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Closer to the Edge

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Amber was just a merch girl with a crush and then one night she got him, but only for that night. Sometimes forgiving someone is hard, sometimes you should just quit while you're ahead. (contains s...

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My very first fan-fiction on the site, I hope you enjoy it! Please review! 16/08/10 ~s

I rolled over and grumbled; the other side of the bed was cold and empty; he had already left my apartment. I sighed and pushed myself off up. I rubbed my eyes and yawned widely, it wasn’t the first time my one night stand had left before I woke, but he was different. I had to see him at work all the time!
I threw a baggy red strap top over my head and let it flow around my torso, it was two sizes too big for me and hung low all over but I didn’t care; no one ever looked at me so why bother! The one that I wanted had just left me like some cheap hooker.

I rubbed off my mascara from last night and dragged myself to the kitchen; my leather jacket was still thrown on the counter-top, and Tomo’s shoes littering the floor.
“Tomo, you awake yet?” I yelled down the hall.
“No!” He shouted back at me with his boom of a voice.
I laughed away any tears left in my eyes and dragged myself down the hallway, slamming his bedroom door open and pouncing on him playfully.
“Hungover! Hungover!” I sang, but he twisted me over and slammed me onto the bed.
“Tap out weakling!” He cried, forcing his hand over my mouth.
I kicked out at him and licked his hand, “Never Miličević” I started laughing at him.
He slumped down, “Ew! Stop doing that!” He sat chuckling and wiping his hand across his duvet.
I rubbed his hair merrily, “Never!”
He huffed and raised his eyebrow, “What time is it?”
“Half twelve.”
“Is Jared still asleep then?”
I sat back into his pillow, “He’s long gone.”
Tomo breathed in through his teeth, “Shallow, I’ll punch him for you later Ditz.” He turned and smiled at me sadly.
“During the show?”
“Of course!” He high-fived me, “Now, for breakfast!”

We sank into Tomo’s BMW and pulled down our shades simultaneously, I worked for Tomo’s band you see. I’m the merch girl. All I really do for the band is see their t-shirts and charge ridiculous prices for them; all in all, it’s not that bad. Tomo is my best friend and we share my apartment. He’s filthy rich but he’s just saving up for the future and some nights out along the way.
The bands called 30 Seconds to Mars by the way, you’ve probably heard of them.
They’re two other guys in the band with Tomo; the ever calm Shannon Leto and his baby brother, the diva- Jared.
Jared is an eye-catcher guy; everything in a ten mile radius of him wants to fuck him. I’m surprised he hasn’t been raped at this stage! But he’s a jerk, he always was a jerk.

Tomo pulled up at the gleaming venue, the place was made of blackout windows that sparkled in the sunlight. We stepped out of the car and began to stroll to the entrance; Tomo had his hood up to disguise himself from all the fans queuing out for the show. Some of them looked like they had camped out just to be there, I remember the beautiful feeling when the doors were pulled open by the butch bodyguards. Its like heaven had just opened its gates.
We reached the entrance and hugged each other tightly, “Have fun at the show.” I smiled lightly.
“Have fun at the stalls.” He grinned.
I stuck my tongue out at him and dragged myself to the collage of colours, all the t-shirts, and merchandise hung like rainbows around it.
I sat up on the table-top and swung my legs, the sound check brother, Mickey and Rickey nodded as they passed; the gear guys John and Bobby dragged themselves passed, tossing me the cables so I had to follow them.

After about two hours of John and Bobby carrying me around I returned to the counter with a grin on my face and cables hanging like necklaces around my neck.
The doors swung open and Shannon marched in with his bodyguard James, they looked more like best friends than co-workers.
Shannon picked me up and spun me around in a hug, “How’s Ditzy?” he laughed.
I gained my balance back and rolled my eyes, “Abused by my co-workers.” I sighed and smiled.
He nodded and leaned over to me, “Sorry about Jared; that was low of him.”
I went silent and looked at the floor, “I expected nothing less.”
Shannon ruffled my hair and patted my shoulder and Jerry hugged me with one arm. I dropped myself on the table, “Nothing less.” I sighed as they strolled off, I began wiping my eyes for a brief, brief moment.

“Like a thousand burned out yesterdays- Believe me when I say goodbye forever- Is for good-Was it a-”
I sang as I shoved the remaining boxes of merch back into the van, spinning as I felt a cool hand on my neck, in front of me were even cooler blue eyes.
“What are you doing here?!” I demanded.
“Tomo boxed me getting revenge for you earlier.”
I almost chocked laughing at that, “Seriously?!”
He didn’t reply to me, I was taking in all his details at that moment, “I’m not going to say sorry if that’s what you’re here for.” I said bluntly, admiring his straightened black and red hair and perfect features. He was like a photo-shopped picture. He was beautiful.
“You’ll be sorry.” He snorted.
I slapped him quickly across the face and stormed away, “You’re a cow Jared- you really are.”

“You what?!” Shannon and Tomo gasped at me.
I put my head on my lap and grunted, “I slapped him, stormed off, and then I quit.”
I could feel Shannon pace in front of me, “You didn’t have to quit Ditz, I mean, why did you quit?!”
I looked up at him with tears welling up in my eyes, “I’m sorry.” I bawled.
I clasped my hands over my eyes and cried, both of the came to my side and rubbed my back. “I’m going to miss you guys!” I sobbed.
Tomo pounced up and swung his arms around, “You’re coming with us Ditzy!”
I shook my head and sat up, “I’m sorry.”
Shannon pulled me into his chest, “Just forget Jared, he’s always like this.”

Tomo and Shannon pushed me into the room, “Jared, apologize!” Tomo shouted.
“Guys stop it!” I ordered, “This isn’t worth messing up the band over!”
Jared nodded, “Yeah, we shouldn’t be fighting because of her!”
I growled at Jared, “Can I talk to Jared alone please?” I said quietly.
They went silent around me and began hauling themselves out of the room.
I glanced up at Jared; he was half a foot taller than me, “Why do you hate me so much?”
Jared cleared his throat, “I just don’t know why all the guys here love you so much, Al was even pissed at me over leaving yours early.”
I shook my head, “His names not Al its Vinnie. It’s always been Vinnie and if you weren’t such a dickhead you’d know that, he’s been your bodyguard for two years!”
Jared looked at the floor, “You’re a bitch Ditz.” He pouted.
I half-laughed, “I’m sorry I fucked you, and then left you Jared.” I said sarcastically at him, stepping towards him angrily.
“I’m glad I fucked you and left.” He hissed.
“Whore! Glad you fucked me and glad you left! Ha! All along I just thought you were a jerk but no! You’re so much more.”
He dropped his shoulders and looked at his shoes, “I’m sorry.” He mumbled.
“I didn’t hear that?” I mocked, putting my hands on my hips.
“I’m sorry Ditzy.” He said, looking me in the eye with his icy blues.
“I am too Jared.” I shook my head and headed for the door.

One tour and album later…

Tomo almost killed me with hugs and presents, “Here’s a snow-globe from Montreal and- and- here’s a miniature statue of liberty!” He grinned while Shannon recorded it like it was Christmas again.
“This is brilliant stuff Tomo! Thank you both so much!” I grinned and hugged some of the things they had gotten me.
“And we’re taking you for dinner tonight Dit- I mean Amber.”
“I’ve matured out of my nickname Shannon.” I blinked and laughed before rugby tackling Tomo onto the sofa.
We sat giggling about fun yesterdays we had for hours before they both forced themselves to my door and left, “And remember to wear that dress we bought you in Paris!” They both shouted at me.

I sat alone in the Ritz restaurant, Tomo had booked a room for me to stay there with them for the night. I swivelled my glass of wine carefully so I didn’t spill anything on my dress. It was a deep blue corset dress that cut off just above my knees; I was wearing silver heels with it and a silver clip in my black mess of curly hair.
“Why hello Amber,” Shannon gasped, pulling back a chair beside me.
I laughed and pulled a piece of hair from my lips, I had worn full make up, including blended blue eyeshadow and ruby red lipstick.
“Why hello Mr. Leto, will you and Mr. Miličević be joining me tonight?” I smiled, and put my glass on the table. Tomo sat opposite Shannon and left me alone by the window. My view outside was beautiful.

I looked up and my smile was slowly fading off my face, all I could do was breath calmly and hope that he wasn’t going to stay.
“Hey Jay.” Tomo greeted, ushering him into the seat across from me.
I took another drink of my wine, “Hello Jared.”
He was wearing a dashing suit jacket with jeans and his hair was brown and spiked up, it looked natural and refreshed, my heart bleated for a brief moment.
“Hi Ditzy.” He replied in a whisper, he looked surprised to see me.
“Amber.” I corrected him quietly.
“Is that your real name?”
I nodded slightly and then turned around to Shannon, “Can I just get up there? I need to eh call someone.”
Shannon shook his head, “We want you two to talk out over everything. I mean, Jared’s been driving us crazy over you Amber.”
I sat back into my seat and caught Jared gaze, “What?”
“He even wrote a song for you- you’ve heard it before, Closer to the Edge is all yours!” Tomo argued, “And everyday he’d ask if you emailed or called us! Everyday!”
Jared went to stand up but Tomo pushed him back onto his seat, “Tell her or we will.” He ordered.
Jared glared at Tomo and sat back down slowly, he looked angry and annoyed at his band mates. “He stopped calling Vinnie Al too.” Shannon laughed at his brother.
“Guys, please stop.” I pleaded and stood up from the table. Shannon stood to try and stop me but I could taste mascara on my lips, tears were streaming down my face.

I reached my hotel room and leaned my head against the door and sobbed, I didn’t even know why I was crying. I hadn’t seen him in months, I didn’t think of him and I just pretended he never existed. Why did he have to ruin that? Now that I had seen him he was the only thing on my mind, why did it hurt so much?
I kept my hand on the key to my door and just let the tears roll down my face.
“Amber, I’m sorry.”
I shook my head and pushed him away as he went to embrace me, “Don’t Jared, please don’t.” I whimpered.
“I’ve changed Amber,” He began, “I never stopped thinking about what you said to me and I- I wanted to tell you but you had quit and- I’m so sorry Amber.”
“Jared, stop it.” I cried, pushing the door of the room open finally, I made a step away from him but he took two towards me.
“Amber, please just listen to me.”
I shook my head and turned away but he caught my wrist and pulled me into him, he was as strong as his bulky biceps promised he would be. I cried onto his shoulder, “Why do you always hurt me Jared?”
He embraced me tightly and didn’t speak for a moment, “I just, I just mixed up love and hate. I haven’t stopped thinking about you, how beautiful you are and- you just pushed me over some mental cliff and I fell hard for you. I didn’t ever mean to hurt you, I just didn’t think, I never did-”
He sighed and rested his lips at mine, he was breathing at my mouth, “- I love you Amber.”

Two albums, one single, a world tour, and an MTV award later…

Pulling the duvet tighter around me, I felt warm and cosy and could feel the sun shining in the window behind me. I opened my eyes and instantly saw huge blue eyes staring back at me. They moved closer to me and then vanished, I felt soft hot lips against mine, they moved quickly and silently. All I could do was hook him with my arms and pull his bare chest against mine.
“Morning, Mrs. Leto.”
“Morning Jared.”
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