled the robe back up to my shoulders and held myself around my stomach as I felt the sadness build up inside of me.

‘Gerard, you will never be able to begin to understand how happy I am with you. There are not enough words in the English language to describe how ecstatic I am to finally be with you, but…’

‘Ahhh there is always a but. I’m not going to like this but am I?’ I sniffed back my tears as I crawled across the bed and knelt down beside him on the bed.

‘He bought a house Gee. A fucking house.’ Gerard’s eyes widened as he absorbed this new information.

‘Ohh fuck me’ he moved closer to me pulled me into a tight embrace. ‘You poor thing, Why didn’t you tell me earlier?’

‘I wanted to, I really did. But the moment I laid my eyes on you in your office I just wanted you coz I knew you wouldn’t do anything like that to me.’ He tightened his grip around me and pulled me closer to his chest. He placed a little kiss in my hair and rested his chin on my head.

‘He is making this difficult isn’t he?’

‘But it’s not his fault.’ I wiped my nose on the sleeve of the robe. ‘He doesn’t know about us.’

‘You have to tell him Vee and you have to tell him real soon.’ I nodded my head in defeat and rested my head against his chest.

I woke up a few hours later in the safety of Gerard’s arms. I let our a small yawn and turned to look at him. I was surprised to see that he was wide awake and staring at me. ‘Have you been watching me sleep?’

‘Maybe?’ His cute smile grew across his face.

‘Didn’t you sleep?’

‘Nah, I wanted to keep my girl safe.’ I tilted my head closer to his, so our lips could meet. His lips were soft and sweet against mine. He opened his mouth partially, carefully introducing his tongue to mine. I greeted his tongue by rubbing its gently against my own. His right hand cupped my cheek and his fingers slowly caressed my skin as our tongues met.

Gerard pulled away from my mouth and looked down at me. 'I could stare at you for hours. You are absolutely stunning Virginia.’ I felt my cheeks turning a deep shade of red. 'You are my beautiful baby girl. Now that I have you, I never want to let you go.’ I leaned closer to him and kissed those lips that spoke such satisfying words.

‘What was that for?’

‘Just cause.’

‘Just cause isn’t an answer.’ Gerard let go of me and rolled off the bed onto the floor. I propped myself upright, batted my eyelids and pronounced in the girliest of voices ‘But I thought you never wanted to let go of me?’

A devilish grin sprawled across his face as his hands latched onto my wrists and dragged me down on top of him, on the hotel room floor. He wrapped his arm and legs around me and squeezed tight.

‘Gerard!! You’re crushing me!!’ I exclaimed as I attempted to wiggle out of his embrace.

‘Oh I’m sorry - but if I let you go, you will be exposed!’

I looked down at myself and realized that my bath robe had opened and my near naked body was pressed against his fully clothed. ‘Well we don’t want that to happen now do we?’

He chuckled and said ‘Like hell we don’t!’ He released his arms from around my waist and took a hold of the collar of my bath robe. He pulled the robe down my arms and tossed it away. His hands found their way to my back and he unclipped my bra. He traced his fingers up the straps and slowly pulled them down my arms onto the floor. Once again, Gerard stared at my nude chest.

‘Are you sure you’ve seen tits before?’

He shook his head out of his daydream and whispered, ‘You are just so beautiful.’ He paused, lingering on a thought. ‘Be mine?’ I held his neck in both my hands. ‘I always have been.’

I pressed my mouth against his and kissed him, long and hard. Without parting lips he gently rolled me onto the soft carpet and he laid his body on-top of mine. He let go of my lips and traced small kisses down my neck, down my chest, stopping at my belly button. Gerard looked up at me with passion fueled eyes, as his fingers latched onto the sides of my underwear and he gently pulled them down to my ankles and off my legs.

His hands ran slowly from my ankles up to my knees as my thighs parted of their own accord. He placed one hand on my hip and dragged a solitary finger to the inside of my thigh, feeling my moist opening. An involuntary moan escaped from my lips as he slipped two fingers inside of me. My chest heaved while he caressed my clitoris with his thumb. I felt his breath against my aching need, as he rolled his tongue along my wet lips.

My heart began to beat faster and faster as he continued to work on my increasing pleasure. My body began to shake, losing all self control as I entered into undeniable bliss.

My toes curled forward and my hands clutched onto the carpet as the waves of desire rippled through my body. I let out a definitive moan. ‘Oh shit… Fuck… Ahhh.’ I yelled out Gerard’s name as the final wave crashed over me.

I laid in a state of complete relaxation as Gerard crept up to the side of my head. ‘How you feeling?' I went to speak but only a satisfied groan exited my mouth.

'Oh god, I was so bad that you're speechless. Okay, I’ll leave you to it, let you recover '.

I stared at him as he got up off the floor and made his way to the bathroom. I watched on as he removed his shirt from his slender chest. He leaned down as he dropped his pants and boxers into a pool at his feet. My eyes trailed down to his erection, and all of the energy that had left my body moments ago came flooding back immediately. I pulled myself upright and clumsily stood up to my feet. I looked back up to the direction of the bathroom, only to find his clothes in a heap. I wandered toward the bathroom and heard the sound of running water. I stepped closer to the shower and drew back the curtain. My vision was blocked by a cloud of hot steam. As the steam faded away, I stood in awe at the very object of my affection. He flicked his wet hair away from his face, splashing some water on me 'Hey you'.

It was now my turn to wear the devilish grin... I stepped into the shower with him.

'What'chu doin' little one?' I didn't respond.. Instead, I wrapped my hand around his hard cock and slowly moved it up and down his length. My eyes were locked with his as I continued to pump him with my hand. A heavy groan escaped from his mouth as he leaned in to my lips. I tilted my head away from his as I dragged my fingers from his lower back straight to his neck, and placed gentle kisses on his collar bone, pushing him slowly back towards the wall. The hot water fell on my head as I covered him with little kisses, lower and lower down, to his ribs, stomach and hips. I placed my wet mouth around the head of his dick.

'Oh sweet jesus'.

He ran his hand through my wet hair and guided my mouth down his shaft. I bobbed my head up and down his length. I kept on going until he couldn't take anymore.

He swiftly turned the taps off, reached down and pulled me up off the shower floor, onto him and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me out of the shower. Our lips crashed into each other as he manoeuvred his way out of the bathroom into the bedroom. We reached the end of the bed, as he dropped me onto the soft surface. Water dripped from his body onto mine as said, 'sorry, didn't mean to drop you'. I bring my forefinger to his lips 'Don't apologise, just kiss me.' His lips found mine, once again, and our warm tongues danced with one another.

I let out a sharp gasp as he entered me. 'Are you okay?' I replied with pleasure in my voice 'Never felt better'. He continued to thrust into me, slowly speeding up the pace. My nails dug harder, pressing into his skin, driving him to go faster and deeper. I pushed my hips up against his, reaching closer and closer to my climax. My legs tightened their grip around his waist, pulling him closer to my need. Our panting grew heavier. The moisture from the shower was completely washed away by the heat and intensity of our love making.

'Vee, i'm close'.

'Me too'. As soon as I spoke those words, a most satisfying groan eagerly escaped from my lips as the powerful pleasure ran through every inch of my body. Our bodies melted into each other.

Gerard pressed his forehead onto mine, breathing deeply. He whispered 'I love you, Virginia'.

'I love you too, Gerard'.
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